Stepbrother’s Jellybean

Chapter 11 – Farewell, Big Pig’s Trotter: Furious Older Brother Discovers the Truth, Understanding His Feelings

Title : Stepbrother’s Jellybean

Translator : System Yaoi

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Chapter 11 – Farewell, Big Pig’s Trotter: Furious Older Brother Discovers the Truth, Understanding His Feelings

As the departure date of Ruan Tang approached, Xiang Yiheng was deliberately sent on a business trip to another city by Xiang Jinting.


Zhao Rui declined all her commitments and spent each day accompanying her son. The day after Ruan Tang used a pr*gnancy test kit and discovered he was pr*gnant, Zhao Rui took him to a private hospital for an examination. Holding the positive test result in his hands, Ruan Tang didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

Taking advantage of Xiang Yiheng’s absence from home, Ruan Tang first went to the school to complete the withdrawal procedures and bid farewell to his teachers and classmates. Then, together with his mother, he prepared the things they would bring with them when they went abroad. After confirming their flight number and ensuring they had all the necessary documents, Ruan Tang squatted in front of the luggage, staring blankly at the maid costume in his hands… They would be leaving tomorrow, and Uncle Xiang said that his brother would only return the day after tomorrow. 

Will he come to find me when he comes back… 

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Ruan Tang didn’t expect that Xiang Yiheng would think of him like that. Even if he said “playing,” it was Xiang Yiheng who played with him first. At least he had genuine feelings for him. But what about Xiang Yiheng?


“Yes! I’m playing you. Enough, Xiang Yiheng, enough! I’m leaving, and I’m never coming back!” The boy finished speaking, wiped away his tears, and haphazardly stuffed his passport into his backpack.

Xiang Yiheng threw the backpack on the table to the ground, kicked over the luggage box at the bedside, and feeling unsatisfied, he grabbed Ruan Tang’s collar, lifting him up forcefully to make him look at him.

“You’ve had enough of me f*cking you, so you want to leave?” The man became increasingly excessive in his words. “Then tell me, what were you planning with Chen Rusheng? Taking him with you abroad? Changing d*cks to f*ck you?”

“You b*stard! Do you think everyone is as fi*thy as you? As shameless as you?” The boy struggled to push away from his grip. “I’m leaving, even if I’m with someone else, it’s none of your business. I’m never coming back… Ugh…”

The boy cried in front of him, struggling to breathe, his face turning red. Xiang Yiheng pulled him onto the bed once again. In this moment, he saw the determination in the boy’s eyes to leave him, and he felt a sharp pain in his heart, as if being cut by a knife.

“You can’t leave! You can’t!” Xiang Yiheng shook his head, his face fierce, forcefully tearing at his younger brother’s pyjamas. “Have you forgotten what I said? Do you believe that if I tell the old man about our relationship, even your mother might—”

“Stop, Xiang Yiheng…” Ruan Tang looked at him with anguish. Why couldn’t he understand the reason why he wanted to leave? “Do you really think Uncle Xiang and Mom don’t know anything?” The boy gave up struggling, despairingly closing his eyes. “This is the last time, the final time… After you’re done f*cking me, let me go!”

“Fine! You all want it this way! Even sending me on a business trip was intentional, right?” The man erupted in anger, venting his frustration by forcefully thrusting his angry c*ck into Ruan Tang’s tight and dry flower cave. “If you want to leave, let me f*ck you to satisfaction first. In your heart, this is all you’re worth, isn’t it? Fine, I agree!”

Ruan Tang felt almost hopeless as the man’s c*ck invaded his small c*nt. He tried to relax his body, imagining the once intoxicating and soul-stirring s*xual encounters they had shared. He didn’t want to provoke Xiang Yiheng any further, fearing that he might injure the child in his womb with his careless thrusts.

As the flower hole responded to its owner’s contemplation, it secreted transparent nectar. But just as it was being devoured, the pulsating sh*ft suddenly withdrew, and the scorching and rigid m*mber ruthlessly slapped against the delicate lips, instantly splashing more l*stful fluids.

“You’re nothing but a sl*t, yet you can still find pleasure like this!” Xiang Yiheng spewed vile words, ar*used by his deb*uched and w*nton body. “You’re f*cking tired of me, aren’t you? Your sl*tty c*nt has had enough and now wants a different c*ck, right?”

Ruan Tang shook his head in despair, tears silently disappearing into the pillow. If he didn’t leave, Xiang Yiheng would forever treat him as a pet. Amusing him when he was happy, but spewing hurtful words like now when he was angry, never considering his feelings.


Xiang Yiheng watched Ruan Tang tightly closing his eyes, resisting his desires, and the urge to humiliate him grew stronger. He lowered his head and ki*sed his younger brother’s lips, gently tracing the soft and perfect petals with his tongue. He slowed down the thrusting, using precise movements to stimulate Ruan Tang’s sensitive spots.

The boy indeed let out a s*ductive m*an, disappearing into the passionate k*ss they shared. The passage wrapped around the man’s shaft became increasingly slippery. Xiang Yiheng exerted continuous force, and in no time, a hot liquid splashed onto his swollen gl*ns and rigid sh*ft. The boy couldn’t help but respond to his assumed sweet ki*s, but Xiang Yiheng pushed him away as he had already withdrawn his meat stick.

“This is all you’re capable of, you sl*t!” He quickly stroked his throbbing me*ber with his hand, his half-kneeling position above Ruan Tang’s face, ej*culating the pungent heat of his s*men all over the boy’s face. He used his hand to spread the sticky fluid from his gl*ns around the boy’s mouth.

The cold words and humiliating actions finally made Ruan Tang unable to hold back his tears. “I-I didn’t do anything wrong to you!”

Xiang Yiheng stood by the bed, pulling up his pants, perfectly embodying heartless withdrawal. “Of course, you didn’t do anything wrong to me. Who do you think you are? Are you even worthy?”

Ruan Tang lay on the bed, crying loudly, cursing Xiang Yiheng as a b*stard. Xiang Yiheng slammed the door and left. Throughout the night, he couldn’t help but picture the tear-stained face of his younger brother in his mind, feeling a pang of pity. But the exhaustion eventually overwhelmed him, and he fell into a deep sleep.

Xiang Yiheng had a dream. In the dream, he held his brother in his arms, feeding him potato chips. With his mouth open, he let the boy feed him, but every time he was about to take a bite, the boy would pull his hand away, making a playful expression, causing the boy to burst into laughter.

The dream changed, and now his younger brother was pinned beneath him, crying and begging him to go easier. He cruelly squeezed the soft flesh on the boy’s chest and asked if he liked it. Suddenly, the boy opened his eyes and gazed at him affectionately, saying, “I love you the most, gege.”

The scene changed again. He was handcuffed to the bed by the boy, who was wearing a sc*nty black leather outfit. In his hand, the boy held a small whip, striking his rock-hard c*ck with each flick. As he watched Xiang Yiheng’s restrained expression, the boy playfully stuck out his tongue to lick his lips. His soft and boneless hands roamed freely over his body, “Xiang Yiheng, say that you love me, and if you do, I’ll give myself to you.”

He struggled to undo the restraints, wanting to hold his younger brother and express his love, but the boy had disappeared. When he reappeared in front of him once again, the boy sarcastically looked at him, hooking his arm around Chen Rucheng’s, saying, “You’re such a coward for not daring to say ‘I love you’.”

Xiang Yiheng woke up in shock, the sunlight shining through the uncovered window, signalling the start of a new day. He took off his s*men-stained underwear, changed his clothes, and rushed out of the bedroom, pushing open the door to his younger brother’s room, only to find that both the person and the luggage were gone.

He didn’t know if he had enough time to confess the feelings that had already turned sour to Ruan Tang. What servant? It was him who was captivated by the boy from the moment he laid eyes on him.


He sped to the airport, and all he saw was Ruan Tang’s bowed figure in the security queue. In the end, he couldn’t gather the courage to call out his name. A message notification sounded on his phone, and Xiang Yiheng took it out to see a message from the boy just sent to him:

“You always do this. You only know how to force me. Is it that difficult for you to say what you truly feel and make an effort to keep me? I don’t want to love you anymore…”

Xiang Yiheng lowered his head in despair, unaware of the boy turning back to look at him, wiping away tears.

Filled with anger, Xiang Yiheng returned home to confront his father, but Xiang Jinting didn’t want to pay him any attention.

“Why didn’t you tell me that Ruan Tang was leaving? Sending me on a business trip was deliberate, wasn’t it?”

“Yes, so what?”

“Do you… enjoy seeing me suffer?”

“Is this the way to speak to your father?” Xiang Jinting also became furious. “You brought this upon yourself! Wasn’t it the same with your first love during your school days? You drove him away with your behaviour!”

“What first love? Don’t talk nonsense! He was Mr. Wu’s son, don’t you know that better than me? I just treated him as a younger brother and showed him affection since we were kids. Is it wrong not to reciprocate his feelings?” Xiang Yiheng was speechless. “You and everyone else claim it was my first love. Which pair of eyes saw that I liked him?”

“Ruan Tang is also your younger brother. How could you be so cruel to him?”

“I… Who said he’s my younger brother, d*mn it!”

“You let others call you ‘brother’ when you’re not a brother?”


“…It was just a bedroom fantasy. Dare to say you never had any when you were young?”

After saying that, Xiang Yiheng was about to go upstairs to pack his luggage. He searched his room but couldn’t find his passport. He cursed under his breath and went downstairs again to confront his father. “Where’s my passport? Where is it?”

“Since your mother left, I’ve been keeping it for safekeeping. I locked it in the safe.”

“Don’t give me excuses, bring it to me quickly!”

Xiang Jinting remained still, glanced at his son, and made up his mind to seize this opportunity to change his son’s stubborn temper. “Forget about it. Ruan Tang doesn’t want to see you. As a grown man, don’t let personal matters interfere with your career. Get to work quickly.”

Xiang Yiheng felt frustrated. On his way to the office, he took out his phone and sent a voice message to Ruan Tang: “Darling, I really know I was wrong. I love you. Please come back, I’ll accept any punishment…”

Before the plane took off, Ruan Tang still heard that voice message. With red-rimmed eyes, the boy exited WeChat and shut down his phone, muttering to himself, “Big pig’s trotter, I’ll never let our little treasure call you daddy…”

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