The Pa Pa Between His Highness and a Long-Term Kitchenhand


Translation Status: Dropped

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: Tian Yi/ Dog Baby/ Tiny Dog Paw (天一/ 狗娃子/ 小狗爪子)
Total Chapters: 22
Genres: Adult Historical Mature Smut Yaoi


Wang Yisheng was just a mere kitchenhand, yet on his way home, he was suddenly attacked by a stranger. This proud meow man forcibly made use of his cucumber, and even under the influence of an aphrodisiac, he was exceptionally arrogant. Baring himself to him and bestowing him the blessing of being able to lie with him. All the while ordering him to lick here or there, or to thrust upon command.

And for His Highness the Prince who was deflowered by a kitchenhand, he was extremely pleased by Wang Yisheng’s services. Begrudgingly, he promoted Wang Yisheng to the rank of male consort, so the latter could serve him day and night without rest. However… As the dignified and stately Prince Miao Wei of the Nation of Da Mao, how could he bestow all his favor upon one male consort?

What if this pampering made the consort arrogant?

My princely self will have to get more male consorts, to prevent a certain dog-slave from getting beyond themselves so that dog-slave will submit to his every whim and desire.

“Your Highness, you can ride me any way you like. I vow to let you ride me till your legs give out, even if your belly swells I will not shun you.”

“Be quiet, I order you to service me.”

“Your word is my command, your Highness.”

The work of a long-term kitchenhand truly is exhausting, especially when His Highness isn’t satisfied with a huge r*d, what’s a kitchenhand gotta do?

Prince Meow: I wish to share my experience with the rest of you meows, and that is, even the most loyal, humble, and simple-minded of wang’s, will have a heart that yearns to “bully” meows.

Kitchenhand Wang: I aim to “bully” Prince Meow for a hundred more years.

Before he could lick him anymore, Prince Meow swatted at Kitchenhand Wang’s face with a swipe of his claws.

My princely self is the epitome of nobility, I’m not some random meow that a slave dog like you can mate with!

Note: Potential plotholes, but overall an appetizing read; however some scenes may feel repetitive.

The epilogue chapters are super cute! The portrayal of characters as animals is unique too~







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