The Deepest Color of the Night

Chapter 2: A beauty has a significant aura

Four years ago, in Macau.

Gu Yuan looked at his cards and pushed out all ten gaming chips on the red-velvet table.

His subordinate pondered for a while and then gave up. The next person, who crossed his legs, was his brother Gu Yang. He thrust his chin forward and smiled, “Follow!” and then threw out some chips. 

The VIP room was dimly lit and furnished in a magnificent style. Sexy waitresses wearing short skirts and high heels stood in front of the door. Several handsome waiters wearing tight jeans and ties stood obediently behind the table with trays of wine in their hands. 

The person sitting next to Gu Yang was the boss of an entertainment company. He looked at his cards and sighed, “I give up. The Second Young Master is bold.”


Gu Yang narrowed his peach-blossom eyes* and smiled. Gu Yuan indifferently said, “He’s out of chips and giving me money today.”

Peach-blossom eyes:

“How could you say that, older brother? It’s as if I know what your cards are.” Gu Yang’s voice immediately trailed off and retorted, “You had defeated me twice before. Older brother is lucky today. It’s just that I am not as good as you.”  

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This time, Gu Yuan was invited by Gu Yang on a trip to Macau. It appeared that he had invited Gu Yuan to come to his newly acquired hotel in order to relax, but in fact, was just using this trip as an excuse for giving Gu Yuan money. Both of them knew it. 


Three public cards had been passed: the 2 of clubs, the 4 of hearts, and the ace of diamonds. Gu Yuan felt bored playing with his brother, so he pushed all the chips out except for the five pieces in his hand. 

At present, only the two brothers among the other players hadn’t discarded their cards on the table. Gu Yuan looked at his cards and said, “You’re forcing me to go all in.”

“Even if you put all the chips in, these weren’t enough.”

He was right. Gu Yang was only left with ten chips. Even if he put all the chips in, it wouldn’t be enough. 

He thought for a while and said, “That’s right. With this little money, how can I play with my older brother? If other people knew about it, I would also lose my face. How about I add some fun to this gamble?”

He turned to the boss of the entertainment company and asked: “Mr. He, what’s the name of the person you wanted to give me? Did you bring him today?”

Mr. He took the hint. “Yes, yes, yes— ah, ask someone to call Little* Yao here!”

*It’s an endearing address.

Gu Yuan narrowed his brooding eyes and leaned on the seat, enjoying the big play these people presented. 

All of this had been arranged, he just didn’t know how long they had practiced for. 

An agent behind Mr. He stood up and walked to the side door. After a while, a slim young man followed him and walked into the room. Gu Yang chuckled, “Older brother, this kid was trained by Mr. He’s company with great efforts. They said they want to give him to me — I think he’s not bad, so I want him to entertain you. What do you think?”

Although his acting was of poor quality, the young man’s appearance was not bad. It could be told that Gu Yang had spent some effort to please Gu Yuan. The boy named Little Yao was only around 17 or 18 years old. He had a beautiful face and fair skin. It was hard for people to discern his gender at first glance. His body was at its peak, mixing a youth’s outline and a boy’s gentleness. He was attractive in the eyes of people who prefer this type. 


Mr. He’s company was good in handling the route of cultivating beautiful young idols. Several idol groups they had created before became popular. They must have spent lots of money on this boy too.

Gu Yuan took out a cigarette and smiled, “What do you mean? I don’t like this type. Didn’t you know?”

“Aiya! Older brother, you’re too old-fashioned. Don’t you feel bored playing with long haired, big-breasted girls all the time? You have to change your taste. You don’t know how much some people would pay  for him—” Gu Yang showed a number with his fingers, “Mr. He didn’t agree. He’s still clean.”

After saying all this, Gu Yang gave Little Yao a glance, “Um? Why have you still not come over?”

Little Yao walked up to Gu Yuan, bowed, and spoke softly, “Older Young Master.”

His voice was pleasant, with slight hoarseness and a seductive hook at the tail of his words. 

On the other side, Mr. He and the agent’s hands were sweating, but there was no expression on Gu Yuan’s face. He was playing with the cigarette with his fingers. 


A couple of seconds had passed.  A cold sweat dripped down Little Yao’s back and he said in a slightly trembling voice, “Gu… Older Young Master Gu?”

Gu Yuan was still silent and threw the cigarette on the table. 

Little Yao got the hint, took the lighter quickly, and then put the cigarette in his mouth. After lighting it in his mouth, he handed the cigarette to Gu Yuan deferentially. “—Older Young Master Gu.”

Gu Yuan took the cigarette and smiled at Mr. He, “Hasn’t been trained enough.”


As if his heart fell back into his chest, Mr. He rubbed his forehead and smiled obsequiously, “Yes, yes. This child is still inexperienced. Older Young Master Gu, please bear with him some more…”

The group of people continued to play cards. This time, Gu Yang put all the chips in. After delivering the last two cards: a four and eight of diamonds, he won at last. 

Gu Yang threw a pair of 10s onto the table and sighed, “I could never defeat my older brother— it’s my fate!”

All the surrounding people teased him. Some people congratulated Little Yao for having a new owner. Mr. He opened a bottle of champagne for this occasion. Everyone was happy and enjoying themoment. The waitresses in short skirts were helping to clean the chips. 

Little Yao shyly toasted, “Older Young Master…”

Gu Yuan ignored him and called the subordinate while smoking, “Tell Fang Jin to come here.” 

His subordinate followed his order and went out. Soon after, the door had been knocked on twice and a young man walked in. 

He looked very young, probably in his early 20s. His slender body was in a simple but exquisite tailored-black suit with a white shirt inside, but people couldn’t relate dull to his simple appearance. In contrast, the tones of his hair and skin were light and graceful. At a glance, he was naturally elegant and poised. 

Fang Jin walked up to Gu Yuan and calmly spoke, “Older Young Master.”

Gu Yuan smoothly flicked the cigarette ash and pointed to Little Yao. “Gu Yang lost this to me. Tonight, it will be him. Find a room and settle him.”

Little Yao subconsciously looked at Fang Jin, and the other’s eyes were also sweeping over.

At this time, many people were smoking in the room. In the white cloud of smoke, Fang Jin’s eyes reflected a purity resembling a stream of water. 


Little Yao froze. Fang Jin extended a hand and said to him, “Come with me.”

Many people were looking at them, but Little Yao intuited  that they weren’t looking at him. 

He was a trained artist, so he was sensitive to audiences’ attention. He knew these people were looking at Fang Jin, this young man in front of him. 

However, he didn’t have time to think too much. Little Yao replied with an “Oh!” He bowed his head and followed Fang Jin out of the room.

The door was shut again. Gu Yang was very surprised, “Older brother! Not bad! When did you get this beautiful secretary? Look at those legs, tsk, tsk— didn’t you say you only like beautiful women?”

Mr. He teased too, “That beauty has a significant aura. Our Little Yao is not good enough when compared to him. Older Young Master really has a good taste.”

All the people were laughing. Gu Yuan glanced at his younger brother, “Father gave that person to me.”

Gu Yang immediately choked up.

“Father used an excuse of supporting me to send me many people, that person was one of them. He studied finance before. All the other people were fired. This one was observant and has shown some reliability at work. Looks like he didn’t carelessly tell Father about my affairs, so I kept  him as my assistant.” Gu Yuan stared at Gu Yang mischievously: “— If you want, I can give him to you?”

“No, no, no! Since he’s such a reliable person, older brother, you should keep him for yourself”. Gu Yang was sweating, “Father has given him to you, how can I steal him from you?”

Gu Yuan laughed and stubbed out his cigarette. 

Mr. He knew he had misspoken, so he proposed a toast immediately. Later, several waitresses came to open the wines and provide cigarettes. The room was bustling with noise and excitement. 


The door of the elevator opened, and Fang Jin was the foremost to walk out.

Little Yao walked behind him and couldn’t hold in the urge to size up Fang Jin.

Under Little Yao’s professional observation, this person had an excellent body shape despite not being as tall as Older Young Master Gu. He was slender and well-proportioned. Especially, when seen from the side, his legs were so long and slender that it was simply unreasonable. 

‘Who is he?’ Little Yao thought. 

After having seen all the nasty things in the entertainment circle, he couldn’t help guessing from a dirty perspective, “He must be Older Young Master’s boy toy. Looking at his clothes, he must have made a fortune by doing that.”  

Fang Jin stopped in front of a door located at the end of the hallway. Opening the door with a sweep of a card, he said, “Here it is.”

This hotel only contained two presidential suites, and this room was one of them. Opening the door, a huge circular dining area could be seen. The room consisted of two bedrooms, a meeting room, a media room, and an indoor garden. Fang Jin took Little Yao to one of the master bedrooms. The room was magnificent. Rose petals were spread on a super big king-size bedroom under the elegant light.

“This is Mr. Gu’s bedroom. You can wait for him here. I’m staying next door. You can come to me if you need anything.”

Before Fang Jin left, Little Yao hurriedly called, “Wait!”


“I…” While looking at his emotionless face, Little Yao spoke with hesitance “… I am a little afraid…”

Probably due to the good lighting, Fang Jin’s face looked like it was plated with soft light, without a single flaw. Nevertheless, there was a look of surprise in his eyes and it took him a while to ask,  “Why?”

“I… It’s my first time… that…” Little Yao became embarrassed as he asked, “Is Older Young Master fierce?”

“…He should be fine…”

“Does he like to bully people in bed?”

Fang Jin blinked his eyes and opened his mouth after a while, “Should… not be…”

Little Yao saw that Fang Jin seemed to be kind. He thought that since Fang Jin was also a boy toy, he could ask more questions. Therefore, he asked straightforwardly, “When… when you two were in bed, did he have any special fetishes?”


Fang Jin was confused and didn’t abruptly reply. When he wanted to deny it, he heard a cough from behind. 

They turned their heads and saw Gu Yuan was standing at the door. Gu Yuan frowned, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Ah! Older Young Master Gu!” Little Yao started to panic, “I… I… I… just, I just asked some random questions…”

Gu Yuan’s body carried the smell of wine. His handsome and cold face expressed an undisguised indifference. He took off his coat while walking towards them, gave it to Fang Jin, and said, “Your job is simply to take the person here. Why did you speak so much with him? You are the person sent by my father. Should I teach you how to do things?”

Fang Jin took the coat and spoke in a low voice, “My fault.”

Little Yao didn’t know why, it might be his illusion, but the moment he caught a glimpse of Fang Jin’s expression, he actually felt sad for Fang Jin.


Little Yao was stunned and an urge to defend him rose in his throat. Nonetheless, before he could muster the courage to speak, he saw Fang Jin walking out of the room and shutting the door. 

Before completely shutting the door, he made a shushing gesture and slowly shook his head.

That was meant to tell him to be conscious of his own safety and not to talk too much.

Fang Jin’s skin was so white, so an unusual redness on his face could be easily observed. Under the bright lights, Little Yao caught a glimpse of a slight flush at the corner of his eyes, contrary to the eyes that were as gentle as water. 

But before Little Yao could take a closer look, the door immediately clicked and gently shut afterward.

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