First (Campus H)

Chapter 29. Reluctant.

As a result, this time Xu Nuo called out to him at once: “I’ll go. You’re not familiar with my neighbourhood……”

Pei Yan thought to himself, “Where am I not familiar?” When he couldn’t find her, he sat underneath her house and drank beer all night long.

It was really hard to look back on the past…

But at the moment, he especially enjoyed the feeling that Xu Nuo was “sucking up” to him, so he nodded: “Then you go and return quickly!”

Xu Nuo gave a hum. She turned to him at the door and said, “Why don’t you go take a shower first?”  


Then she dashed out the door.

At first, Pei Yan only thought Xu Nuo was doing it because he said the words “Go and return quickly”, but then he thought about it. This was a hint for him. This was her shyness, right?

He immediately cleared his mind of the gloom, quickly took off his clothes, and went into the bathroom.

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Pei Yan only felt a tingling sensation that went straight to the sky, and he didn’t even dare to look down. Xu Nuo’s little foot had just the right strength, as if it was teasing and pampering a spoiled child. Soon, Pei Yan’s part immediately rose so high that it was about to burst his trousers.


“What are you …… doing here?” Pei Yan put down his beer and pretended to look at Xu Nuo as if he didn’t care.

Xu Nuo blinked, “Do you want a blow job ……”

This time Pei Yan didn’t have a beer to spray, but he was about to get a nosebleed.

He shouted in his heart, ‘Can you not be so serious and do such an erotic action?’. Then, she was also modest and sincere enough to ask him if he would come for a blow job.

Pei Yan stood up abruptly. He picked up Xu Nuo and headed for her room: “Yes! How could I not! Let me, the golden master [1], enjoy it anyway I can!”

He gently threw Xu Nuo onto her bed and watched as her bath towel spread out. The young girl’s exquisite and enchanting body was completely presented in front of him.

Pei Yan felt that at this time he should act like a domineering president. He should tug on his tie, then throw his jacket off and pounce on this little demon who made him so angry that he almost didn’t pay for her life.

But today, he was neither wearing a tie nor a suit, so he took off his white T-shirt to reveal his strong upper body. He unbuckled his belt, withdrew his trousers, pulled out his hot stalk and said to Xu Nuo, who was lying on the bed with her arms propped back and looking at him; “Come on!”

As expected, Xu Nuo really sat up and crawled towards him. Her small hands cupped the little Pei Yan. It was the first time she had looked at Pei Yan’s place. Although the thing in her hand had an arrogant and domineering appearance, it was pink all over and often nodded to her. Xu Nuo’s cheeks were slightly red. She looked for a long time, biting her lips. She just didn’t know where to start. Pei Yan’s body was already on fire from her watching. He saw Xu Nuo’s face was complex, but she wanted to take on the challenge, and his heart was softened to a fault.

He simply threw her on the bed, held her little face with both hands, and said with melancholy and pity: “Forget it. You girls won’t get pleasure from this kind of thing. Although I would like it very much, I still can’t ……”

After speaking, he lowered her head and kissed Xu Nuo’s red lips, then stopped talking. Xu Nuo only felt warmth from her body to her heart. She reached out and put her arms around Pei Yan’s shoulders in response to him.

[1] Golden Master- A financier or “sugar daddy” depending.


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