Brothel Open For Business (H)

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 窑子开张了(H)
Release Schedule: Sat
Author: 吃肉肉长高高
Total Chapters: 223 chapters (Ongoing)
Genres: Adult Non-CP Smut Yaoi
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This is made up of many one-shots.

Short and high in H meat (AKA lots of smut).

Inters*x included.

✥Blurb was translated by ImmoralShan from Foxaholic.✥

Translator’s Note

Everyone, buckle your seatbelts and forget your morals because these one-shots are one kind of a hard, hot, and breath-taking ride!

Kris Xian [Translator]

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  1. Wunwun

    The translation is awesome and the arcs are v exciting. My fav is peeping but all are very good ajjdjs Give this story a chance!

  2. PHOENIX_8

    love your translations. could you please post more of the monogam**s arc after this. thanks for your hard work.

    1. Kris Xian
      Kris Xian [Translator]

      After Arc 13, Arcs 15 (Father-Son) and 16 (Military, Senior Officer-Subordinate) are monogam**s arcs.