The Deepest Color of the Night

Translation Status: Ongoing

Raw Title & Source: 夜色深处
Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: Huai Shang
Total Chapters: 71
Genres: Adult Drama Smut Yaoi


I spent all these years just to stand in front of you again.

I just want to say that I deeply miss you. 

Do you?

After being in exile for four years, Gu Yuan finally came back to continue his love with Fang Jin, who had been his father’s secret lover.
“Those properties my father could give to whoever he wanted to, but you should be inherited by me”


This novel contains NSFW1In particular, smut, non-con, murder, angst, grooming etc. content.

Translator’s Note

It’s a very dog-blood2melodramatic story.

We are trying to update one chapter every two weeks. If any delay occurred, please pardon us.

Translation Team

Translator: Mountain_Moon
Editor: Bluburrycat
Proofreader: Kris Xian

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  1. Elirrra

    Hello, I’m looking forward to your translations. Please take your time, this might be a wonderful work!

    1. mountain_moon
      mountain_moon [Translator]

      Hi Elirrra, thank you for liking my translation work. But unfortunately, I have to put this work aside first. I am currently working on another work that is shorter and only contains 20 chapters. My team and I will come back to translate the Deepest Color of the Night later.