First (Campus H)

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 《第一(校园文)》
Release Schedule: Sun
Author: 微微一笑很拉风
Total Chapters: 170 Chapters
Genres: Fluff Romance School Life Smut


The First (Campus 1V1 SC) 

First Story: First (1v1)


Xu Qing started out as a dud in junior high school, but finally got into a key high school by relying on the tutoring of her multiple school boyfriends.

When she got to high school, she decided to do what she had done to succeed in junior high.

If she conquered all the top three students in her school year, then she would be number one in the school year.

But she hadn’t even touched the hands of the second and third in the school year, and yet the first in the school year has left her lying on her back.

Male protagonist: Fu Xin

Female protagonist: Xu Qing

The Second Story: Promise (1v1)


After a narrow encounter on the rooftop of the school, Xu Nuo, a high-cold girl, and Pei Yan, a ruffian school grass, start a black-and-white routine.

Male protagonist: Pei Yan

Female protagonist: Xu Nuo

The Third Story: Rather (1v1)


A soft-hearted girl, Xu Wan, and a cold-hearted senior, Qiao Ning, ran into each other three times in one day by chance, and from then on her life will never be peaceful again.

Male protagonist: Qiao Ning

Female protagonist: Xu Wan

The Fourth Story: Charming (1v1)


The bride-to-be leaves with someone else, and the groom-to-be points to the little bridesmaid who is eating the cake: I’ll take her.

The bridesmaid: 〒﹏〒

Male lead: Shu Yuan

Heroine: Xu Ke

Fifth Story: The Gold Master (1v1)


The impoverished girl was raised by her gold master classmate, and she had been submissive for many years. But overnight, the wind and water turned, and the gold master had been expelled from the house. The girl was about to sing happily, but she was rubbed on the bed by the former golden master, who said, “Even if there is no money left, your father is still your father!

Male protagonist: Shang Tian


Female protagonist: Qiu Dai

TLN: All stories are connected.

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