Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 15: A disobedient s*x s!ave is locked in a cage, and the Masters can f*ck him whenever they want to (Collar and chain cage, n!pple and cl!toral clamps, ruler pumping)

When Ye Zhixuan and Ye Ling learned of Ye Qing’s disappearance, they immediately rushed home. Despite the fact that Ye Qing was discovered before they returned, they were nevertheless overwhelmed with rage and fear as they sped home, knowing of Ye Qing’s ‘good deeds.’

When they pushed open the door, Ye Qing was kneeling naked on the table with his legs wide open. His eyes were welling up with tears, and his face had swollen red with palm prints on it. Both of his n!pples were likewise securely clamped by the n!pple clamps, which also carried quite heavy pendants hanging beneath, straighly pulling his pink nubs down miserably and making them painfully stretched and bloated; and between his wide spread thighs, there was actually no visible nub in sight. Instead, in its place was a massive yet elegant clip clamped on the delicate cl!toris, yanking it out of its lips and fastening it out of the vulva.

His mouth kept moaning and groaning, with voice clearly in anguish yet laced with slurtiness, he’s still evidently getting pleasure from it.

At this moment, Ye Ling1I think this is a typo, this should be Ye Qun. was seated next to him and was dealing with the aftermath of today’s incident using his mobile phone. Seeing his father and eldest brother back, he roughly threw Ye Qing on the ground.

Ye Ling snatched his chin and lifted it up fiercely. Apparently, he already knew the cause of the matter. “I went on a blind date? You ran away from home without knowing anything. Have you never thought about the consequences of what you did?!” The consequences of being punished, and the consequences of… what they would do if something bad happened to him.


He took a few ragged breaths and said grimly, “Remember, I warned you a long time ago, if you don’t obey to us, you will be locked in a cage and can only be an exclusive s*x s!ave.” He said and turned around to pick up the cage and chains that had long been prepared in the storage room.

At the side, Ye Zhixuan and Ye Qun were standing indifferently, not having the slightest intention to stop him.

A minute later, Ye Ling came out dragging something.

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He abruptly came back to himself at this point and looked at his eldest brother with weeping eyes, wanting to admit his mistakes and seek forgiveness. But before he could even open his mouth, Ye Ling moved swiftly and slapped him across his face.


The force of the slap was so strong that it knocked his head to the side, and blood trailed down the corners of his mouth. “You also gaze at the wild men outside with this kind of eyes, right? You b!tch!” Ye Ling roared in anger and frustration, feeling like his whole-hearted love for Ye Qing was trampled just like that.

Ye Qing’s face was excruciating in pain to the point that he couldn’t speak.

Pushing Ye Ling to the side, whose eyes turned crimson from rage, and with a ruler in hand, only now did Ye Zhixuan approached Ye Qing as he asked calmly, “Running away from home and trying to f*ck around. Is your hole that itchy?” Do you not love daddy anymore? You’re sick of loving me aren’t you? Ye Zhixuan, who has always been domineering, didn’t even have the nerve to ask these questions.

“Not looking for fvck…*gulp*, Qingqing… just went out for a drink…”

Ye Qing vainfully seized the opportunity and tried to pitifully ask for a way out. Regardless of the fact that running away from home was a very serious matter, at least he didn’t get f*cked around ah.

Ye Zhixuan ignored his fallacious reasoning. He motioned for Ye Ling to pull Ye Qing’s legs wider, and fiercely slammed the ruler squarely on Ye Qing’s chrysanthemum hole.

“Don’t move, Dad will relieve the itching for you.”

“Ah!!!” Ye Qing’s anguished screams almost broke through the sky as his vulnerable private parts were beaten.

However, Ye Zhixuan didn’t even pause to admire his miserable appearance. He raised the ruler and continued to hammer it down without saying anything. Every stroke was precise and unforgiving, particularly hitting the little hole that was desperately contracting to evade the punishment. After more than a dozen times, the small hole was so swollen beyond recognition and it no longer bears the slightest trace of being pampered in the past.

That little hole was visibly red and swollen and was constantly shrinking, but the strange thing was it was still puffing out l*wd water. It was evident that a flood of it had long been inside, and no matter how tight it contracted, it couldn’t stop the liquid from flowing out.

Looking at this sight, Ye Zhixuan felt so complicated in his heart. He sneered and said to Ye Qun, “See how s!utty he is? There is no need to be gentle with him at all. Maybe the more ruthless we are, the more this b!tch will like it.”

Ye Qun, who was equally furious, didn’t refute it and even stated in a rare moment of cooperation, “Hit him harder, let me do the hitting in front.”


Ye Zhixuan c*cked his head to the side, his brow furrowed. It seemed that this second son of his was really mad today, so he readily handed him the ruler without hesitation.

At this time, even if there was no Ye Ling to pull his legs apart, Ye Qing wouldn’t dare to close it himself. He was beaten really hard in the back, therefore whenever he tried to shut his legs, a sharp pain would pierce him a hundred times more severe than when it was wide open.

Ye Qun roughly tore off the cl!toral clamp, forcing Ye Qing to let out a heart-piercing scream again. Then without any hesitation, he started to strike down at Ye Qing’s private parts, especially focusing on the flower hole and the bulging cl!toris. The sound of the ruler slapping the flesh was ceaseless, merciless, and painfully endless. He did not even spare the little thing’s inner thighs. Now, looking at Ye Qing’s entire lower body, it was clearly and thoroughly taken care of by the ruler.

The little beauty’s intermittent howls couldn’t even cause the three men’s hearts to ache at all, instead it only served as fuel to the fuming men to be more sadistic and abusive.

Ye Zhixuan had no intention of stopping Ye Qun, even after witnessing Ye Qing being battered to the point of being unable to even resist and weep. It’s not until Ye Qun had vented to his heart’s content did he come to a complete stop. Right at this moment, Ye Qing’s lower body was so horrible to look at. His inner thighs were marred with criss-crossing red and miserable marks. Needless to say, his two little holes were pounded so horribly that the meat surrounding his p*ssy was bulging, his two small holes were completely buried inside the swollen flesh, and his pubic hair was even skinned from Ye Qun’s furious abuse, making some blood flow out of it.

Ye Zhixuan smiled and affectionately patted the little s*x s!ave’s face to wake him up. He then dug out the cl!toris buried inside the red and swollen p*ssy meat once again, and re-clamped the cl!toral clamp that Ye Qun handed over to him. Then in the next second, he did not hesitate to separate the red, swollen, and filthy flower hole before inserting his giant beast inside it, regardless of whether the little s*x s!ave’s body could stand it or not.

“Qingqing will live in this cage from now on, okay?” He said, caressing some chains, “Don’t you like the gifts your second brother gave you? You just have to wear them and stay in the cage until your masters come back to f*ck you.”

Ye Zhixuan spoke as if it’s just a trivial matter as he proceeded to enjoy Ye Qing’s delicious body in delight. Ye Ling and Ye Qun on the side joined the feast as well and did not hesitate to use their murder weapons without any pity.

Sure enough, after a few days in a row, Ye Qing was never released from the cage. Whenever the three men had the desire to vent, that’s when they only remembered to come to him, as if they didn’t feel the slightest distress, just completely regarding him as a s*x s!ave. The clamps had been biting his red nubs and cl!toris for a long time, causing them to swell even more. His n!pples were so swollen to the point that it’s simply as large as a woman’s. His cl!toris was even protruding from his pubic region, and obsc*ne water could be seen trickling down from it. They will only occasionally get excited to bring Ye Qing to the bathroom to fvck him, or gang-r*pe him all together, then cleaning Ye Qing along their depraved process.

Erza [Translator]: Hurraayyy! The cultured Ye Family is back in heat! But I definitely didn’t expect that something like this would happen. This is something that we can finally call an arc in this novel, but I certainly and absolutely don’t like (a little bit😂) this arc 囧. Any thoughts about this chapter? Let me know it oh~

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