Soft Fragrance

Chapter 18. Fuk you in the car

Chen Xiang sat in the car and kept her head down without saying anything.

It was only when the car drove a hundred meters away that she whispered, “My bike …… is still at the supermarket.”


“Why didn’t you say so earlier?” Liao was impatient, but he drove the car back and when he saw the bike, he wanted to go down and stomp it to pieces.

“You call this a fuking bike?” It’s more like a piece of shit, the paint has worn off, no one wants it, but the woman had locked the chain, making it look like a treasure.

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Chen Xiang was held under the safety belt, unable to struggle, and could only lean back and be forced to bear it. The man’s kiss was fierce and fervent, and the force of his bite was so strong that she was occasionally muffled by the bite, and the seductive sound of her voice stimulated Liao Jun to harden on the spot.

He let go of her and drove off to find a hotel. The hotel in the afternoon was in mediocre condition, so he planned to find a bigger one.

When Chen Xiang saw him pull up to the hotel, she knew he was going to take her to do something like that again, and was so scared that she tugged on her seat belt and said, almost pleadingly, “My, my grandmother is still waiting for me at home.”

“Go back after you’ve fucked.” Liao Jun was so hard.

Tears fell from Chen Xiang’s eyes, and she sat there crying without saying anything.

Liao Jun cursed under his breath and shouted, “Don’t you fuking think I’m soft-hearted!”


After a minute, Chen Xiang was still crying. Liao Jun cursed and drove the car towards Chen Xiang’s house, “I am sending you home, and you’re still crying!”

Chen Xiang sucked in her nose, but she couldn’t stop her grievances from turning into tears. Zhang Qing Hua’s group had seen it all, and there was no telling what kind of eyes would await her tomorrow. She could only bite her lip and weep quietly in the fear and uncertainty of the unknown.

“Why are you still crying?” Liao Jun was so impatient with her crying that he shouted in a thick voice, “If you cry again, I’ll fuk you in the car!”

Chen Xiang was shocked and wiped away her tears quickly with both hands.

But Liao Jun thought about it and the picture of fuking her in the car with her tits pressed up against the glass window was quite appetizing too. Just thinking about it made his cock hard.

Chen Xiang whispered and gave him directions, “Turn right from front.”


Liao Jun tugged at his trousers, lit a cigarette to relieve his arousal, and finally drove around the corner to the entrance of Chen Xiang’s house before getting out of the car.

Although it was in the countryside, the road was not bad. A repaired concrete road with few potholes, but there were a few broken street lights. There was no street light at all at the entrance of Chen Xiang’s house, so Liao Jun stepped on a chicken sh!t as soon as he arrived.

He didn’t realize what it was, so he lifted his foot to look at it and asked, “What is it?”

Chen Xiang looked at him apprehensively and said, “…… chicken, chicken sh!t.”

“Fuck!” Liao Jun cursed and walked to the edge of the vegetable garden, looking for soil to clean up the chicken sh!t on the bottom of his shoes.

When grandmother heard the commotion, she came out and stood in the light of the doorway, asking in a loud voice, “Chen Xiang?”


Chen Xiang greeted her, “Grandma, are you still awake?”

“I’m waiting for you.” Grandmother’s eyes were not good and she stared at the car in the dark for a while before asking, “Whose car is it? Is there a man over there?”

Chen Xiang thought that Liao Jun would leave soon, so she pulled her grandmother towards the house while whispering, “I don’t know, maybe it’s a passer-by.”

Just as she finished speaking, Liao Jun shouted behind her, “Chen Xiang! Get me some water!”

Liao Jun’s voice was so loud that her grandmother could hear it clearly even if she had deaf ears. She turned her head to look at Chen Xiang, “Didn’t you say you didn’t know him?”

Chen Xiang: “……”

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