Little Princess

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 小公主
Release Schedule: Wed
Author: 椰丝糖
Total Chapters: 15
Genres: Adult Historical Smut
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Little Princess


As the most beloved daughter of the Emperor, Zhaoyang Princess Li Zhenzhen faced the biggest and only crisis in her life when she was fifteen years old. It turns out that she is not the daughter of her Father Emperor, but the daughter of her Mother Consort and a guard. The palace was only waiting to see the miserable end of mother and daughter. 

She knelt in front of Wende Hall, begging to see her father. Li Yue, who had been raising her for fifteen years, suddenly announced her to enter. Li Zhenzhen cried and begged her father to spare her mother’s life, and was willing to die in place of her mother. Li Yue looked at the exquisite girl under the lamp, both familiar and unfamiliar. That night, Li Zhenzhen understood what the real crisis was.

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