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  • Soft Fragrance

    Chapter 19. Come over after taking the bath

    Chen Xiang brought a basin of water to Liao Jun as the man was getting her bike off the car. He looked around and saw that the neighbours on both sides had built new buildings, but only Chen Xiang’s family still lived in a tiled house, and the ground was still muddy, with footprints everywhere.

    Liao Jun put the bike down, walked up to Chen Xiang, washed his hands with the basin of water she had in her hand, and then greeted her grandmother with a familiar greeting, “Hello, grandmother.”

    Chen Xiang was worried about him talking nonsense, so she put the basin down and hurriedly followed him, staring at him nervously the whole time.


    The grandmother was startled at the sight of the tall, strong man and narrowed her eyes at him for a long time before asking, “Which family are you from? How do you know Chen Xiang?”

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    Liao Jun was pulled into the house by her grandmother’s hand. Although the house was dilapidated, it was clean. There was a dining table and a few small stools in the hall, and a calendar was hung on the wall, with the 6th of June already torn out.


    “Chen Yang is very obedient, he has a good understanding, he should be able to win prizes in future competitions.” Liao Jun gave a brief account of Chen Yang. In front of the old woman, he was quite stable and polite.

    The grandmother was so relieved to hear that her mouth began to ramble about the two children, Chen Yang and Chen Xiang, wiping her tears as she spoke, “These two children had suffered a lot with me. Not only did their parents not earn any money, but they were also cheated out of a lot of money, and they have a lot of debts outside, which they still haven’t paid off yet. Chen Xiang  had to drop  junior high school and go out to work. There was no way, the family was too poor. I am too sorry for this child. If her parents were capable, she wouldn’t have been unable to afford school…….”

    When Chen Xiang came in and saw this scene, her heart sank and she came over and hugged her grandmother, gently comforting her, “Don’t say that, I don’t miss it myself.”

    The Chen family’s children were very understanding and sensible. When things went wrong in the family, Chen Xiang was the first one who didn’t finish her studies and came down early to help with the household chores and take care of her brother. Later, when her brother grew up and knew that the family was poor, he also stopped studying.

    When someone from the boxing club in the city came down to advertise that he would receive hundreds of thousands of dollars if he won the tournament, Chen Yang was determined to enter the tournament so that he could pay off his family’s debts and make a good living for his family.

    Grandma was tired of crying and wanted to rest, so before she went inside, she asked Liao Jun to stay and let him sleep in Chen Yang’s room.


    Chen Xiang was about to say no for Liao Jun when she heard Liao Jun say, “Sure.”

    Chen Xiang’s scalp tingled and she glanced back at him uneasily. She found Liao Jun looking at her with raised eyebrows and his eyes staring straight at her, as if to say, ‘Wait for me to fuk you tonight.’

    Chen Xiang went to boil water to give Liao Jun for the bath, and then went to Chen Yang’s room to make his bed. Chen Yang had not been home for more than half a year, but the blankets on his bed were taken out to dry every now and then by Chen Xiang, and when she looked down, she could smell the sunlight.

    Before she could stand up after making the bed, there was a hot body behind her. The man pressed against her and nearly pinned her to the bed, with his hot breath brushing against her ear made her body shiver involuntarily.

    “Come over after you’ve had a bath.” When Liao Jun finished speaking he slumped into bed with a big smile.

    It was only then that Chen Xiang saw that he was wearing only a pair of pants, his legs were wide open, his legs were hairy and his abdominal muscles were lumpy even when he was lying down.


    She blushed and looked away, not daring to look at him as she walked out with her head lowered and heard him shout from inside the room, “If you don’t come, I’ll go to your grandmother’s room to look for you.”

    Chen Xiang lived in the same room as her grandmother.

    At these words, her heart contracted.

    The shower was so long that Liao Jun almost couldn’t resist going outside to arrest her when Chen Xiang finally came in with her head bowed and wearing an old nightgown.

    She was clutching her chest nervously and uncomfortably with one hand. From Liao Jun’s angle, he could see that she was not wearing any clothes underneath.

    Through the thin nightgown, it was easy to see the shape of her breasts inside. The high flesh of the breasts, between which the tips of the nipples were gradually erected, was rubbed by the nightgown.


    Liao Jun’s voice was a little muffled, “Come here.”

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