Soft Fragrance

Chapter 21: Gently…gently…

The hard, hot cock pounded hard into the tight, warm flesh of the püssy, breaking through layers of soft flesh and reaching the mouth of the womb.

Chen Xiang looked like she had been badly penetrated, her whole body shuddering hard, her hands pinched on the man’s arms, her throat whimpering for mercy, “Gently …… gently ……”

Liao Jun pulled out forcefully and then plunged back in. He fiercely thrust more than ten times, and Chen Xiang convulsed and squirted in his embrace. Her love juices flowed down her buttocks.


Liao Jun brushed the hair off her face, saw that her eyes were dazed from being fucked. After thrusting a few more times, he hoarsely asked her, “How can your little slutty pussy suck so well? I’m going to be sucked dry by you soon.”

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Upon hearing this, Liao Jun increased the strength of his thrusts and continued to pound her dozens of times in a row. Chen Xiang was directly suffocated and screamed in her palm. Her body convulsed violently, and her eyes rolled back.


When Liao Jun pulled out, he saw her lower abdomen trembling and still spurting water.

He put her on the bed, lowered his body, sucked and played with her hard nipples, holding one breast with one hand and reaching down with the other, pressing his thumb against her bright red clitoris and rubbing it hard.

Chen Xiang was twisting her body to avoid the stimulation. She felt so weak that she couldn’t resist him at all. The man inserted two fingers directly into her dripping entrance, bending his fingers slightly to stimulate the half-hardened flesh.

The uncomfortable bloated feeling came back again, and Chen Xiang whimpered and begged him to stop, to go out, saying that she felt so sore and uncomfortable.

Before she could finish speaking, the man sent her into climax with his fingers, and when her lewd fluids sprayed out, Liao Jun directly opened his mouth and blocked her entrance, swallowing all her fluids clean.

The slurping and swallowing sounds stimulated Chen Xiang’s brain, causing all the strings in her mind to snap. She let out a cry from her throat, her lower abdomen trembling as she sprayed out another small wave of fluids.


When Liao Jun lifted her up, Chen Xiang was like a boneless doll, softly leaning against his arm. He pulled her arms from behind his neck, and not long after, she drooped softly.

“Damn, already tired?” Liao Jun touched her small face and saw that her eyes had lost focus. He lowered his head and kissed her mouth. “Okay, rest for a bit.”

As he spoke, he changed her position, letting her lie face down on the bed while he supported himself from behind and thrust inside her.

Chen Xiang’s legs went limp and her bones went numb as if they had been electrocuted. She buried her head in the covers and cried out as the man grabbed her by the waist and thrust his crotch in.

The bed was shaken by the thrusts.

Chen Xiang cried and shook her head, “It will be heard …… no …… no …… no ……”


Liao Jun cursed under his breath, grabbed her arms, and pulled her back towards him. He forcefully shoved his dark purple sexual organ into the gap between her two fleshy buttocks.

This position made Chen Xiang feel a fearful sense of being pierced. His thick and long pen!s kept pushing to the deepest part of her, making her lower abdomen sore and swollen. Her buttocks were also made red by the man’s thrusts, and his testicles hit her thigh every time.

Her hands were pulled behind her back, and she couldn’t control the sobs and screams that overflowed from her mouth. When she climaxed violently, Liao Jun suddenly covered her mouth with his hand and crazily thrust into her body.

At the moment her small hole contracted, the man pulled out his penis and roared lowly as he shot his load onto her buttocks.

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