Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 11: Trip to the Amusement Park 1: Being finger r*ped on a roller coaster until his legs were weak and shaking.

Ye Qing stood in the courtyard and looked outside. After nearly a week of haze, today, the sun was so great that the warm sunlight was sprinkling on his face. It made him want to go out and have fun. After all, summer vacation was almost over, but he had not gone out that much. He couldn’t get out even for a day because of those beasts. It was also rare for the weather to be so good, so he must go out!

Hearing Ye Qing’s request, Ye Zhixuan, who really had no time, could only soothe him while tying his necktie. “Baby of course, you can go anywhere you want to play, but Daddy has a meeting today. So let your brothers go with you, okay?”

Ye Qing was very dissatisfied. Obviously, he wanted to go out with the whole family, but Daddy couldn’t go!

Seeing his pouting mouth as if he was about to make trouble soon, Ye Qun quickly coaxed, “Does Qingqing not like to play with his brothers? This time go with us first. Next time when dad is free, we will continue to go out and play. OK?”

Ye Qing thought that what his brother said was reasonable. He couldn’t let Daddy feel that he was unreasonable ah. Anyway, they would just go out to play, and they could go there again next time. So he nodded happily, “OK, but it’s up to you to decide where to play! If I’m not satisfied, I’ll never go.”


Seeing that this little thing was so easy to deceive, Ye Qun naturally agreed to everything. Proposed by Ye Ling, the location was finally determined to be the Amusement Park. When Ye Ling suggested this place, his whole body was exuding a dark, ambiguous aura.

“Hahahaha, I, Ye Qing! Is Fearless!” After conquering a series of rides such as Jumpers, Pirate Ships and Giant Pendulums that many people were afraid to touch, Ye Qing was beaming stupidly as his two brothers followed him with terrible expressions.

“Let’s go on the roller coaster now!” Ye Qing could no longer wait. He has long been salivating about this newly built Super Long Roller Coaster that ranks top in the country. But Elder brother said to play other interesting rides first, because the roller coaster was the most exciting. Saying that if they go there first, then there would be no energy for him to play other rides.

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Ye Qun on the side also nodded approvingly, making Ye Qing become even angrier. “Ah!!! I definitely don’t want to do it here in the Amusement Park ah~!”


Without them knowing, the middle-aged woman in front heard Ye Qing’s cries. Although she didn’t understand what the young man was wailing about, she still turned her head to comfort him and said, “Young man, the roller coaster is very safe, so don’t be afraid.” From her perspective, this young man was too scared that his friend next to him had been caressing him for comfort.

Ye Qing wanted to cry but he had no tears to shed. He couldn’t really make a fuss on the roller coaster. But the beast ’s indecent hand… was still in this little master’s pants!

Ye Ling saw that Ye Qing no longer dared to resist too much, so his hands impolitely went further and further. His fingers lightly drilled into Ye Qing’s underwear, then went to touch the little hole at the back that was starting to get wet. As soon as he discovered this, he couldn’t help but laugh, “Qingqing, why are you wet?”

Ye Qing stared at him furiously. His body was already naturally sensitive. It would be strange if he didn’t get wet in this kind of environment! But he didn’t know that the way his round eyes stared at Ye Ling wasn’t as fierce as he wanted it to be, but it only made people want to see tears flowing from those eyes.

Sure enough, Ye Ling licked his lips, rubbed the two fleshy ass cheeks with his big hands, then slid down the crotch and pierced a finger into the wet hole without hesitation.

“Uhm…” Ye Qing, who didn’t want to make a sound, had to keep his moans in his mouth.

At this time, the roller coaster was finally ready and launched. Ye Ling’s actions became more and more unscrupulous. Eventually, he had inserted all three of his fingers into Ye Qing’s back hole. He vigorously pumped his slender middle finger against Ye Qing’s sensitive spot a few times, then pulled his fingers to the mouth of the hole before slamming it all the way in.

“Ahhh!!” The roller coaster timely arrived at the first slope. As screams came one after another around them, Ye Qing’s lustful scream didn’t seem to be abrupt for people to pay attention.

“Ah~ Ling-gege, don’t~ wu wu…”

Ye Ling looked at him with a smile. “Qingqing can cry out whatever he wants, so many people are accompanying Qingqing to scream together.” His words seemed very normal, but it’s actually full of obsceness. Ye Qing was already breathing unevenly, but Ye Ling’s fingers didn’t stop at all. Despite Ye Qing’s writhing, he still scratched and pounded the small hole.

Of course, as the Eldest brother, Ye Ling did not ignore Ye Qun who had previously tried to help him hold Ye Qing. He said, “The front is still empty. Don’t you want to play tricks on the roller coaster?”

“Aren’t you afraid that the little thing will struggle?” Ye Qun smiled, and looked at Ye Qing, who was already weakly shaking, but his hand also mischievously probed into Ye Qing’s pants to touch the front flower hole.


“No~! Wu wu… Gege, it’s already too much. Don’t come in anymore, wu wu…” Ye Qing tried to argue with reason(?).

Ye Qun rubbed his hair, but his hand inside Ye Qing’s pants continued to plunge the flower hole without any hint of gentleness.

“Ah! No more!” Both of the small holes were fingered by the brothers under the public place. Even if they were not caught, Ye Qing was still more sensitive than usual. His screams became more and more unstoppable.

The roller coaster finally reached the highest slope and dropped sharply. The screams of the people in the car could break through the eardrums as Ye Qing felt his heart was about to burst out of his throat.

Ye Ling and Ye Qun speed up almost at the same time, and furiously thrust their fingers into the two small holes, even ramming them against the sensitive spots. Ye Qing no longer has the energy to cry out, so he just leaned on the back of the chair and panted heavily. He didn’t want to end up suffocating from too much pleasure.

Suddenly, Ye Qun pulled out all his three fingers and used them to tease the mouth of the hole. He then asked Ye Qing, “Qingqing, do you like it?” As soon as his voice fell, a few fingers suddenly pierced into the small hole!

“Ah!!!” Ye Qing shook his head frantically, but did not dare to shed tears. He could only scream loudly under the cover of the roller coaster. After that, his little c*nt tried clenched desperately, as if trying to drive the invaders out.

Ye Qun felt that the little thing was about to shoot, and quickly pulled out his fingers to pinched the little bud in front. Sure enough, Ye Qing could only scream a few more times before coming, and his spurted milky fluid was all caught by Ye Qun’s hand. Ye Qun let out a sigh of relief, fortunately this little thing did not soil his pants.

At this time, Ye Ling also took out his fingers, then took a paper towel out of nowhere and wiped the mucus in the back hole carefully. The roller coaster also started to slow down and was about to reach the end.

Ye Qun then raised the s*men in front of Ye Qing. “Does Qingqing want to eat it? Don’t the little sl*t like to eat milk very much? Do you want to eat your own?”

In response to him, Ye Qing angrily turned his head to the side so that the back of his head was facing Ye Qun. Ye Qun, who didn’t care much, just shrugged and licked it himself clean, and wiped off the remaining liquid with a paper towel.

The image of his Second brother licking his own s*men was surprisingly so erotic,. Ye Qing’s face was almost burning red, so he just closed his eyes fiercely.


Finally, they got off the roller coaster. Ye Qing’s legs were so weak that he had to nest in Ye Qun’s arms and be supported by him. Ye Qun felt it was more convenient to carry him, but the little thing was dead set against it.

Being taken to a bench to rest, Ye Qing still refused to lift his face from Ye Qun’s arms. Wu wu, he actually orgasmed on the roller coaster just by his brothers’ fingers. If it was spread out to people, he wouldn’t have the face to look at them anymore!

When Ye Ling finished doing his bad deeds, he did not forget to ask the victim of how he felt. “Did it feel good? Qingqing screamed so loudly. Do you like it or not…”

“Wu wu…” Ye Qing was still immersed in the feeling of shame and pleasure until now. He still could not come back to himself, only letting out a vague and indistinct moan.

Seeing him like this, Ye Ling smiled brightly. “It seems that you like it? Next time, we’ll do it when the Amusement Park is packed with people, and Qingqing can also play without clothes.”

When Ye Qing heard his Elder brother’s words, he couldn’t help thinking that if the Amusement Park was really filled with people… and they did it without wearing any clothes, even if there was no one around them, but there used to be thousands of people playing inside it! His face instantly burned red, but his little hole unconsciously contracted a few times, and it seemed that l*wd water was flowing out of it again.

Ye Qun, who had Ye Qing resting in his arms and naturally noticed the changes in Ye Qing’s body, smiled dangerously. “It seems that Qingqing has enough rest, let’s continue to play. What about the Ferris Wheel?”


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