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Translation Status: Dropped

Raw Title & Source: 溺酒
Release Schedule: Tue
Author: 奶口卡
Total Chapters: 85 chapters + 6 extras (Completed)
Genres: Adult Angst Drama Modern Omegaverse Smut Transmigration Yaoi


Shen Tingwei, an omega who couldn’t drink, had cranberry wine pheromones ever since he differentiated.

But this time, the smell of wine seemed particularly strong.

So, he was truly drunk.

After waking up, everything seemed unfamiliar and ‘abnormal’.

He endured the omega’s first special condition, dragged himself into the pharmacy with difficulty, and said with a pale face, “Please give me an omega inhibitor spray.”

The other person looked blankly for a long time: “What?”

He was unable to buy inhibitors, in desperation, he had to find a place to stay first.

Shen Tingwei: “Hello, open a room.”

Hotel front desk: “Show me your ID card.”

Shen Tingwei failed to hand over his ID card, but the other party looked at him with complicated eyes. The person quickly stuffed the ID card back into his hands, and said in a bad tone, “It has been strictly checked recently, and you can’t stay without an ID card. You can go to another place to check it out.”

Shen Tingwei hadn’t left the place yet when he heard the person behind him whisper: “Gender, omega! I’m even being scammed, even those who commit forgery nowadays deceive others too much ba…”

A beautiful omega once transmigrated into normal society, and because of the pheromone he released, he got drunk and fell on the streets.

Translator’s Notes: I do not permit re-translations, thank you.

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      The completed tag you must have seen should refer to the status of original in raws. Basically, it means the novel is completed, not the translation.