Soft Fragrance

Chapter 7. You’re being so coquettish

Chen Xiang slid down with her weak hands and knees and was caught in Liao Jun’s arms again.

He turned on the shower, rinsed her briefly, licked her t!ts again, then found a towel to wipe her hair and then found a large towel and wrapped her in it before heading out.


Fearing that she would be seen, Chen Xiang kept shrinking into his arms and hugging his neck in fear,  which made Liao Jun very happy and in return he hugged her with a gentle force.

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“I’ll send you back tomorrow.” Liao Jun went to bed and took her into his arms. His skin color was dark, and the picture of him and Chen Xiang leaning together looked like a piece of carbon next to a piece of white jade.

Chen Xiang hunched her shoulders as her cheek hurt from the man’s stubble, but she didn’t dare to struggle too much. She just carefully ducked back a little distance away only to be pulled back by the man and bitten hard on the lips.

She whimpered in pain, her voice as soft as a cat’s.

“You’re being so coquettish, do you still want it?” Liao Jun’s large palm fondled her heavy breasts and his fingers fiddled the tips and flicked them back and forth. His breath became heavy, her body tensed up and she pushed him fearfully, “No….”


“Okay, okay, okay.” When Liao Jun saw that she was about to cry again, he put his hand on her waist, picked her up and placed her on his chest, rubbing his palm on her buttocks twice and left it there, “Go to sleep.”

How could Chen Xiang sleep in this position? She didn’t dare to struggle, so she could only sniffle and lie on his hard chest, thinking that she would get down when the man fell asleep, but she didn’t know that it wouldn’t take long for her to fall asleep.

She had been cleaning during the day and had been fcked by a man for so long at night that her body was exhausted. She slept until ten o’clock the next day and when she got up, she was alone in the room.

She sat on the bed in a daze for a while, and her tears suddenly fell again. She sniffed her nose, wiped away her tears and scrambled to her feet to get ready for home.


She couldn’t understand how this could have happened to her when she had only come to see her brother.

She couldn’t think about it, but when she did, her tears fell uncontrollably.

When she went to the bathroom, she saw through the mirror that her body was covered in fingerprints and teeth marks. The tips of her breasts were swollen from being sucked by the man and it hurt when she touched them. Her private parts hurt especially when she peed.

She washed her face and came out. She saw the dirty clothes she took off last night on the sofa, along with her bag and cell phone. She hurriedly put her clothes on, holding her army green bag, carefully pushed the door and looked around. The corridor was empty, and the sound of boxing practice came from the first floor below.

She did not dare to go down, worried about running into Liao Jun.


After a long hesitation, she called Chen Yang and asked him if the coach was there. Chen Yang said that the coach had just finished boxing and had gone to take a shower. He asked her in return what was wrong and asked if she had left early in the morning and why he hadn’t seen her.

“I was in the bathroom.” Chen Xiang lied, “I’ll be gone soon.”

Chen Yang was convinced. He had to train and could not send her off, so he told her to be careful on the way.

Chen Xiang hung up the phone and ran downstairs. People came and went on the ground floor but no one noticed her as she kept her head down, so she made it to the door without any problem.

She ran to the bus stop all the way without stopping. Her back was aching and her legs were sore, but she gritted her teeth and finally made it to the bus stand where the bus to the countryside was about to leave. So she ran to the bus with a stifled breath, found a seat and let out a long breath.

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