Soft Fragrance

Chapter 20. …will be heard…woooo…

Chen Xiang looked up at him, her gaze full of begging, “Here, the sound insulation is very bad …… Tomorrow, I’ll go to town with you, to the hotel, okay?”

“Not okay.” When Liao Jun saw that she was not coming, he got off the bed and came towards her. When she stepped back, he took her in his arms and put his head down and took her mouth, “Keep your voice down, no one will hear you.”

Chen Xiang was convinced and did not dare to make a sound even though she was kissed so hard, but a few muffled grunts escaped from her nostrils.


Liao Jun pushed his palm under the hem of her nightgown and took hold of her tits with one hand, tweaking the hard tips of her nipples with his fingers.

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Chen Xiang’s legs went limp and her whole body was about to slide down, when Liao Jun brought her towards the bed and pinned her underneath him. After licking and eating one tit, he went on to the other, sucking and smacking it, making the two pink nipples glisten with water.


“Coach …… please …… don’t ……” Chen Xiang’s legs were clenched as she was licked and her pussy was hot as it was gushing out water from time to time. She grabbed his arm helplessly and was forced to shed tears by the tingling pleasure in her body.

Liao Jun pulled down her pajama pants and buried his face directly into her panties. The hot breath he exhaled made Chen Xiang shiver involuntarily. She arched her back and saw the man licking her privates through her panties. She didn’t know if it was the image that excited her, but a tingle ran down her spine and another wave of heat came out.

Liao Jun licked a bit of water through her panties, pulled them off, spread her legs as far as they would go, held her by the waist and buried his face deep inside.

The bun-like tender pussy had long, fleshy lips that were particularly attractive. Liao Jun swallowed her clitoris and labia back and forth as if they were some kind of delicacy. His stubble scraping over the stiff clitoris several times and her lustful water was being sucked and slurped into his mouth like noodles.

Chen Xiang bite the back of her hand and arched her back. Seeing the man still buried in her legs, gobbling up her lustful water, she gulped, her belly trembled and a torrent of lustful water spurted out and shot all over Liao Jun’s face.

“Fuk.” Liao Jun wiped his face and stood up, “The little slüt is still good at squirting.”


He pulled down his pants and took out his achingly hard cock, sliding the head of the glan towards her pussy and rubbing it a few times. After he has it covered with lewd water, he straightened his waist and thrusted it into the narrow slit.

He had only just penetrated half of the head of the glan before he was panting with pleasure, “That’s fucking tight.”

Chen Xiang’s body spasmed from the thrusts, her hands gripping the sheets beneath her, biting her lip to death, but a sob escaped her throat, “Oooh ……”

The size of the man’s penis was so large that it bounced with arousal all the way to the end. Chen Xiang’s eyes were almost out of focus from the thrusts and before she could calm down, the man was holding her waist and fuking her dry.

The bed squeaked.

Chen Xiang immediately pushed him, “Oooooh …… no …… too much noise …… will be heard… …”


With a low curse, Liao Jun picked her up from the bed and held her directly in his arms, pushing his crotch up while pressing her buttocks downward.

This position was too deep. After a few strokes, Chen Xiang’s tears crawled all over her face, and she didn’t even dare to make a sound as she cried and her head was shaking like a drum.

Liao Jun knew that she was having a great time, so he deliberately lowered his voice as he fucked her and asked her, “Is my cock big? Does it make you feel good?”

Chen Xiang could not say anything. As if to punish her, he held her waist and pumped into her with great force, snapping so fast and so hard that it felt like he was trying to fuk all the eggs into her body. Chen Xiang could not stand the penetration. She clutched his neck and whimpered, her voice was miserable and she said in a crying tone, “oooooh …… big …… good ……”

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