Wholeheartedly Willing


Translation Status: Completed

Raw Title & Source: 心甘情願
Release Schedule: Mon,Wed,Fri
Author: 偷馬頭
Total Chapters: 50+
Genres: Adult Mature Romance Smut


Lin Xi: I’ve lied to you a lot.

Yu Xiucheng: As long as you’re happy.







EA [Translator]

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  1. darm_192

    Hello, sorry, if you have time, could you finish the story After The Sweet Ending, I think the only thing missing is part 2 of the last chapter, which is the same one that I was translating Wholeheartedly Willing that you finished translating.

    1. EA
      EA [Translator]

      Hi, I’ll checked. I thought it’s done already? Was it dropped?

    2. EA
      EA [Translator]

      Oh, I just checked and realized it’s in part 1! I actually really liked this novel and read the raws before. LOL. I’ll talk to the administrator to inform her.