Soft Fragrance

Chapter 11. Woohoo no…

Chen Xiang stood still. Liao Jun waited for a while and ran out of patience, scanning her with his eyes, “Do you want me to help you take it off?”

Chen Xiang took a few steps back and her voice was timid, “No, I’ll… I’ll do it myself.”

She turned her back, revealing the hole in her plaid shirt, which looked like it had been burned by a cigarette, and a tiny bit of her white skin could be seen through it.


Liao Jun took out a cigarette and lit it, biting the mouthpiece as he stared at the woman undressing for a moment.

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His five fingerprints were all over her slender waist, and the warm red colour almost instantly awakened the animal lust in Liao Jun’s body.


He puffed hard on his cigarette, stubbed it out and threw it into the ashtray, lifted his foot and came in front of Chen Xiang, who was scared and backed up to the wall, with nowhere to go. Pushing him with her hands in a panic, “You, you said, you said you won’t do that.”

Her voice stumbled as she panicked.

“Do what?” He asks deliberately, taking half a puff from his mouth into her mouth. She coughed twice, her eyes turning red as she reached out to push him and tilting her head away from him.

“Be a good girl and let me kiss you, or else I’ll fck you.” Once Liao said this, she did resist a little less. Her fingers gripping his vest so tightly that she was even cautiously afraid.

He pinned her against the wall, clasped the back of her head and took in the soft lips. His thick tongue probing into her mouth and stabbing it directly into her throat.

Chen Xiang whimpered uncomfortably, and Liao Jun laughed softly, stepping back a few inches and saying in a muffled voice, “Be more proactive and stick your tongue out.”


Her mouth was closed and her eyes were pleading.

Liao Jun’s fingers went up to her panties and just as he touched them, she fearfully pushed out the tip of her tongue. Liao Jun took the sweet little red tongue and sucked it hard for a few seconds, then swallowed her lips with a big bite.

One hand heavily kneaded the flesh of her breast through her underwear, and as if that wasn’t enough, he pulled it down and licked the gradually hardening tip of her bre@st with his head down.

His tongue and stubble scraped across the white and tender flesh in front of her chest several times. His hot lips and tongue sucking and licking, his other hand directly over the other t!t and rubbing it vigorously.

Chen Xiang was licked till her body became limp. Her panties were wet, her voice was completely out of control, and she could not control it by biting her lips, “ooooooo …… no …… mmm …… ooooooo ……”

He bit her with his teeth and only when he heard her cry out when she was bitten did he let go and carry her to the bed.


Liao Jun spread her legs wide apart and lowered his head to the mouth of her pussy and ate the two petals of meat. His tongue wrapping around the little nubs of flesh and teasing them several times.

Chen Xiang’s body tightened. She strained her waist to get up and push him, but she was licked and her bones were so softened that she fell backwards onto the bed sheet. And in a moment, her lower belly became sore and she cried out, her waist and belly trembled five or six times before a hot stream came out of her wet hole from below.

Liao Jun pulled the obstructing new clothes to the floor and poked his index finger into the wet, soft pussy. Seeing that there was plenty of kinky water inside, he poked another finger in and stirred it to go deeper inside. It was so tight and hot inside that he bent his fingers together and pushed them upwards a dozen times.

Chen Xiang’s body trembled violently and she cried out, pulling at his hand, “Oooooh ooh don’t ……”

He found her sensitive spot again with his thick knuckles, and with a strong jab at his wrist, he poked her so hard that Chen Xiang cried out and a jet of warm water erupted from her body and shot straight into Liao Jun’s hand.

He drew back his hand, smearing the lustful water from his palm onto his cøck as his body pressed down to kiss her lips, “Feeling good?”


Chen Xiang’s body was still twitching, and the orgasm made her consciousness a little sluggish.

Liao Jun kissed her soft tits, held his d!ck and slid a few times into her cünt before directly inserting the huge head of the glan through the lewd water.

Chen Xiang was a little more awake than she had ever been due to insertion and whimpered as she reached up to push him, “Don’t……”

The man’s waist sank and the whole thing went in. The long thick s3x organ went straight to the deepest part. The grip of tender flesh around his organ made his scalp tingle, “Fuck, it’s so fucking great.”

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