Soft Fragrance

Chapter 9. My d!ck is hardened by you

When Liao Jun came over, Chen Xiang was putting things into bags for customers. She had a docile personality and a good service attitude. She always has a soft smile in her eyes, and when a customer says something, she purses her lips and laughs softly.

Her skin colour was white, her teeths were clean, and she smiled in a way that was indescribably pleasant to the eyes.

Underneath her red overall was an old grey checkered shirt, buttoned all the way up to her neck. On such a hot day, all the other cashiers were wearing skirts, but she was the only one with a long coat and long trousers, dressed in a strict manner.


Liao Jun was feeling so hot because he drove for more than three hours and searched almost all the supermarkets in the town before he found this place. He doesn’t know why he put in so much effort to see her.

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The other cashiers noticed the commotion on her side and looked up one after another. 


Liao Jun was a tall man, wearing a black vest, with large and tensing muscles stretched out. With a lift of his arm, he handed out a hundred dollar note, which ran up along the back of his hand and upwards, with veins protruding all along his solid knotted arm.

Chen Xiang’s hands were shaking.

“A total of …… five yuan.” The voice was trembling too.

Liao Jun put the money down, unscrewed the cap and took another sip of the drink, and said to her, “Come out.”

“I’m at work.” She looked at him almost pleadingly, not understanding why he had come over, and even more afraid that he was going to do that to her again.

Liao Jun wanted to fuk her as soon as he saw her pitiful eyes.


An evil fire crackled in his lower abdomen. He held his breath and squeezed, lifting his wrist to look at his watch, “You have one minute, I’m at the door.”

Without waiting for her response, he turned around and walked out.

Other cashiers, seeing this, shouted across the distance and asked Chen Xiang, “Do you know him?”

Someone even followed the man out, and before long, came in surprised, “Holy sh!t, do you know what kind of car he’s driving?”

“What car? What car?” Someone stretched their neck and asked.



“Wow!” Someone threw a suspicious look at Chen Xiang, “How do you know him, Chen Xiang?”

Chen Xiang was afraid of being found out and defended herself fearfully and nervously, “He’s my brother’s boss, he’s here for my brother’s business.”

“Oh, so that’s how it is.” A few of the cashiers smiled, “That’s right, how could a rich man look at you?”

After that, they all laughed.

Chen Xiang was used to their sarcasm and did not respond, just squeezed out a smile and pretended not to care.

After finishing the bill for the three customers in the queue, she put the service suspension sign on the table and tried to take off her work clothes, but when she thought of the hole in her clothes behind her, she stopped and walked out.


Liao Jun was sitting inside the car. The passenger window was open and the air conditioner was blowing out. Chen Xiang drew in a cold breeze when she approached the passenger door, and all the heat was blown away.

It was cool as hell.

“Come on in.” Liao Jun took off his sunglasses and patted the co-passenger seat.

Chen Xiang stood still and asked him in a whisper, “What, what’s up?”

“What is it?” Liao Jun’s eyes fell heavily on her face, “Why did you run away without telling me when you woke up?”

“I ……” she stammered, twisting her fingers together, and only after a long time did she say, “I’m sorry.”

Liao Jun couldn’t stand to see her look so stifled. She was obviously so aggrieved, but she still bowed her head and hunched her shoulders, looking as if she was cowering and ready to be scolded.

What’s that sh!t she was wearing, her fcking work clothes were so ugly, and she was wearing some shitty clothes underneath, a frcking plaid shirt, does she have nothing else in her house but plaid shirts!

He scanned the woman from head to toe and decided she looked better with her clothes off.

“Get in the car.” He leaned across, opened the passenger door with his long arm and said to her, “Don’t make me say it again or I’ll fuck you in front of the supermarket.”

Chen Xiang’s heart contracted in fear and she got into the car with trepidation.

Liao Jun leaned over to fasten her seatbelt, but when she saw him approaching, she got scared and cried as she pushed him and shouted “No”. 

Liao Jun sweared under his breath, “Fuk, I’m putting your seatbelt on, why are you shouting, my cøck is getting hard.”

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