Little Princess

Chapter 3.2: My Woman (HH)

Translated by Jungmee, Edited by Jojo, Proofread by Eli

Li Yue looked at her solemnly and softly said, “Jiaojiao, tell Imperial Father you like it…”

“Woo, don’t…” Li Yue’s other hand pulled away from her body and she exclaimed, “Zhenzhen is so ashamed, so embarrassed, Imperial Father… uuu…”

“Imperial Father is very careful. Just open your eyes and see how hard I am for you, Jiaojiao.”

Bewitched, Li Zhenzhen opened her left eye slightly. What she saw was a giant me*tstick with liquid oozing from the tip.


Li Zhenzhen turned red and tried to cover her face.

“Look at him so that you will remember what he looks like when he f*cks you later.”

“Uuuuu… Imperial Father, don’t say any else, don’t say any else.”

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Li Yue opened his legs, but Li Zhenzhen refused to open hers. “Is Zhenzhen happy to be f*cked by the emperor?” Li Yue touched her sensitive point again and laughed.


Li Zhenzhen closed her eyes. She did not dare speak, and her body was trembling from time to time.

“What are you afraid of?” Li Yue touched Li Zhenzhen’s h*le and slowly said, “Later, your Imperial Father will enter here. Afterwards, Zhenzhen will be a real woman and will belong to Imperial father forever. “

Li Zhenzhen opened her eyes again. Since she didn’t understand anything, she was easy to deceive, and she believed everything her Imperial Father said to her.

“My little princess.” Li Yue drew his hand and finally aimed his c*ck at her small c*nt. It was so hot that Li Zhenzhen muttered, “Ah,” making Li Yue chuckle. “Imperial Father is here to f*ck you.”

Li Yue’s c*ck went in.

It was too big and too thick, and even if Li Zhenzhen’s small points were covered with spring water, she couldn’t help but cry out loudly: “Pain, pain… Imperial Father, Zhenzhen hurts, woooooo…”

Li Yue only inserted a small part of the me*tstick in, leaving most of it out.

Li Zhenzhen’s c*nt was very soft and tight, and her walls seemed to clamp down on his c*ck. He moved just a bit, but this already made Li Zhenzhen tremble violently.

“Comfortable?” Li Yue asked.

“Hmm… Imperial Father, this, what is this… Zhenzhen is uncomfortable, Zhenzhen is uncomfortable…”

Li Yue continued to “thrust” in, but Li Zhenzhen shouted again and again in pain, and she started to push Li Yue to make him stop. When Li Zhenzhen did this, the glimmer in Li Yue’s eyes darkened and he thrust in.

“Ah!!!” Li Zhenzhen cried out in pain.


Li Yue knew that he had finally broken the body of his little princess.

He has been raising her for fifteen years, his most precious little princess.

His most precious, Jiaojiao, was f*cked by him and has become his woman.

He is her man.

Li Yue’s face softened, and he finally entered Li Zhenzhen without anything blocking his way.

After breaking Li Zhenzhen’s hym*n, Li Yue’s c*ck reached euphoria, and the hard c*ck was thrusting back and forth on the soft inner wall. Li Zhenzhen felt very interesting. It was so comfortable. It was so much better than being touched by Li Yue on the bre*sts or being fingered by him…

She was full of ignorance, and she only followed her instinct, crying: “Ah, ah, father, father, Zhenzhen is comfortable…”

“Jiaojiao, call me husband.”

Li Zhenzhen didn’t understand, so she shouted: “Husband, husband, Zhenzhen is comfortable, Zhenzhen is cool…”

“Zhenzhen is so comfortable because it is so good to be f*cked by your husband, Jiaojiao.” Li Yue held Li Zhenzhen in his arms and pushed her up, “Jiaojiao, put your arms around father.”

Because of the pleasure flowing, Li Zhenzhen tightened her c*nt subconsciously, while Li Yue took a deep breath, buried his face in her little t*ts, bit her little t*ts in his mouth, licked her, and f*cked her harder under his body.

Li Yue let go of her nipples, and his face leaned against her little t*ts, panting comfortably: “Jiaojiao can really pinch. Jiaojiao is so slippery, so f*cking tight…”


“Imperial Father, Imperial Father, Imperial Father…”

“Call me husband.”

“Husband, Zhenzhen is so happy, woo woo woo…”

”Jiaojiao, tell your husband that you feel very good. Tell your husband that you like being f*cked and that you wish that your husband would f*ck you day and night. Tell your husband, Jiaojiao.”

After he said this, Li Yue stood up from the water holding Li Zhenzhen but did not pull out the me*t st*ck from her h*le, stepped out of the pool, and placed her on the wooden bench on the side. He climbed on top of Li Zhenzhen and continued to f*ck her senseless.

The wooden bench moved with each thrust, creating a unique sound.

Li Zhenzhen followed what Li Yue had said: “Zhenzhen likes to be f*cked by her husband; she likes to be f*cked by her husband; Zhenzhen feels very good; Imperial Father… ah, Imperial Father… Zhen… husband… Zhenzhen wants to be f*cked by her husband day and night….”

His innocent little princess had become a sl*t because of him, saying words that even concubines wouldn’t dare say.

His little princess, his darling, his darling.

Li Yue changed his position again. He raised her legs and put them on his shoulders, making the me*tstick temporarily leave Li Zhenzhen’s h*le.

“Imperial Father, Imperial Father…” Li Zhenzhen looked up at Li Yue in a panic.

“Imperial Father is here.” Li Yue lowered his head and saw the blood on his c*ck, making him feel even more excited. Without any warning, he thrusted into Li Zhenzhen’s core again.



“Are you happy? Jiaojiao, tell Imperial Father, are you happy?”

“Good, so good…”

“Who made you feel good?”

“Imperial Father, it’s Imperial Father. Imperial Father is so hard, Imperial Father is so rough, and Imperial Father is so big. Zhenzhen likes Imperial Father the most… Zhenzhen’s h*le is clamped on Imperial Father… F*ck me, f*ck Zhenzhen hard, Imperial Father… “

“My little princess should give me another princess, eh?” Li Yue’s me*t st*ck pressed against her inner walls, thrusting harder and faster than ever.

Li Zhenzhen turned her head away. There were tears in her eyes, and she couldn’t say a word.

Li Yue pulled her up again, held her in his arms, and continued to thrust. Li Zhenzhen screamed loudly and could only soften in his arms.

Li Yue shot all his dragon essence into the belly of his little princess.

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