First (Campus H)

Chapter 8. Where Are My Panties?

Xu Qing felt that there was no way she could answer that, but she didn’t want to continue with Fu Xin’s nonsense. The next policy was to leave!

She just wanted to quickly pull up her panties and go, but when she looked down at her naked ankles, she realised that the little panties that had once hung on them had flown off somewhere during her fight with Fu Xin.

She bent down slightly and searched around the desk, but every time she bent down, her knee-length skirt slid up to the base of her legs, and as she did so, her round, upturned buttocks appeared at the edge of her skirt.

Suddenly, she stiffened and stopped. A warm palm suddenly covered her buttocks, which had just been cool.

She hurriedly got up, and when she turned around, she saw Fu Xin sitting on the chair. He was propping his head up with one hand and stroking behind her with the other, from her white snowy buttocks to the back of her thighs, with that smirking expression. She couldn’t believe it. He was simply not ashamed of it, but instead proud of it.


Xu Qing ripped away his paws, blushing, and said angrily, “I’ve lost my panties. Let me go and look again!”

Fu Xin had a rare moment of kindness. He got up and left the scene to Xu Qing, then leaned against the balcony door and watched as Xu Qing searched around!

It wasn’t until Xu Qing searched all over Fu Xin’s room and couldn’t find her panties that she realised that Fu Xin had hidden them while she was on the phone with Zheng Qian.

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Xu Qing’s mind was whirling. Either she wore Fu Xin’s underwear or she wore no underwear. It was just a choice between worse and worse, right?


But Fu Xin didn’t care about her tussle and hesitation. He knelt down on one knee, pulled the underwear away with both hands, and placed them at Xu Qing’s feet, gesturing for her to put them on.

Xu Qing inevitably lifted her little foot and poked it into one side of the underwear, then into the other. Fu Xin was satisfied and lifted the strap of the underwear, pulling it up.

Xu Qing’s legs were beautiful, slender and straight, and her skin was so delicate and smooth that all Fu Xin could think about as he got up was that next time he would kiss them all over.

Because the underwear was elastic, the fabric clung to the skin of Xu Qing’s buttocks. It felt like Fu Xin was kissing her skin, making her face burn.

So as soon as her underwear was on, she pushed Fu Xin away, ran to her desk, grabbed her school bag, and dashed out of Fu Xin’s room!

She ran home in a flash!

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