First (Campus H)

Chapter 23. She Really Knelt Down For Him (h)

But that did not stop the man behind her from continuing his perverted journey. The backward position allowed for deeper penetration, and Fu Xin took advantage of the situation, leaving no stone unturned as he poked and prodded her soft and tender core every time.

His firm waist and abdomen slammed against her plump buttocks each time, making her clench her p*ssy and squirt out more love juices. Xu Qing felt that she was about to become dehydrated. A huge amount of sweat seeped out of her fair skin, and her eyes were flooded with psychological tears. Her beautiful face trembled as he moved in and out, and her tears flowed like an ocean, one after the other.

Fu Xin looked at Xu Qing crouching under him as if she were a little pink beast, sobbing and moaning softly. He leaned down and turned her face around and kissed her moaning mouth. He probed it and hooked it around his slippery tongue. Then, he gently teased it, with wisps of silver dripping down from their lips before they could swallow.

Xu Qing’s entire body was already in a daze. She was being kissed by Fu Xin and she was unable to catch her breath. She whimpered and protested. Fu Xin kissed her and had to let go of her chin, just as she hung her little head down and gasped for breath. He lifted her hair behind her again, kissing and nibbling on the back of her delicate neck.

This sent shivers of pleasure through Xu Qing’s legs, and she almost collapsed onto the bed, but Fu Xin took the opportunity to grab her bre*sts with both hands and lift her up violently.


Xu Qing was half-kneeling on the bed, being thrust by Fu Xin from behind. Her bre*sts were being rubbed into various shapes, and his mouth was not idle, kissing Xu Qing’s small earlobes, her delicate neck, and smooth shoulders.

Xu Qing found this position quite lewd. She looked down slightly and saw the white flesh of her bre*sts spilling out from his fingers. The pink tips of her n*pples were red and perky, and they were being pinched and lifted by him from time to time. Not to mention the moist and tingling sensation of his hot lips on her body.

“You know what, baby? Your tender little p*ssy is so hot and tight. It sucks me in like a big flood,” Fu Xin said with narrowed eyes, biting Xu Qing’s ear and talking dirty.

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What kind of robber logic is this? Xu Qing immediately couldn’t even cry anymore. She knelt down. She truly knelt down for him!


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