Little Princess

Chapter 3.1: My Woman (HH)

Translated by Jungmee, Edited by Jojo, Proofread by Eli

As the chief eunuch, Gao Sheng cannot leave the Emperor’s side.

So, when the Emperor and Princess Zhaoyang started to become intimate, Gao Sheng quickly told the servants to leave the room. He was an inexpressive eunuch, but his complexion couldn’t help but become red when he heard Princess Zhaoyang’s moans.

The room finally became quieter, “Gao Sheng.” Li Yue called him inside, and Gao Sheng took a deep breath before hurrying in. After entering, there was a sweet smell in the room, but he did not dare to look up, and only knelt down: “Your Majesty, this sl*ve is here.”

“Prepare a bath.”


“Yes.” Gao Sheng quickly stepped back to prepare, and within a quarter of an hour, he came back again, saying, “Your Majesty, it’s ready.”

Li Yue has his own pool in the back of Wende Hall.

He got up with Li Zhenzhen in his arms. Gao Sheng had already walked out with his head down, and he carefully handed Li Yue a big cloak. Li Yue was in a very good mood and cursed with a smile: “You are clever.”

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Li Yue hugged Li Zhenzhen and went out of the hall.

Gao Sheng carried an umbrella to cover them. In the huge Wende Hall, only the three of them were outside, besides the shadow guards. The shadow guards were dead men and did not speak at all.

Gao Sheng stood at the door and opened it, bowing his head to let Li Yue and Li Zhenzhen in.

It didn’t take long for Princess Zhaoyang’s moans to be heard again, and Gao Sheng took a deep breath.

His Majesty is not a person who dislikes people, but he emphasizes cleanliness. Wende Hall is the sleeping hall of the Emperor. No one has ever been on that dragon bed besides Li Yue. Even if a concubine was called to serve His Majesty, it was His Majesty who went to the concubine’s palace.


Gao Sheng felt that a woman was finally going to climb into the dragon bed.

”Imperial Father, Imperial Father… Don’t, don’t… Uh… Uh…” Li Zhenzhen was sitting on the edge of the pool while Li Yue was sitting in the pool with his arms around her face and his face buried in her bre*sts.

Li Yue sometimes sucked the little t*t on the left and sometimes chewed the little t*t on the right. Li Zhenzhen couldn’t move even if she wanted to. There was a chair behind her supporting her, and her feet were tight from time to time.

Li Yue’s face slid over her tender t*ts, which made Li Zhenzhen moan even more.

The water flowing out of Li Zhenzhen’s body dripped directly into the pool. She was sitting, so it was very convenient for Li Yue’s hand to touch her flower hole. Li Zhenzhen twitched and stretched out her hand to hug her Imperial Father’s head. She wailed and cried: ”Imperial Father… Imperial Father.”

“Do you like this Jiaojiao? Do you like your Imperial Father rubbing you like this?”


“Aha… Imperial Father, don’t say that… uuuu, Zhenzhen is embarrassed…”

“Jiaojiao is Imperial Father’s darling, and Imperial Father loves you so much, huh?”

“Imperial Father, Imperial Father, Imperial Father…”

Li Yue moved, grabbed her small n*pples and squeezed, licking them with his tongue. Li Zhenzhen’s legs moved, and she couldn’t help but say: “Imperial Father, it’s uncomfortable underneath. Sour, um… so sour.”

Li Yue pressed her flower hole and told her, “Jiaojiao, this is your c*nt.”

“No, no… Don’t say that to Zhenzhen… Imperial Father, touch it, Imperial Father… ” Li Zhenzhen twisted her waist impatiently.

Li Yue looked at her and asked: “Then tell me, is this your c*nt?

“Woo, huh… Imperial Father, touch it.”

“Touch what?”

“Touch Zhenzhen’s c*nt…………..”

Li Yue pressed her cl*toris, slowly moving it, “Know where this is?”

“Where, where?” Li Zhenzhen panted. She hugged her Imperial Father’s head tighter and took the initiative to put her n*pples in her Imperial Father’s mouth. It was so comfortable, so comfortable.


“This is Zhenzhen’s sensitive point.”

“Uuuuu… Sensitive Point is so uncomfortable… Imperial Father, Imperial Father…Zhenzhen feels so strange…Imperial Father…”

This time, it was Li Zhenzhen who took the initiative to admit what she felt. Li Yue smiled secretly. He looked up and told her: “It’s uncomfortable because it wants Imperial Father to go in.” As he said this, Li Yue’s finger was inserted.

“Ah…” Zhenzhen twisted her a*s saying, “Move, Imperial Father… Imperial Father…”

Li Yue smiled and looked up at her while he inserted and withdrew his fingers from time to time.

However, Li Zhenzhen still felt it was not enough.

Her feet moved to play with the water. Li Yue grabbed her feet and held her toes in his mouth.

“It’s so dirty…” Li Zhenzhen wanted to take it back.

Li Yue didn’t let go, and even began to lick her round and delicate toes. He muttered, “Jiaojiao’s body is fragrant everywhere.”

The licking made Li Zhenzhen more uncomfortable. She still didn’t understand anything, and she just experienced the extinct pleasure and wanted more.

She opened her eyes and looked at Li Yue in a daze. She begged: “Imperial Father’s finger… please go in…. Zhenzhen is uncomfortable.”

Li Yue smiled, and stood up suddenly. The huge met stck under him was half-hard and was placed directly in front of Li Zhenzhen’s h*le.


Li Zhenzhen’s eyes widened, and she flinched back. She was instinctively scared, but contrary to her feelings, she wanted to see more of this meat stick.

Li Yue grabbed her feet and used her feet to rub his hardening c*ck.

The soles of a woman’s feet are another embarrassing thing to look at, as they are something that only her husband should see.

Li Zhenzhen shyly covered her eyes and didn’t dare to look any more, but Li Yue didn’t stop and continued to rub his c*ck with her delicate toes.

The hot meat stick became harder and harder as Li Zhenzhen’s toes continued to rub.

Li Zhenzhen was hot all over and felt even more water coming out of her h*le. She suppressed the feeling of wanting to moan and bit her lips tightly instead.

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