Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 10.2 (Extra): Only gang r*pe, but no double p*netration

Chapter Ten’s Extra

Erza [Translator]: This was a flashback connected in Chapter 7, when Ye Qing was touched by the bodyguard.


Hearing Ye Ling’s words, Ye Zhixuan and Ye Qun were almost blazing in anger. The baby, who they pampered with great effort that they could not even bear to touch him, was instead touched by others first. Even if the act (f*ck) was not really done, it still made these men furious.

Ye Zhixuan stretched his youngest son’s legs wide, and as expected, the flower hole in front was soaked, it was obviously touched by a man.

And the ignorant Ye Qing was being stared at by his father and brothers in this way, not knowing how to feel shame. He just wriggled with impatience. “Wu wu…  It’s so itchy below ~ save Qingqing… Daddy ~ it’s itchy down there ah.

Seeing the pure little beauty being tortured by l*st, although the men of the Ye family were angry, they were more distressed and heart-stricken. After all, Qingqing didn’t mean all of this.

Ye Zhixuan wanted to roughly kiss Ye Qing’s fragrant lips, but when their lips touched, he turned to lick them gently. He pried open Ye Qing’s teeth to tease his pink tongue, as his muscular arms were wrapped around the little beauty’s waist to take him to the bedroom.

The corners of Ye Zhixuan’s eyes swept to the two sons who were slightly unwilling, and understanding that it was impossible to have this little thing all to himself, he said impatiently, “Together?”

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“Which one does Dad want to deflower?” The implication was that he wanted the other one.

Ye Qun, who was squeezed out, smiled helplessly. Why should he be overshadowed by a person the same generation as him? He turned to look at the red little mouth that was very openly enticing me. He raised his eyebrows. It was not that bad to vent in that cute little mouth.

Ye Zhixuan directly answered him with action. He slammed through Ye Qing’s c*nt without even stopping.

“Ah~ it hurts! Daddy… don’t put it in. Wu wu, Qingqing will break~ pull it out~” Even if Ye Qun has been licking it for so long, how could his soft tongue compare with the thickness and hardness of a male s*xual organ? The pain of his hymen being broken caused Ye Qing to scream instantly, blood seeping out from his little p*ssy that was filled to the brim.

Of course, Ye Zhixuan knew his discomfort. After inserting it, he stopped and waited for Ye Qing to slowly adapt to the huge manhood throbbing in his body. As for why it was inserted so brutally, that torn place would eventually be broken anyway. In his opinion, this little thing was spoiled so much that long-term pain was worse than short pain.

Slowly, Ye Qing felt less and less pain below, and all the sensitive parts of his body were being taken care of by his brothers. Ye Zhixuan also gently teased the little meat stick quivering in front of him, which made Ye Qing feel itchy again until it began to spread from the place where they were connected to each other.

The naturally lecherous little beauty couldn’t help but licked a few mouthfuls on Ye Zhixuan’s chest muscles, and wriggled his lower body. “Daddy~ Qingqing is itchy~ want to feel good again~”

At this time, Ye Zhixuan was enjoying his youngest son’s first time without any morals. He had long fed his morals and virtue to the dogs, so this kind of strong and immoral mentality of conquering his baby son’s first time burned him even hotter. The only baby who he had raised for so many years, and the only baby who held a very place on top of his heart, had finally belonged to him completely.

“Ah~ so good, I really like Daddy~” Ye Qing was already drowning in the pleasure coming from his lower body. He even began to show his love to his father, regardless of his two Elder brothers on the bed.

Ye Qun was so dissatisfied that he didn’t even say any concerns, and directly fed himself into the little mouth so that it could not speak any more ‘good’ words. “Darling, lick it with your tongue… Ah… That’s good, you look so cute, just like eating a lollipop. Yes… a little deeper.” The little thing’s first oral s*x was of average skill, but he very obediently served the giant beast in his mouth in accordance with the order of his brother.

When Ye Ling saw that his father and Second brother had found their fun, he also touched Ye Qing’s little tight hole below, but he was stopped by Ye Zhixuan. “Let’s not come in together, he’s still young.”

Ye Ling thought about it, and found that reason acceptable, so the three of them just took turns to play longer. There was no need to play with the little thing all together, and he couldn’t bear it either. Then, he turned to lick the tender red fruit on Ye Qing’s chest, which made the little thing shaked again from his teasing…

Ye Zhixuan saw that his eldest son had stopped, so he comforted him. “Take your time, wait until he grows up to do double pen*tration or something, whatever you want to play.”

Ye Qing didn’t know how long he had been f*cked by the three beasts on his first night. He only knew that his Daddy has been f*cking him and c*mming in him again and again. After his Daddy came out, his Eldest brother broke his chrysanthemum hole. He couldn’t even remember which hole his Second brother wanted. His two small holes below were played by the three men again and again. His little mouth above was also never idle. The thick meat rods changed one after another and fed him a bellyful of sweet and delicious cum; so that he could not even moan and beg for mercy, so that he could only be obediently f*cked with tears in his eyes.

Erza [Translator]: Sorry for the late release, but now here’s the forbidden food── I mean chapter. Happy reading~

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