After The Sweet Ending


Translation Status: Dropped

Release Schedule: Fri,Sat
Author: 青灯
Total Chapters: 30+
Genres: Drama Mature Romance Smut


T/N: This novel contains dubious content and some disturbing scenes.

Xu Wei didn’t realize that she was like the second female lead in a sweet, romantic novel. She loved the male lead for more than ten years. 

After messing around, and running out of tricks to go between the main couple, in a fit of anger, she married the second male lead who also liked the female lead. She thought that the two of them would live their next lives tormented by each other, but she never imagined that a one-night stand would change the course of things. 

Wasn’t the second male lead supposed to be dedicated to the female lead all his life, pure in body and mind? Now, why would he pester her every night, did he want her dead?

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  1. lorr87

    Thanks for translating this novel!!! I’ve seen this around and I’ve been looking forward to it’s development😊😊

  2. Lauragnv

    Can someone tell what the warnings on this one are? Like what does dubious content stand for?

    1. yu_jingjing

      dubious content, I think, means that the consent in some of their s*x scenes are a bit questionable.