Soft Fragrance

Chapter 10. Take off your clothes

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The window was not closed and Chen Xiang, afraid of being seen, covered her face and shouted, “I was wrong, I was really wrong……”

“What’s wrong?” Liao Jun closed the car window, started the car and drove forward for a distance, stopped at the largest clothing store, turned his head to look at Chen Xiang and asked, “How big are your shoes?”


“……37” Chen Xiang replied honestly, not knowing what he wanted to do.

Her eyes were still filled with tears. Before Liao Jun got off the car, he took her over, kissed her on the mouth, wiped away her tears with his rough fingers, let her stay in the car, took the wallet and got out of the car.

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When Liao Jun got in the car, he saw her like this and didn’t hold back the smile forming on his lips. He stretched out his hand and turned the person’s head around, took control of the back of her head, and kissed her on the mouth, “What are you hiding from?Afraid of being seen?”

Chen Xiang didn’t say a word, her face blushed from his kiss, and she was still a little scared of him.

Liao Jun drove the car to a hotel and said to Chen Xiang, “Get out.”

Chen Xiang saw the hotel through the window and shook her head in fear, “No, I …… have to go to work.”

“I don’t want to fuck you.” Liao Jun pointed to the trunk, “I bought you some clothes, go up and change.”

Of course it’s a lie.


She still had to be fucked, who told her to sneak out without telling him. When he thought of this, Liao Jun wanted to fck her to death.

Chen Xiang looked at him with wide eyes and her disbelieving look pleased Liao Jun. When he was in a good mood, he treated her more gently and his voice was soft, “Let’s go.”

She had no idea that all the clothes in the trunk were bought for her. Only on New Year’s Eve would her parents buy her new clothes. For as long as she could remember, she had been wearing unwanted clothes, and even now, at the age of 21, she was still wearing the clothes she picked up.

Including ill-fitting underwear that no one else wants.

This was the first time that someone other than her parents had bought her so many clothes.

She was stunned for a long time while Liao Jun opened the room and came down to take a few bags of clothes and shoe boxes up, before knocking on the car window to remind her to get out.


She took off her overalls in the car and followed behind Liao Jun with her head down, fearing that people would see her.

As she followed behind with her head bowed down, her face almost pressed against his back, her nose smelling the man’s sweat and she blushed for no reason.

The room was on the second floor, with a large white bed and a table with a TV on it.

Liao Jun locked the room’s door and picked up some bags of clothes from the floor and emptied them all out. There were a lot of bras inside, white, black, purple, yellow, all kinds of colours, and a full set of matching panties.

Chen Xiang looked at him with some uneasiness, and Liao Jun was also looking at her. The man’s vision was rough, and his pitch-black pupils seemed to be on fire, and his gaze was hot and burning.

She dropped her eyes at a loss and lowered her head, not daring to look around.


Liao Jun threw a set of black underwear into her arms and said in a rough voice, “Take off your clothes and put this on.”

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