Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 6: Pierce your own hole and let Daddy play with it: Please vent your anger and desire on QingQing (Preparation for re-training )

In his study, Ye Zhixuan was handling some documents seriously. At the beginning of the summer, their branches all over the country have submitted their quarterly reports and financial plans that require his signature. The study was so quiet that you’ll hear a needle falling on the ground. You’ll only hear the sound of Ye Zhixuan’s occasional turning of the documents…mixed with a strange groan that would occasionally escape.

With a closer look, you could see that Ye Zhixuan was also holding a poor little sl*ve in his arms. He was completely cuddled in the arms of his tall father and was being played casually. If you don’t look from the front, you wouldn’t really spot him. It turned out that after dinner, Ye Qing was brought to the study by his father to work together.

Although Ye Qing repeatedly promised that he would not make a noise to disturb his Daddy, but what this lēwd little thing said could not really win Ye Zhixuan’s trust.

So, at this moment, Ye Qing’s mouth was filled with mouth gag, and the two small holes below were also buried with large s*x toys. Although all three holes were blocked, and only a vague groaning sound could be heard, the little lēwd sl*ve’s hands still cleverly hugged his master’s1Most of the time Ye Qing’s father was referred as ‘Daddy, but sometimes he was also referred as Master waist, and his whole little head was buried in his chest for him to play with.

Although Ye Zhixuan didn’t have the time to deal with his little sl*ve right now, his free left hand habitually slid across the large expanse of Ye Qing’s delicate skin. The two small nipples on his chest had long been rubbed swollen by him. They were gorgeously red as if they were about to drip blood. Ye Qing’s slender and white waistline was printed with a few faint fingerprints. Below, the two labia are being separated from time to time. Robust fingers clamped the clîtoris, and sometimes the clîtoris was even severely pinched and twisted. The poor clîtoris had been teased several times by the man who had no mercy for it. The clîtoral hood could no longer cover it, and it could only tremble helplessly. But QingQing’s two little holes below were very satisfied. It turns out that in order to avoid being stained by this little sl*t’s lēwd water, the two s*x toys blocked all the overflowing øbscene water, including the squirting during ørgasm. No trace of the water comes out.


Ye Zhixuan frowned, staring at the papers in his hand: What the hell are these reports!

He unconsciously pinched the clîtoris of the little sl*ve in his arms and twisted it fiercely. This unexpected pleasure, as if an electric current swept through his body, made Ye Qing couldn’t help trembling, and the two small holes shrank desperately…he actually had another ørgasm! This body has long been tuned into a lēwd sl*t. Right now, his clîtoris was already severely abused, how could he resist it…

Ye Qing rubbed his father’s solid chest, raising his head in tears and begged, “Be lighter, Daddy…” 

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He no longer cared about those documents. After he finished arranging them, he put his arms around his youngest son as he was about to take him to the bathroom for cleaning.


Ye Qing was always sensitive to the mood of his Daddy. He sat on his lap and was unwilling to move. He stretched out his arms around his Daddy’s neck and put on his fragrant lips to tease his father’s cold face. “Why is Daddy unhappy? Is it because QingQing is not obedient…” He said as he kissed the corner of his Daddy’s mouth again, and took the initiative to put his little tongue into his father’s mouth.

Ye Zhixuan gently sucked his little tongue, sucking it erotically, and kissed the little thing until he was out of breath. “QingQing is very good, Daddy loves baby the most..”

But Ye Qing sensitively broke away from his arms and climbed onto the desk. His hands separated his two long legs wide open. Two dripping puckered holes suddenly burst into Ye Zhixuan’s eyes, which made him breathe quickly.

Ye Qing didn’t seem to see his father’s sudden fierce look. He stretched his fingers into his flower hole and moved it back and forth, like a vixen on a bed, seducing the man who was about to become a beast. “Does Daddy like it? Both holes can be played by Daddy ~ As long as Daddy is happy, it’s okay to play QingQing…” Then, the little sl*ve couldn’t help blushing, but he still fiercely inserted a finger into his honey hole to play. As long as Daddy was no longer angry, Daddy could do whatever he wanted to me.

The man who was seduced by him couldn’t endure it anymore. He opened his zipper and suddenly fvcked in! He still didn’t forget to say: “You are not allowed to cum, you can’t bear the consequences.” Ye Qing was aggrieved and felt very wronged. But he’ll be obedient and would not shoot. Wu wu…He still skillfully entangled the man’s waist with his long legs, letting out a sweet and needy moan from his little mouth.

Ye Zhixuan was in a bad mood, lust mixed with anger, so he thrusted extremely fierce. He was never gentle on the bed, and at this time he made the little beauty cry more and more miserably. Intertwined with pain and pleasure, Ye Qing’s little c*ck was about to explode, but he was still fighting for the last trace of sanity, crying and begging for mercy to the man. “Daddy~ ahhh!! Slow down~ ah…I’ll shoot~~”

Ye Zhixuan did not block Ye Qing’s c*ck hole, leaving the little stick to tremble, then he cruelly said in his son’s ear, “If you shoot, you will be severely punished.” Before his words even fell, his thick rod hardened even more. Thrusting deeper, the poor flower hole’s flesh was turned inside out, it could no longer close together. And it even seemed that there was blood mixed in it…

“Ah! It’s too deep~~ Slow down, little b*tch will be fvcked to death by Daddy… Wuwu … Let go, it will be broken…” The little thing that is used to being abused, with the every thrust mixed with pain, he finally couldn’t help but ējaculate sēmen that had become a little thin.

“…” Ye Zhixuan stared at the little thing that was limp in his arms after shooting. Being obedient is one thing, not being obedient is another. “Do you really want to be beaten?” Ye Qing, who was almost fvcked unconscious, seemed to hear a wicked voice saying something in his ear. But he could no longer hold back and fainted.

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