The Deepest Color of the Night

Chapter 1: The hardships added an indescribable and morbid seduction to his face.

WARNING: This chapter includes non-consensual s*x— in other words, r*pe.

G City, the Gu family’s mansion. 

Under the gloomy sky, clouds drooped. The mansion doors engraved with a wrought iron pattern opened slowly, and a fleet of black Sedans stopped in front of the mansion.  

The door of the head car opened and Gu Yuan, dressed in all black, leaned out. The outline of his face under his sunglasses was clean-cut. The tip of an exquisite, white handkerchief peeked out from his suit pocket. 

Behind him, his subordinates all got out of their cars. 


“It has been four years…” Gu Yuan looked at the grey building under the sky, lamenting in a calm tone. 

White funeral banners had been hung on the building. The receptionists at the front entrance looked at him in shock. The foremost one, out of fear, even stepped back unintentionally. 

Gu Yuan narrowed his brooding eyes and smiled as he got out of the car. 

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“The younger son has been dealt with, and no one knows where the older son is.” Another guest lowered his voice, murmuring, “By the way, this Fang has been in power for many years and he is also Mr. Gu’s surviving spouse. The whole family’s surname may change to Fang in the future.”


At that moment, a butler hurriedly walked across the wake and went up to the young man’s back. He lowered himself to the young man’s ear, saying urgently, “Mr. Fang, something bad has happened. Elder Young Master Gu is back!”

Fang Jin became slightly stunned. 

“The front-entrance receptionist said he brought a lot of people that looked very unfriendly. They can’t stop him…!”

“It’s okay.” Fang Jin lowered his eyelashes and replied calmly, “He is Mr. Gu’s son and it’s normal for him to mourn his father.”

The butler could not hide the worry on his face and wanted to say something else when the wake’s door suddenly opened with a bang! The sound was incredibly loud in the quiet wake. 

There were more than ten people standing at the front door, all of them wearing black suits with white flowers. The person in the middle stepped forward, with one hand in pocket, and another hand slowly taking off the sunglasses. He exposed a face that resembled death, a handsome but icy cold face. 

Just like cold water being poured into a hot oil pot, whispers erupted from all directions. “Elder Young Master Gu?” 

“Is that Gu Yuan?” 

“My God! That really is Old Master Gu’s older son Gu Yuan—-!”

“What is he doing here?” Some people immediately became excited. “Is this legitimate heir coming back to fight for the inheritance? Where’s the younger son?”

“It would be okay if it was the younger son who came to fight for the ownership, but Gu Yuan is rebellious. He had already been exiled by his father because he tried to seize power…”

Gu Yuan ignored the whispers around him. Under the guests’ watchful eyes, he strode across the wake, walked up to the memorial tablet, and picked up an incense stick. 


The whispers around him gradually died down until it was so quiet that even the sound of a needle dropping onto the ground could be heard.

Since long ago, Gu Yuan seemed to have this indescribable and extremely oppressive aura that was just like his father Gu Zongming’s. As soon as the butler glanced at him, the butler couldn’t help but tremble and fall back a few steps.

However, Gu Yuan just stood there. He did not bow and only narrowed his eyes to look at the portrait of his father.

After falling silent for a moment, Fang Jing finally spoke again, “Elder Young Master Gu is back. What do you want?”

Gu Yuan looked at him. 

Fang Jin was kneeling in front of Gu Yuan, facing the portrait and not looking back at all. From his angle, Gu Yuan could only see a pair of snow-white earlobes, the back of a neck, and shoulders that were slender and upright. 

Fang Jin held three incense sticks and kneeled in a straight position. Gu Yuan had heard that Fang Jin had already served three days straight, but he could not find any fatigue or dispiritedness from him besides the hoarseness of his voice. 

“Let me…”

Gu Yuan smiled. He lowered down to take the three incense sticks from Fang Jin’s hands and put them in the burner. 

“I am here to see you.” With a smile, he leaned down and whispered in Fang Jin’s ear, “I miss you, do you miss me?”

Fang Jin closed his eyes. There was no emotion on his face. 

“If you are here just to speak nonsense, you can leave now.”


Gu Yuan asked, “Which part did you hear that was not serious?”

His voice was not loud but all of the guests were far away. They only knew that they were speaking but could not hear clearly what they were saying. Only the butler who stood at their side knew what was happening, and his back was soaked with cold sweat. 

Fang Jin opened his eyes, calling, “Butler.”

The butler answered the call and stepped forwards to hear Fang Jin say, “Escort this guest out.”

The butler forced himself to calm down. He turned to Gu Yuan and saw the young master raise an eyebrow and emit an irresistible force from his eyes. At the same time, his subordinates surrounded the wake and blocked all the guests using their wall-like bodies.

Gu Yuan turned his head and gave a glance. One of his subordinates dragged off the butler, who didn’t dare to say anything. 

The atmosphere of the wake resembled an explosive point that would be triggered at any next moment. Gu Yuan spoke in a sluggish voice, “I know what you want to hear.

“My father has died and the last person by his bedside was you. All the confidential files, stock shares, and equity property are in your hands. There is even a rumor that you will succeed him…you want to hear me say that I am back for this.”

“You may already have devised an elaborate plan, a step-by-step strategy to obtain the maximum profit in this business. My father might have even taught you a few things so you can influence the business for the next decades through his power…”

Fang Jin abruptly shouted, “Stop!”

Gu Yuan stopped and smiled. 

Fang Jin tried to calm down for a second, his chest moving up and down subtly. After a while, he pushed himself up using a corner of the funeral table terrace. 


Since he had been kneeling for a long time, he staggered as he stood up. Gu Yuan looked at his paper-white face and suddenly felt that there had been a decline in him. 

This was ridiculous.

Fang Jin was a year younger than him and he looked young. Based on his current appearance, people would guess that he was only 20 years old. 

“I am very grateful to all the valuable guests who have come to express their condolences for Mr. Gu . This surname Fang represents Gu’s to express appreciation.”

Fang Jin bowed slightly to the guests. All of the guests, with various facial expressions, nodded their heads or bowed back. 

“Mr. Gu was a humble and honest person. He made friends with people of all different backgrounds. By looking at all these guests, he must be very gratified but the Gu family has many things that need to be finished, so I won’t ask you fellow guests to stay any longer.”

Fang Jin gestured towards the exit politely and said, “After all the things are finished, this one surnamed Fang will pay a visit to express my gratitude. Thank you!”

These sensible people had already known that the Gu family was dealing with internal issues, so they left without saying anything. Within just a couple seconds, people had disappeared at the front door. 

The whole wake contained only the butler and a few servants huddling near the front door. In contrast to these workers, Gu Yuan’s subordinates were more well-trained. It seemed as if an eye-to-eye confrontation would start in the very next moment. 

Fang Jin stood in front of Gu Yuan. While looking at the wall made by the men in black, he spoke coldly, “Are you forcing me to step down?” 

No one spoke. No one moved. The silence in the air was like a crossed bow, strained and ready to fire at the next moment. 

 After a while, Gu Yuan turned his head and spoke lightly, “Mr. Fang doesn’t want you to stay here, go away.”

His subordinates nodded and left the grand, spacious hall. They also took the scared butler and servants out. The heavy peach wood door shut with a deep sound, then the sound of a“clink” echoed through the empty wake for a moment.

Only the two of them remained in this spacious hall. The corner of Gu Yuan’s mouth curved up. He picked up more incense sticks and finally bowed to the funeral tablet. Without raising his head, he said, “You look thin.”

Fang Jin said: “It’s expected during mourning.”

“Tch. They said you are pretending to be dutiful and obedient because you had successfully taken the property and funds of the Gu family. But as I see it, you just love my father very deeply. If his spirit sees you like this, he would ask why not treat you well back then.”

Gu Yuan put the incense sticks into the burner and heard the other party say coldly, “No, Mr. Gu treated me the best.”

“……” Gu Yuan turned and looked at Fang Jin who had left his head and was now looking at the portrait. 

A beam of light filtered through the window of the hall and shone on its the white banners and black floor, outlining Fang Jin’s clear and slender profile. He stood so upright that it seemed his body could snap in the very next moment. His body, wrapped in pitch-dark mourning apparel, with the snowy white face, he looked like a black-and-white portrait photo. 

The feeling of being stung by a poison needle, numbing yet painful, was rising from the depths of Gu Yuan’s heart. 

“That must be true,” he said in a faint voice. “Otherwise, how could you run away with my father when I was lying between the realms of life and death?”

Fang Jin’s long eyelashes trembled but he closed his eyes immediately. 

Gu Yang did not say anything. With an advantage in height, he looked down and scrutinised Fang Jin’s face. After a long and suffocating silence, Fang Jin took a deep breath and asked, “Do you still want Mr. Gu’s remaining property?”


“Everyone is saying that the Gu’s will change their surname to Fang. I believe the reason that you came back from so far away was not to mourn the death of your father—or perhaps to make me angry enough to die so that you take over the properties without any fighting. Or, maybe you just want to pay respect to the dead and then turn back to fight with your brother until I die?” Fang Jin looked at Gu Yuan up close. “Don’t tell me you came here to say you miss me. Mr. Gu has already died. I would rather believe you came here to kill me.” 

This passage Fang Jin delivered was very sharp, but Gu Yuan’s facial expression was unchanged. “Yes.”


“I came here to say that.” 


Fang Jin frowned. 

“Four years have passed, Fang Jin.” Gu Yuan sighed. “Do you think I was only waiting for my father’s death in these four years and did nothing else? Do you think I still need to ask the family to give me little things?” 

“I once said that I will let the Gu’s kneel down and ask me to inherit these things which should have been my possessions in the first place. Now they should kneel down but I no longer have these things in mind. The only thing I have in mind is you…”

Gu Yuan looked into Fang Jin’s eyes and walked forward in a half-step. 

Fang Jin didn’t know why but Gu Yuan’s gaze seemed to arouse a rapt and indiscernible chill from deep in his heart. 

“Those properties my father could give to whoever he wanted to,” Gu Yuan spoke slowly, “but you should be inherited by me.” 

Fang Jin suddenly realised something and shouted out, “Servant!”

However, the wake remained quiet and motionless. Fang Jin turned and walked swiftly toward the door. In the next second, a strong wind blew on him, caught him, and pulled him back. 

“Gu Yuan! Stop! Uh——” Fang Jin’s mouth was covered by Gu Yuan’s hand. He was then knocked out on the ground, with his head hitting the floor hard. The sound of a strike burst from the cold marble floor. 

At that moment, Fang Jin blanked out. After returning to consciousness, he found that he was lying on the floor and Gu Yuan was in front of him. With one knee between his legs, Gu Yuan was like a wild beast above its prey.   

“You are waiting for me, right? You have been waiting for me since the day of Gu Zongming’s death?”

Fang Jin was suffocated by Gu Yuan’s rock-solid hands. With the ringing in his ears, he couldn’t hear what Gu Yuan had said. 

He used all his strength to grab Gu Yuan’s wrist but it was useless. The blue lights appeared in his retinas due to the lack of the air. 

“This mansion has no defence at all. You had dismissed everyone. Besides waiting for me, there is only one explanation left.” Gu Yuan moved near Fang Jin’s ear and teased him with a malicious tone, “——you want to commit suicide in your love for my father.”

Fang Jin was violently trying to breathe in. Blue-green veins exposed on his hands. 

With a screeching sound, Gu Yuan tore off a corner of Fang Jin’s mourning clothes then finally released his hand on Fang Jin’s nose and mouth. The great amount of air pouring in his lungs made Fang Jin cough rapidly. In the next moment, a crumpled piece of clothing was forcefully stuffed in his mouth and his whole body began trembling as he choked. Gu Yuan pushed him back down. 


“Let me ask you again.” Gu Yuan slowly took off his exquisite suit jacket and threw it on the ground. “All these years, I have been missing you so much, did you miss me?”

Fang Jin could not make any sound. Because of his lack of air and his struggle, his face turned red and tears gathered at the corner of his eyes. 

He looked more real in this moment. His snow-white face used to look like a snowman that would melt at any time. 

Gu Yuan stripped Fang Jin of his mourning clothes in a slow manner. His naked body was an appealing transparent tone compared to the coal-black marble floor. Gu Yuan took a deep breath, feeling the fire from the bottom of his heart come out bit by bit, just as if countless boiling-hot snacks were wrapping themselves around his heart and injecting their venom into his marrow. He trembled from the depths of his soul. 

This scene was just like a flower losing its most powerful protection, then forcefully and cruelly being taken. After having stripped all the petals, the most tender and delicate heart was revealed. 

Bestial plundering and excitement was just like an aphrodisic for Gu Yuan, igniting his most stimulated nerves. 

“Welcome me, Fang Jin.”

Fang Jin’s wrists were tied together with a shirt above his head. Under the fierce predator, he was like a helpless lamb to be slaughtered under the chops of a butcher’s knife. Then his legs were separated completely and he tried to resist to no avail. Gu Yuan easily inserted a finger into his behind. 

With a feeling of sand rubbing into his tender insides, Fang Jin suddenly bent at the waist, but he was pushed back by Gu Yuan and a second finger was irresistibly inserted. 

Gu Yuan had practised shooting so his fingers had rough calluses. Fang Jin felt pain erupt when he was rubbed with those fingers. He could not hold his breath. He tried to break free but his wrists only wiggled as the shirt tying up his hands kneaded into his flesh. He hit the floor with his head, creating loud sounds. 

Gu Yuan used one hand to grab his head and forced him to look up, revealing the beautiful curve of his neck. 

“Because of the anger, or because of wanting to die?” Gu Yuan stared at him condescendingly. 

“……” Fang Jin stared at Gu Yuan closely. 

His eyes were bright, just like ripples in a lake, and contained a mix of humiliating, embarrassing, and deductive. 

Gu Yuan appreciated these eyes for a moment, then, with a soft smile, he lowered his head to give the other a warm kiss. 

The feeling of the kiss lingered on Fang Jin’s lips, but Gu Yuan’s next words were cold and mischievous:“—— Under my father’s body, did you look like this too?”

Fang Jin suddenly turned his head. At the same time, Gu Yuan removed his fingers and pushed his dick in. 


For a split second, Fang Jin blacked out. It felt as if all his organs were being pulled out of his body. The pain of this intensive invasion gradually dissipated after half a minute. During that time, he felt Gu Yuan pushing deep in. His tight navel opened brutally bit by bit, and he could feel the veins and pulses of the dick, as if it would tear him in the next minute. 


Don’t treat me like this……!

Fang Jin’s temples, neck, and back were completely soaked with sweat. His face was twisted due to the pain but he still looked good. The embarrassment and suffering added an indescribable and morbid seduction to his face. Gu Yuan stared infatuatedly. He abruptly pulled out the clothing from Fang Jin’s mouth while he continued to penetrate him with force. 

“Ah!—— ——”

“Cry louder.” Gu Yuan squeezed Fang Jin’s chin and said, “Let all the people outside hear you.”

Fang Jin tried to breathe in to stop his shouts and bit his lips while trembling. However, after Gu Yuan started moving again, Fang Jin couldn’t hold in his moans. His teeth pushed deep into his lips, but he felt nothing except numbness.  

This was Gu Yuan, he thought semi-consciously. 

The hot air and temperature, the cold and forceful strength—-all of this was Gu Yuan. 

But Gu Yuan was thinking that this was so f*cking delightful. It was not because of the extreme physical stimulation from the suffocation and burn, but it was more psychological. The sensation of this distorted pleasure satisfied his darkest and deepest desires 

Fang Jin had been completely stripped of his clothes but Gu Yuan had only taken off a suit jacket. With only his pants-zipper pulled down, his shirt and pants were still on him. During each penetration, he saw Fang Jin violently tremble under his manipulation and a pleasure of revenge rose in his brain.  

He knew that this was a ravage. 

A man had used his physical power to ravage another helpless person, and had been bearded by the weight of the other’s strong emotions. 

Fang Jin gasped and bit his lips unconsciously. Gu Yuan glanced at the blood streaming from Fang Jin’s lips. He stopped and pulled at Fang Jin’s chin. His lips were bitten and tattered, with blood gushing out of it. 

Gu Yuan’s first reaction was to hit him with his hand, but he put his finger into Fang Jin’s mouth to check the wound.

There was no visible wound on the tongue or in the mouth. 

Gu Yuan relaxed. 

“What? Do you want to commit suicide by biting off your tongue? Or do you want to die in front of Gu Zongming by hitting your head to show your loyalty?”

Fang Jin could only feel that the fierce invasion had stopped. He curled up his body due to the pain but Gu Yuan’s fierce weapon was still inside his body. Gu Yuan caught him as soon as he moved, and forced him to separate his legs further. 

“……” He murmured unconsciously. 

“Who are you calling? Are you asking for help?” Gu Yuan asked in a low voice, with recklessness in his eyes. “But the only person who can save you has already died.”


Fang Jin, who was unconscious, murmured again. Gu Yuan looked at his mouth and frowned. After a while, Gu Yuan slowly put his ear near that mouth. 

“Gu Yuan……”

This time, he heard the pegging voice that was calling him clearly. 

“I am…hurt…Gu Yuan.”

A faraway and secret place in his heart tingled. Suddenly, Gu Yuan didn’t move or show any facial expressions and just stood there. 

In the beams of sunshine, dust floated in the air, falling little by little on the coal-black floor of the wake. 

Gu Yuan.

Gu Yuan……

The sounds echoed in circles in the empty wake. The voice was happy, shy, petty, sad, and was desiring…Back in the faded, old days, in the obsolete lights and shadows, the old Fang Jin with expectations and cautiousness appeared . 

———— He always stood a half-step behind Gu Yuan, like a silent and gentle shadow. 

Gu Yuan used to think he would always stand here, until one day someone ripped all these illusions from him and revealed the ugly truth.  

Fang Jin left his life since then, disappearing to an untouchable place. He didn’t even have the time to ask Fang Jin to stay.

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