Little Princess

Chapter 5.1: Jiaojiao, Blooming in Front of The Mirror (H)

Translated by Jungmee, Edited and Proofread by Jojo

In the sleeping hall, the sounds of alluring and fornicating moans could be heard.

Only a man and a woman stood in front of the Emperor’s dragon bed.

The man was the Chief Eunuch, Gao Sheng, and the woman was Princess Zhaoyang’s court lady, Liu Xu. 

Gao Sheng’s head was bowed slightly with his complexion flushed, while Liu Xu was dying of embarrassment. 


After a long while, the bed curtain opened, and the emperor’s voice was heard: “Gao Sheng.” 

“This slave is here.” Gao Sheng immediately went forward and knelt down, while Liu Xu knelt down at her spot. Li Yue looked at Liu Xu, and he immediately knew that she was the court lady he chose for Jiaojiao back then.

Li Yue whispered: “Zhen will go to court. Let Zhenzhen sleep while Zhen is gone.”

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But it was too late. Li Yue pulled out his meatst*ck and kissed Li Zhenzhen’s forehead: “Go to sleep, darling.”


“I want imperial father to coax me to sleep.”

“Okay, Imperial Father will coax Jiaojiao.” Li Yue held her in his arms. After she was coaxed heavily, Li Zhenzhen, who was tired, finally fell asleep.

Li Yue carefully put her down, walked off the dragon bed, and opened his arms to let Gao Sheng dress him.

Liu Xu trembled and continued kneeling on the side. Li Yue’s eyes were clear again. Without looking at her, he looked forward and said indifferently, “Cut Zhenzhen’s bangs.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Li Yue didn’t say anything after that. These people already knew what to do. 

“You stay here. After Zhenzhen wakes up, give her a bath and massage her legs. Then give her a cup of ginger tea to drink. “


Li Yue lifted his foot and walked away with a bunch of guards and eunuchs to go to court. 

Liu Xu sat slumped on the ground, frightened. 

She looked at the tightly closed bright yellow curtain and sighed secretly.

When Li Zhenzhen woke up, her body ached.


She opened her eyes and looked at the bright yellow curtain above her head. She didn’t know what it was like, let alone what it meant.

She missed her Imperial Father the moment she woke up, and after her emotions slowed down, she thought of her Consort Mother. She bit her lip. What would her Imperial Father do to her Consort Mother? 

What would happen to her in the future? 

She was raised too naively by Li Yue, and naturally, she didn’t know that the events of last night had completely changed her life.

Even with what happened, she was still worried about what her Imperial Father would do to her and her Consort Mother.

She didn’t want to leave her Imperial Father. After she thought about it, she cried again. 

Liu Xu heard the sobbing noise and whispered, “Princess?”

Li Zhenzhen was taken aback, and said happily, “Sister Liu Xu?”

Liu Xu stepped forward to open the curtain and smiled at her: “Princess, are you awake?”

Li Zhenzhen’s smile returned. Her smile only made Liu Xu feel even more complicated. The princess was born beautiful, but she became even more beautiful every day.

Her lips were red, and the bright yellow curtains made her skin look whiter and her hair look darker. She really resembled a hibiscus flower. With the Emperor’s careful pampering, how could this princess not be beautiful? 

She stretched out her hand to Li Zhenzhen and said, “His Majesty told this slave to wait for your highness to take a bath.” 


Li Zhenzhen’s eyes became misty. She raised her head and asked her: “When will imperial father come back?”


Li Zhenzhen nodded and smiled. Reaching out to her, Liu Xu held Li Zhenzhen’s hand. When Li Zhenzhen’s legs were lifted, the liquid from her flower hole ran down her thighs.

“… ” Although Li Zhenzhen didn’t understand men’s and women’s affairs, she was instinctively shy and didn’t dare look at Liu Xu. 

But Liu Xu didn’t seem to notice it. She helped Li Zhenzhen take a bath.

Li Zhenzhen lay in the tub and closed her eyes. Liu Xu looked at the red marks all over her body, and the hands washing her body trembled slightly. The princess didn’t understand, but as a maid, she had been in the palace since she was a child and had naturally dealt with things like this. 

Your Majesty, how many times did you make love to the princess? It was only one night.

She was extremely worried. There were so many concubines in the Emperor’s harem, and none of them could be favored forever. The Emperor favored the princess, but before that, it had been love. If his favor died out, what would happen to the princess in the future?

The princess didn’t understand anything. If she were abandoned in the future, what would she do?

She was worried, but Li Zhenzhen didn’t know it. She closed her eyes and felt the things on her body flow out into the water. She thought of the time when her Imperial Father was f*cking her.

She really liked it when her Imperial Father hugged her tightly, f*cked her and called her beloved. Thinking about it made her giggle. 

Liu Xu returned to her senses and asked her with a smile, “Princess, what are you happy about?”


Li Zhenzhen smiled again and said lovingly, “I won’t tell you.”

Li Zhenzhen opened her eyes and asked Liu Xu: “Sister Liu Xu, Consort Mother…”

“His Majesty already asked Gao Gonggong to have a maid wait on the Noble Consort. Don’t worry.” 

Li Zhenzhen was silent for a while, and said sadly, “I don’t know when imperial father will drive me out… I’m not his real daughter… “

Liu Xu sighed in her heart. It was no longer keeping the princess title that was the problem. It was either the princess would dominate the harem, the emperor would ignore the princess after she became old, or the Emperor would die of old age. 

She looked at Li Zhenzhen and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of future she would lead.

She still couldn’t tell the princess anything, meaning she couldn’t tell Li Zhenzhen what her possible future was. The Emperor never allows anyone to speak to the princess about worldly affairs. 

And moreover, Li Zhenzhen wouldn’t understand anyway. 

This princess was so naive.


Li Zhenzhen had knelt for a long time and had been soaked in the tub for a long time because she had gotten wet in the rain. The tub was very big, so she leaned back on the edge of the tub while Liu Xu rolled up her sleeves and massaged her legs.

Liu Xu poured petals inside the bath, then got a pair of scissors to cut Li Zhenzhen’s bangs. 

Li Zhenzhen looked curious, so Liu Xu smiled and explained, “His Majesty wanted the princess to have a new hairstyle. 

“Okay.” Li Zhenzhen smiled and curled her eyes.”

She couldn’t help but ask: “Princess, do you like His Majesty?” She hoped that when the Emperor became tired of the princess in the future, the princess could live a normal life.

Li Zhenzhen opened her eyes. She lay on the edge of the tub, put her chin on her hand, and blinked: “Like.”

“Who do you like?” Li Yue walked into the bathroom. He walked around the screen, and saw his Jiaojiao with bangs on her eyebrows and eyes that were smiling. 

“Imperial Father!” Li Zhenzhen immediately sat up straight with her eyes wide open. Liu Xu bowed down, her legs trembling a little.

“Who do you like?” Li Yue walked near the tub and asked again.

“I like Imperial Father.” Li Zhenzhen looked up at him with a face full of infatuation. This pleased Li Yue greatly. Li Zhenzhen happily reached out and put her arms around Li Yue’s waist and pressed her cheeks against Li Yue’s waist.

Li Yue was still dressed in court clothes. He came here before he had time to change his clothes.

Li Yue held a small box in his hand. Li Zhenzhen asked curiously, “What is it? Does Imperial Father have a gift for Zhenzhen? ” 

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