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  • Little Princess

    Chapter 4: No Father? (HH)

    Translated by Jungmee, Edited by Jojo, Proofread by Eli

    T/N: This is the last chapter left of my stockpile. LP will be going on an undefined hiatus starting from now on.

    Li Zhenzhen likes to cry. 

    This was a normal thing since she had been spoiled by her imperial father since birth. She leaned on her imperial father’s chest, crying sourly. 

    She didn’t even know why she was crying. 


    Li Yue kissed her face repeatedly and asked her softly, “Is Jiaojiao acting coquettish with her Imperial Father?”

    Li Zhenzhen looked in another direction and continued to cry, but she did not leave Li Yue’s arms. Her mind was in chaos. 

    At this point, Li Yue took a piece of cloth from beside him, rubbed it on his d*ck, and handed it to Li Zhenzhen, saying, “Jiaojiao, look.”

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    Li Yue took the opportunity to f*ck her again, and Li Zhenzhen became soft.


    Li Yue thought to himself that Li Zhenzhen was indeed a rare treasure.

    Although he indulges in worldly affairs, after all, he is an emperor and has countless imperial concubines. But he had never seen a woman like Li Zhenzhen, where there was both innocence and charm. 

    Li Yue inserted his d*ck into her c*nt again. Li Zhenzhen stretched out her hand and hugged her father’s thin waist: “Imperial Father, Imperial Father…”

    Gao Sheng changed the water, then turned around to leave.

    Li Yue continued to f*ck Li Zhenzhen as he ordered Gao Sheng, “Zhenzhen is weak. Prepare more quilts. “

    “Yes.” Gao Sheng felt that he was right. There really was a woman who was going to sleep on the dragon bed. 

    Li Zhenzhen was so tired that she didn’t even care that Gao Sheng was still there. After Gao Sheng left, Li Yue took Li Zhenzhen to the pool and bathed her gently. 

    The heavy rain outside had stopped, and the cold wind was blowing gently. Li Zhenzhen’s body was delicate, so Li Yue had to hug her tightly as he walked to Wende Hall. After placing Li Zhenzhen on the bed, he called for Gao Sheng to give Li Zhenzhen some nourishing soup. 

    Gao Sheng brought some bird’s nest soup for Li Zhenzhen to drink.

    Li Yue took the bowl from Gao Sheng, stirred it with a spoon, and turned around and said to Li Zhenzhen, “Jiaojiao, you haven’t eaten all day. Have some. “

    Li Zhenzhen pouted: “If Imperial Father doesn’t eat, then Zhenzhen won’t eat.”

    “You haven’t eaten all day. How can you not eat?”


    “Don’t eat…” Li Zhenzhen really is like this. Delicate and weak, with a little capriciousness. 

    Gao Sheng looked up quietly. If a concubine acted like this toward the Emperor, the emperor would undoubtedly be angry, but this is the favored Eleventh Princess, after all. 

    However, the Eleventh Princess is truly stunning, and it’s no surprise that His Majesty…

    While Gao Sheng was distracted, Li Yue was already feeding Li Zhenzhen. Li Zhenzhen was fed half a bowl of bird’s nest soup, and then hid in the quilt and didn’t want to come out. 

    Li Yue smiled softly, but he was not angry. He let her go for the time being, and handed the bowl to Gao Sheng. 

    Gao Sheng took the bowl from Li Yue and inwardly prepared himself for a loud night. 

    His Majesty is thirty-five years old this year, which is the age when men are most mature. 

    How can Princess Zhaoyang not eat any more? 

    Contrary to Gao Sheng’s expectations, there was no noise that night.

    Li Zhenzhen had been kneeling for a whole day and had lost her virginity at the same time. 

    After eating half a bowl of bird’s nest soup, she huddled in the quilt and fell asleep immediately.

    When Li Yue went to bed, Li Zhenzhen, in her sleep, turned around and hugged him. She muttered, “Imperial Father…” Her lips were still bright red. Who would have thought that these lips had sucked him off earlier?


    To be honest, Li Yue hasn’t finished yet. But seeing his princess’s delicate face that was asleep, he just bowed his head and kissed her forehead, and he fell asleep with Li Zhenzhen. 

    This is his precious princess. His princess’s body is the most important thing. 

    During the Yin* hour, Li Yue woke up.

    (*寅- Yin hour: 3-5 am)

    Every day, Li Yue would exercise and practice his martial arts before going to court. This has been a habit since he was a child.

    It’s just that today, when Li Yue opened his eyes, there was a warm figure in his arms. Li Yue looked down at Li Zhenzhen, who was sleeping peacefully in his arms. 

    Before, although Li Yue would hug Li Zhenzhen to sleep, he would not dare sleep in the same bed as her. After all, she was his daughter. 


    Li Zhenzhen is still his precious daughter, but she is also not just his precious daughter. 

    This kind of touch was also a little strange to Li Yue. For the first time, when he woke up, his arms were not empty.

    There were traces of warmth in the eyes of the usually cold emperor. It was such a nice feeling to wake up and hold his precious little princess. 

    Li Zhenzhen’s lips were bright red, her mouth was pouted slightly, and her cheeks were slightly flushed. 


    She looked so beautiful.

    Li Yue lowered his head and kissed Li Zhenzhen repeatedly. Li Zhenzhen hummed a few times, but she didn’t wake up. She twisted her naked body, putting Li Yue’s half-hard stick in between her legs. 

    He needed to practice martial arts, and his little baby also needed to rest. He reluctantly let go of Li Zhenzhen and turned over to get out of bed.

    “Imperial Father!” Li Zhenzhen, who was sleeping, suddenly reached out and hugged his waist. 

    He thought Li Zhenzhen was already awake. But looking back, he found that Li Zhenzhen was still asleep. However, she hugged his waist and muttered, “Imperial Father, don’t go… Imperial Father, don’t leave Zhenzhen… Whoo… Imperial Father, Imperial Father…” 

    His little princess was even afraid of him leaving her in her sleep. 

    Li Zhenzhen’s forehead was blue and purple, which was the result of her continuously banging her head on the floor yesterday. Li Yue blamed himself. Why did he treat Li Zhenzhen like that? Even though Li Zhenzhen is not his daughter, it is not Li Zhenzhen’s fault. 

    He looked back and kissed Li Zhenzhen on the forehead in distress. He cautiously whispered, “Imperial Father won’t leave. Jiaojiao should sleep a bit more. Imperial Father will go to court..”

    “Imperial Father is not allowed to leave…” Li Zhenzhen jumped into Li Yue’s arms, making her h*le directly touch his d*ck. 

    Li Yue’s c*ck became hard. 

    He took a deep breath. 

    Li Zhenzhen rubbed up against him and acted coquettishly in her sleep: “Imperial Father, don’t leave…”

    Li Yue’s hard and thick meat st*ck was dangerously near her flower h*le. But Li Zhenzhen was in a daze and continued rubbing up and down. 

    Li Zhenzhen unconsciously became wet, and the wetness of her flower h*le dripped onto Li Yue’s d*ck. 

    “Imperial Father, don’t leave… Uh-huh…” Li Zhenzhen hummed comfortably. She didn’t want her father to leave, but she subconsciously rubbed against Li Yue’s d*ck. Aside from her subtle moaning, the sound of her wet c*nt grinding against Li Yue’s dick was also heard. 

    How could Li Yue stay indifferent? 

    Li Yue put his arms around Li Zhenzhen’s waist and rubbed it with one hand, while the other hand reached out to touch Li Zhenzhen’s h*le. Li Zhenzhen was not happy with this. She whispered, “No… No, uh-huh…imperial father…”

    Li Yue bit her ear and asked, “Is Zhenzhen seducing her imperial father, huh?”

    “Ah… um, Imperial Father… woo…”

    Li Yue’s hand suddenly stopped moving. In her sleep, Li Zhenzhen subconsciously shook her body so that the flower hole would touch her Imperial Father’s hand. 

    Li Yue’s needs from last night had not been fulfilled. How can she tease him like this?

    He directly pushed his meatst*ck into Li Zhenzhen’s p*ssy. 

    “Ah, ah… ah…” Li Zhenzhen moaned. 

    Li Yue straightened himself up, and licked her earlobes: “Why is Jiaojiao being so coquettish? Seducing her Imperial Father at such an early hour, uh.”

    “Ah, ah…” Li Zhenzhen woke up slowly and felt something going in and out of her body. 

    Li Yue’s d*ck was thrusted inside her h*le. It was so comfortable. She looked at Li Yue and moaned, “Imperial Father.” 

    Li Yue couldn’t look at her like this. He just wanted to f*ck her badly. The original slow rhythm accelerated in an instant. He whispered, “Is Zhenzhen being coquettish? Huh. Is Zhenzhen being coquettish?” 

    “Wow-woo…Imperial Father, Imperial Father, be gentle… Imperial Father… Imperial Father…” Since Li Zhenzhen was close to Li Yue’s chest, and due to the fact that she was feeling too comfortable, she started pushing Li Yue’s chest. 

    Li Yue stretched out his hand and slapped her ass,”Little sl*t, you’re seducing your imperial father, yet you dare push your Imperial Father, who did what you wanted? Do you want your imperial father to f*ck you harder?”

    “Woo-woo…” Li Zhenzhen was being f*cked by a d*ck to her heart’s content. She trembled and moaned, “It hurts, it hurts..Imperial Father, don’t hit.. Whoo-hoo… Uh-huh…”

    “Little slut, why are you fighting? You’re clamping so hard on Father yet you’re fighting?” After Li Yue said this, he slapped her ass again. 

    “Imperial Father…” Li Zhenzhen sobbed on his chest.

    “Do you want to fuck your imperial father? Huh?” 

    Li Zhenzhen cried, “Woo-woo, Zhenzhen hurts… Zhenzhen hurts, Imperial Father…Whoo-hoo.”

    Li Zhenzhen cried so much that Li Yue had to stop. He withdrew his spanking hand and put his arms around Li Zhenzhen’s waist: ”Jiaojiao, how can father beat you? Let Father see if it’s swollen. “

    With that, he sat down with Li Zhenzhen in his arms. 

    Before Li Zhenzhen could come to her senses, Li Yue didn’t even pull out his dick and turned Li Zhenzhen over directly. 

    Li Yue’s huge d*ck rubbed in Li Zhenzhen’s p*ssy, “Ah!!” Li Zhenzhen screamed. She climaxed directly, turned her back to Li Yue, and almost fell forward.

    The water from her p*ssy suddenly fell on Li Yue’s c*ck. 

    Li Yue gasped. He hugged her waist, then touched her little c*nt, and said, “Jiaojiao, do you like being f*cked by your Imperial Father this much? Do you like being f*cked this much? “

    “Imperial Father…” Li Zhenzhen trembled in Li Yue’s palm, making the h*le down there tremble as well, making Li Yue more comfortable. 

    Li Yue’s left hand supported her waist, while his right hand slid down her waist and onto her buttocks. He touched her a*s gently. It was so red, like a pearl, which made Li Yue hum in satisfaction. 

    He looked at Li Zhenzhen again. Li Zhenzhen bent down: “Imperial Father… Imperial Father… Imperial Father…”

    “Tell Zhen, what is your Imperial Father doing?”

    Li Zhenzhen shook her head and refused to say anything.

    Li Yue f*cked Li Zhenzhen again, which made Li Zhenzhen tremble all over. In a trembling voice, Li Zhenzhen said, “Imperial Father is f*cking Zhenzhen.”

    “Is it good for Imperial Father to f*ck Zhenzhen? Huh?”

    Li Yue squeezed her a*s with both hands and teased her. Li Zhenzhen was sobbing: “Good, so good… Ah, Imperial Father… Imperial Father… imperial father f*cked Zhenzhen so good….”

    Li Yue suddenly got up. He knelt on the bed, and pushed Li Zhenzhen forward. Li Zhenzhen knelt on the bed, with her arms weakly holding the bed, her buttocks raised, and Li Yue’s d*ck inside her. 

    Li Yue f*cked her from behind. Li Yue touched Li Zhenzhen’s little n*pples again and again, and bent down to place his marks all over her back.  

    Li Zhenzhen’s legs couldn’t hold on. Her legs were soft and she fell down on the bed. Only her peach-like buttocks were still raised high, and her two soft t*ts were pressed against Li Yue’s hands.

    Li Yue f*cked her harder and harder. Li Zhenzhen put her face on the bed and cried, “No, no… Imperial Father… Zhenzhen is going to die… No…”

    Li Yue’s hand went down and started rubbing her cl*toris. Li Zhenzhen cried: “Imperial Father, don’t, don’t treat Zhenzhen like this… ah… Uh-huh… Ah… Imperial Father… Don’t… “

    Li Yue lowered his head and bit Li Zhenzhen’s buttocks. Li Zhenzhen trembled, and he suddenly pulled out his d*ck.

    “Huh… huh?” Li Zhenzhen was at a loss and couldn’t come to her senses. 

    Li Yue stared at her closely but said, “Since Zhenzhen doesn’t want it, Imperial Father will go to court.”

    “…” Li Zhenzhen stared at him blankly but still didn’t move. 

    Li Yue sat up. He started opening the bed curtain to leave. 

    Li Zhenzhen cried and looked back at him. She looked so pitiful. 

    Li Yue breathed slightly. In the soft light, his little princess was lying on the bed with her buttocks raised high, her body full of his marks, and her c*nt filled with his liquid. He couldn’t wait to thr*st inside her again. 

    But he suppressed his feelings and looked at Li Zhenzhen calmly. 

    “Imperial Father…” Li Zhenzhen cried aggrievedly and subconsciously shook her a*s. 

    “What’s the matter?” Li Yue’s voice was cold.

    “Zhenzhen… Zhenzhen is uncomfortable…”

    “Doesn’t Zhenzhen not want her Imperial Father?”

    Li Zhenzhen cried, “No, no…”

    “Imperial Father will go.”

    Li Zhenzhen sat up in fear and crawled to Li Yue in tears: “Imperial Father, don’t go… Don’t go…”


    “Wow-woo…Imperial Father, Imperial Father…” Li Zhenzhen clung to Li Yue. She was afraid that he would abandon her like in Guanju Palace that day. 

    Li Yue leaned against the headboard of the bed and looked at Li Zhenzhen. 

    Li Zhenzhen raised her hands to wipe her tears. Li Yue couldn’t stand it anymore. Why did he even bother to bully his baby like this?

    Li Zhenzhen suddenly lowered her head and held his d*ck in her mouth. Li Yue looked at her with shock. 

    Li Zhenzhen buried her head under his cr*tch, and stretched out her tongue to lick the top of the meat st*ck, even licking it sideways and up and down.

    If her Imperial Father is comfortable, he won’t drive her away, will he? 

    Li Zhenzhen l*cked and s*cked his meatst*ck. She looked up at Li Yue with the meatst*ck still in her mouth, and asked timidly, “Is Imperial Father comfortable…”

    Li Yue didn’t say anything, so Li Zhenzhen continued to l*ck the meatst*ck in her mouth. Li Yue was so happy that he had to suppress a grin. 

    Because she kept l*cking Li Yue’s meatst*ck, her mouth felt sore. 

    She removed the meatst*ck from her mouth, and looked at Li Yue: “Father, Zhenzhen is so uncomfortable… so uncomfortable…”

    “What did Imperial Father tell you?” 

    “Imperial Father can make Zhenzhen feel better by f*cking her… Uh-huh… Imperial Father… woo-hoo…”

    “But Zhenzhen doesn’t like her imperial father f*cking her.” 

    Li Zhenzhen shook her head: “Zhenzhen likes it, Zhenzhen likes it…”

    “Do it yourself then.” 

    Li Zhenzhen was stunned, making her look at Li Yue in confusion 

    Li Yue guided her: “Sit on Imperial Father.” 

    Li Zhenzhen blinked. The dragon bed is very large, so even though Li Zhenzhen was standing on the bed, her head was still very far from the headboard. 

    Li Yue narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at his jiaojiao admiringly. He was very curious about what his jiaojiao would do. 

    Li Zhenzhen stopped for a while, then raised her feet and crawled towards Li Yue. When she walked towards Li Yue, her legs were open and her feet were forked on both sides of Li Yue’s body. She looked at the tall d*ck. She blushed uncontrollably as she sat down slowly.

    The mouth of her vag*na reached the tip of her Imperial Father’s d*ck, “Ah… um…” Li Zhenzhen couldn’t sit down. She started shaking back and forth. The top of the meat st*ck rubbed her p*ssy, but Li Zhenzhen couldn’t bear to insert it inside. 

    But it was so comfortable that she couldn’t help but shake herself faster. But it was far from enough. She wanted to be more comfortable. “Uh-huh… It’s so comfortable, Imperial Father… Imperial Father’s d*ck is grinding Zhenzhen’s c*nt… Zhenzhen’s hole… Imperial Father, Imperial Father… Ah… Zhenzhen wants her Father to f*ck her… Whoo-hoo…”

    “Put your hands on it.” Li Yue coaxed. 

    In a daze, Li Zhenzhen stretched out her hand to touch Li Yue’s d*ck, but doing this made her subconsciously sit down and insert the huge meatst*ck into her c*nt. 

    Li Yue’s d*ck was hot and hard. As soon as it entered, Li Zhenzhen was so happy that she became soft. 

    Li Zhenzhen trembled and went straight to her climax. 

    She cried in her imperial father’s arms: “Zhenzhen is dying… Zhenzhen is dying… Imperial Father…Father…Ah ah…Imperial Father…

    Li Yue finally hugged her and used his strength to f*ck her up and down. Li Zhenzhen’s body had completely collapsed at this point. She moaned loudly, “Imperial Father f*cks Zhenzhen… Zhenzhen is so comfortable… Zhenzhen is so comfortable because of her Imperial Father… Imperial Father, Husband… Husband… F*ck Zhenzhen…”

    Hearing the word “husband”, Li Yue thrusted faster. 

    He looked at Li Zhenzhen’s face. Li Zhenzhen’s little tongue stretched out of her mouth as she closed her eyes and moaned crazily: “Imperial Father is so hard, Imperial Father… Zhenzhen likes to be f*cked by her husband…”

    “Is Zhenzhen coquettish? Is Zhenzhen being coquettish? “


    “For whom should Zhenzhen be coquettish?”

    “Li Zhenzhen is coquettish for her Imperial Father… Zhenzhen is coquettish for her husband… Ah! Imperial Father, f*ck Zhenzhen quickly… Imperial Father, Imperial Father… Imperial Father, ah, be more cruel, f*ck Zhenzhen…”

    Li Yue slapped her buttocks again. As well as the “slap” sound, there was also the sound of Li Yue’s dick hitting Li Zhenzhen’s p*ssy, but these sounds could not be compared to Li Zhenzhen’s moans. 

    Li Zhenzhen tightly clinged onto Li Yue’s neck, and moaned: “Ah, uh… Ah… Zhenzhen is so cool… Imperial Father is getting hotter and hotter… Imperial Father is so hard… Imperial Father… Imperial Father… Imperial Father…

    Li Yue hugged Li Zhenzhen in his arms and didn’t move. He continued to f*ck hard. He asked her, “Where do you want Imperial Father to shoot? Huh?” 

    Li Zhenzhen didn’t say a word, and continued to moan with her mouth open. 

    Li Yue spanked her hard: “Sl*t, tell your husband where to cum!”

    “Imperial Father shoot Zhenzhen, shoot in  Zhenzhen’s stomach…Imperial Father….uh…Imperial Father…Imperial Father…Imperial Father…”

    “Jiaojiao, Imperial Father will make your stomach full!” 

    Li Zhenzhen continued to moan: “Ah…Imperial Father…Imperial Father…Imperial Father…

    Li Yue shot all his dragon essence into Li Zhenzhen’s vag*na. 

    Li Zhenzhen immediately fell soft. Li Yue pulled out the meat st*ck and placed it in front of Li Zhenzhen’s mouth. 

    Li Zhenzhen opened her mouth and l*cked the meatst*ck. 

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