Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 9: “If you don’t squ*rt milk today, I’ll play you to death on the bed.” Pseudo lactation – Unable to spray milk – Abused, fvcked, and manipulated by the Second Brother

When Ye Qun came in to wake up the little s*x sl*ve who was fvcked senseless by his father last night, he found that his elder brother was already in Ye Qing’s room.

At this time, Ye Ling had already enjoyed enough in the two small holes, and was patiently coaxing the crying little thing.

“Wuwu ~ Ling-gege is bad! Bad master!” Ye Qing choked. This man was so bad, he fvcked him for a long time, but he didn’t even let him shoot once. Although the two small holes felt good that they came again and again, but that was not enough, because he couldn’t shoot out from the front… Thinking of this, Ye Qing cried even more pitifully…

Ye Ling was so troubled by him that his brain was about to explode, so he had to repeat again: “If I say no, you can’t, QingQing should be good~ You are still young, you can’t shoot that many times…” After thinking about it, he added solemnly, “Qingqing’s use of the little p*ssy is also very good. Right now, I didn’t force you not to come with the little holes. But after this, you have to bear it. If you dare to come, you will not have good results.” Then the little adulterous baby in his arms cried more fiercely, his tears were about to wet his clothes. Ye Ling covered his face. He could no longer figure out what to do ah.

Seeing Ye Qun came in, Ye Ling seemed to have seen a savior. “You come and coax him. I really can’t deal with him anymore.”

Ye Qun raised his eyebrows. If he coaxed him like that, he’s sure Ye Qing would still cry until tomorrow. But he still took Ye Qing into his arms and touched him unceremoniously with his big hand.

After some coaxing, Ye Qun asked in surprise. “You didn’t fvck him?”

Ye Ling touched his nose. “Why would he cry like this if I didn’t do him? He just took a bath. Please tell him not to cry. I’ll see what he could eat.”

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Ye Qun couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. Ye Ling played so cruelly that he even inserted something in the little thing’s urethra. It seemed that he couldn’t really be soft-hearted ah. He hugged Ye Qing and sat him on his leg while speaking in a gentle tone. “Qingqing can’t shoot, you can only c*m at night. Do you want to tie it up, or do you want to hold it back?”

Ye Qing heard that he couldn’t ej*culate. He was so wronged that he was about to cry, but he still knew the current situation very well. “Wu wu…Tie it up…” So the little meat stick was tightly bound again, completely blocking Ye Qing’s desire to come.

Ye Qun picked him up with one hand, pointed his p*nis against the honey hole, and let Ye Qing down to his c*ck. This straight up and down position let Ye Qing swallow especially deep Ye Qun’s hugeness. Ye Qing’s small lovely mouth below clenched tightly for a few times, and his small mouth above also let out a sweet moan.

“Move, Qun-gege~ Fvck Qingqing away. You don’t even love Qingqing anymore, Wuwu…” Ye Qing cried as he couldn’t help but feel wronged.

Ye Qun almost laughed. This little thing could also pretend to be pitiful, no wonder he needed to have a good training. So his lower body moved very ungentlemanly, enjoying the little s*x sl*ve who was being pounded by his c*ck.

At this moment, Ye Qun finally remembered his task: choose a way that could train it well. So he moved to Ye Qing’s ear and said, “Qingqing eats so much s*men every morning, haven’t you thought of repaying your Master?”

Don’t you always fvck me crazily! Because Ye Qing couldn’t spray, his whole body and mind was in a rebellious state. He pursed his lips. He didn’t want to reply, but he still didn’t dare. So he whispered, “It’s Master who won’t let Qingqing shoot…”

Ye Qun continued to chuckle. But his fingers caressed the ignored n*pples. “Master does not want just pure s*men, here…” he said as he used his fingernails to scrape the n*pples that were spared by the two beasts. “I want Qingqing to spurt some milk for Master to drink.”

Ye Qing was ashamed and angry, but it was a pity that he was so weak he could only plead in a low voice. “QingQing is a boy~ no milk…”

“Tch, there is no milk because you don’t have enough exercise. Today, Master must make the little sl*t spray milk!” After speaking, he put one red fruit into his mouth and sucked it without any tenderness. The other one fell into his palm and was pinched and kneaded, which made it really pitiful.

Soon the two poor little cherries were as hard as pebbles, completely protruding up and standing out on the flat chest.

Ye Qun took out the thin string that he had prepared long ago and wrapped it around the two n*pples from the roots, and the two small fruits were now connected by the thin string.

“Wu wu~ the n*pples are itchy~ ah master! It’s so itchy, don’t play with the n*pples, just fvck Qingqing down there~” Ye Qing couldn’t stand it anymore, his n*pples were tied together like this, standing upright. It was as if he could really squ*rt milk in the next second, it hurts but feels good, really shameful ah!

Ye Qun smiled with satisfaction, and his lower body continued to play with the sensitive hole of the little sl*t, which gave Ye Qing infinite pleasure but also torture from not having his release. The n*pples connected by Ye Qun in front of him really felt painful.

So, Ye Qun stretched out his hand and fiddled with the thin string. The tight thin thread bounced and bounced, and even the two n*pples were constantly shaking, causing Ye Qing to squeal again.

Ye Qing was almost driven crazy by the pleasure. What kind of feeling was this? He has been fvcked from the whole morning, but he was not allowed to shoot, not even once. Now his n*pples were still being played like this, a boy was forced to squ*rt for his Master. He really really…. wanted to be fvcked to death, Wuwu~…

Ye Qun twisted a n*pple and kneaded it in his hand. The meat has already swollen to several times its usual size, even the milk pores that originally could not be seen had appeared. He pretended to be dissatisfied and said: “Qingqing is so bad, don’t you even want to give milk for your Master to drink?!” As soon as Ye Qun’s voice fell, his fingers twisted again, straight to the body of the little beauty who didn’t even have the strength to shout.

“Wu wu… Qingqing is a boy, no milk~ Gege don’t play with n*pples anymore…”

Ye Qun didn’t listen to his pitiful reasoning. He looked at the chest that he was pressing. “Look, the milk holes are coming out. Why can’t you squ*rt out milk?”

Ye Qing just glanced at him and cried out of breath in his arms. Wu wu…. Too bad, he was obviously a boy. Wu wu.… He was so lustful that the milk holes came out after being played with. Wu wu…

Ye Qun was amused in his heart, but he refused to let Ye Qing go. “Hurry up and give the Master the milk, or Master will take the belt and burst the two waste n*pples!”

Ye Qing heard that he was about to be beaten by the belt. At this time, his fuzzy brain finally woke up a little, and he shouted softly. “Uhm~ Don’t want to be beaten by the belt~ Master just shoot on Qingqing’s n*pples. Qingqing’s n*pple is very good~” he said, and his little tongue licked Ye Qun’s abdominal muscles seductively.

Ye Qun was so hooked by him that he couldn’t help it anymore. He became more and more fierce in pounding the flower hole, and made Ye Qing feel as if the water all over his body was going to come out. The tidal wave of pleasure couldn’t stop at all, and the little hole was also very obedient. Clenching a few times, obediently serving the giant male organ inside.

Ye Qun only felt that he was almost drowned by the pleasure. He turned over and pressed Ye Qing under him. When he was about to come, he forcibly pulled himself out and faced the two red beans that were still tied together by a thin string. Ye Qing wriggled helplessly under him, his small face flushed, but his mouth was still screaming. “Ah, it hurts but so good, Wu wu wu, Gege shoot milk into QingQing’s n*pples~ Ah~”

Ye Qun jerked faster and faster, and finally ej*culated against the tiny red n*pples. The hot s*men was shot on the sensitive n*pples, causing Ye Qing to squirm again.

Naturally, the s*men could not be poured into the n*pples, but a large amount of it was spread around, as if the white liquid really came out from the n*pples.

Ye Qing really deserves to be a little sl*t who has been fvcked since he was a child. Even if he shouted shame in his mouth, his actions were unambiguous. He blinked his eyes, gently scraped the s*men with his fingers and sent it to his mouth to suck. He also didn’t forget to say, “Ah~ Gege, this is Qingqing’s milk.” He wiped the s*men from the other n*pple and added, “Both n*pples have sprayed~ Gege, no belt for Qingqing~ QingQing loves Gege…”

Ye Qun couldn’t even look directly at this l*wd beauty. Qingqing’s small mouth with s*men kept spewing out love words to win sympathy for himself. In Ye Qun’s heart, he only had the same idea as Ye Ling: this little thing is really getting smarter and smarter! They couldn’t do him without training!

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