Stepbrother’s Jellybean


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: reutzee
Total Chapters: 16
Genres: Modern Romance Smut Yaoi


** Unrelated brothers, older gong’s forced/coerced love 1v1 HE Strong gong weak shou ** 

[Overbearing and dictating gong / intersex soft and cute shou with a little temper ]

[Easter eggs are all sweet love stories that can be read as extras.] 

Xiang Yiheng, the youngest member of Xiang family, accidentally learned the secret of his stepbrother’s body. It turns out that the cute brother that he had always coveted was an intersex person. 

“Do you want your mother to continue living peacefully in the Xiang family? If you satisfy me, I won’t make it hard for her.” 

The Gong is a black bellied scum who likes to bully the little shou, and the little shou cries from getting bullied but still likes the gong.

Note: Age setting for gong is 22 years old, a university graduate,  shou is 18 still studying in high school 

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    1. System Yaoi
      System Yaoi [Translator]

      Hwello! Glad chu too like Stepbrother’s Jellybean! This is not an original work, this is author reutzee’s work 😀

  1. Xie Yun

    Hello, translator is this novel will upload chapter? Its been long time ready and how about Pet dog novel? Sorry i know u might busy too ☺☺

  2. Blanch

    Hello, translator is this story still updating or are you dropping it?? Sorry no offense it’s just been around 1+ years since the last udate.. So I’m wondering.. Sorry I know you might be busy with other translated novel too..