Soft Fragrance


Translation Status: Completed

Release Schedule: Sporadically
Author: 蘇瑪麗
Total Chapters: 77
Genres: Fluff Josei Mature Modern Romance Smut Sports


Chen Xiang had only come to visit her brother. She washed his clothes and cleaned his room, but she had no idea that she would walk into the wrong bathroom, let alone that she would run into her brother’s coach in the bathroom.  

She was about to cry in fear when she heard the man say in a gruff voice—

“Put your hands down.”  

“Show me your t!ts.”

◉ Urban rough man X Rural soft girl.

◉ (1v1 H) sweet story.

◉ The man is 30 and the woman is 21 years old. 

Author’s note: You can read it if you like and leave if you don’t like.

Author’s mantra: Su Dong Po (don’ t go wrong, don’t disturb others.)

Mily [Translator]

Thank you.
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    1. Mily
      Mily [Translator]

      You can find translated chapters here as and when I update them. Thank you for reading 💝

        1. Mily
          Mily [Translator]

          I’m almost done stockpiling chapters, releases would be steady soon. Thank you for reading 💞

        2. noodles

          In August and september not even 1 chapter is updated; it’s nearly 20 days since you last updated chapter 9 !!!!