Soft Fragrance

Chapter 5. Let’s fuk again

Chen Xiang cried out of breath, “It hurts…”

It really hurts.

Liao Jun’s d!ck was one of the biggest in the entire club, and it’s especially thick.


Chen Xiang felt like being split open by a knife. The pain made her shiver incessantly. Her face was drenched with big pearl shaped tears. She cried in a pitiful voice, “Go out… please, go out… will you go out, please?”

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After a short time of gentle kissing, Liao Jun became like a wolf in heat, panting and sucking at her lips. His thick tongue even probed into her mouth, dragging out her sweet little tongue and sucking and licking it.


Chen Xiang was kissed to the point of oxygen deprivation, and a small whimper escaped her throat, which was extremely seductive like a moan.

Liao Jun grabbed her t!ts with one hand and rubbed them vigorously. He swallowed and sucked the hard nipples between his teeth. After eating, he asked Chen Xiang affectionately in a husky voice, “Why are your t!ts so soft, huh?”

Chen Xiang couldn’t bear to be licked, and her crying voice had long since lost its tone. She struggled to push his head away, but the man restrained her and raised her hands above her head.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore, does it?” He asked, but before she could answer, Liao Jun was already pumping into her, giving her a few shallow strokes, and when she started to cry pitifully again, he lowered his head to kiss her again.

He bit her lips, took her tongue, and then pushed his own tongue into her mouth, mimicking the thrusts of the s3x organ as he thrusts in and out.

The purple-black cock pounded into the tender poossy hole with one stroke after another, drawing a pool of kinky water. His cøck was stained with a little blood, and he inserted it again, mixing it with the lewd water.


Liao Jun was so excited that after a dozen shallow thrusts, he couldn’t hold back any longer and grabbed the woman’s thin waist, pressing her against the porcelain wall and thrusting her wide open.

The sound of skin slapping circled the entire bathroom as Chen Xiang moaned from the thrusts and cried in a breaking her voice, “No more…. it’s so uncomfortable….”

Her belly was sore, the cøck was so deep that she felt the sharp sensation of wanting to pee. She grabbed the man’s arm and begged in a whisper, begging him to slow down, begging him not to move, begging him to get out.

However, her voice was so soft in Liao Jun’s ears that he wanted to fuk her even harder.

He took her lips, muffling all her noises, and with his two large hands he clasped her two fleshy buttocks and pressed them underneath him, his waist and crotch thrusting forward, faster and harder than ever.

The purple-black rod penetrated her canal and went straight into her womb, grinding and banging along the vulnerable and sensitive spot.


Chen Xiang rolled back her eyes when the thrusts became unbearable and a white light flashed in her head as she cried out a long cry and her belly shook violently five or six times.

A puddle of lusty water and pink blood flowed out from the point of junction of the genitals. Liao Jun knew she had an orgasm and gasped in satisfaction as he kissed her on the lips, asking her in a husky voice, “Baby, are you comfortable?”

Chen Xiang was still caught up in the afterglow of her extreme orgasm. Her body jerking and twitching as she stared blankly into the sky, only to be brought back to consciousness the next moment by the continuous pleasure coursing through her body.

The man picked up her legs and wrapped them around his waist, holding her hips in mid-air and thrusting them up and down, a position so deep that within a few strokes, Chen Xiang was crying out again.

She was so fucked that she wanted to pee.

“What are you crying for?” Liao Jun licked her tears, “Am I making you uncomfortable?”


Chen Xiang cried and shook her head.

With a low “fuck” under his breath, Liao Jun put her down and changed her position so that she was on the wall. He pressed her back down with his big hands, spread her buttucks and pushed in with his d!ck.

Chen Xiang’s body went limp after being penetrated and a low cry escaped from her throat.

Liao Jun held her boobies with one hand and held her waist with other to keep her body from falling down. He threw his hips and crotch around like a madman, and quickly thrust his cøck in and out of her honey hole.

“No more …… no more …… ooh …… please …… it’s broken …… so hot …… so sore …… ooh ……” Chen Xiang was shaking her head and her face was covered in tears. Her belly was so sore that her whole lower abdomen trembled with spasms when the cøck slammed heavily into her uterus.

The white light in her head came again and she slumped against the wall, sobbing.

Liao Jun felt tingling from the contracting poossy and his waist and eyes went numb. He pulled his rod out and ejaculated against her waist, spurting a lot of thick semen down her a$$.

He turned the person over, lowered his head and nibbled on her mouth, “That was a good fuk, let’s fuk again.”

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