Soft Fragrance

Chapter 6. Don’t bite… it will break…

The woman’s mouth and tongue were incredibly soft. Liao Jun, like a dog, panted and gnawed the person’s mouth all over, and then further lowered his head to eat the fleshy t!ts.

He grabbed the two tender white milk bags with both hands and squeezed them together. With one big bite, he took the two pink tips on her breast into his mouth, grinding his teeth together and licking them erotically with his tongue, sucking and squealing as if he was eating some kind of delicacy from heaven, wishing to swallow them all into his stomach.

Chen Xiang squirmed as she was licked. Her p*ssy was hot and spitting out a load of lewd water uncontrollably. She patted the man’s sturdy shoulder and begged, “Don’t bite it…. it’ll break….”


“Uncomfortable?” Liao Jun sucked heavily on the tip of her tits, and Chen Xiang was so drawn that she arched her back and trembled, a moan spilling out of her throat, “Oooooh …… no ……”

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“Ah ……” Chen Xiang didn’t expect him to lick there at all. She went to push his head in shame and fear, “Oooh …… don’t lick ……”


Her hot inner flesh wrapped around his thick tongue.

The pain and tingling from the hard stubble scraping against her slightly swollen lips was so intense that Chen Xiang was almost driven mad, her cries rising to a sobbing tone, her body trembling uncontrollably as she whimpered.

It was pleasuring.

The man opened his mouth and took the two lips of her vagina, the tip of his teeth grinding and licking the nub of flesh. After a short time, warm water flowed out of the closed hole and he ate it all with his mouth wide open.

The sound of swallowing causing the strings in Chen Xiang’s head to snap and her body to tense up as she screamed out while being licked straight to orgasm.

Liao Jun came over to kiss her again, “Is it good?”


Chen Xiang just shook her head vigorously and her face was covered in tears.

Liao Jun didn’t believe it and cursed under his breath before saying, “Laozi1 To think oneself as the most important person or the no.1 authority in the world sucking a woman’s poossy for the first time, and you’re telling me it’s not good?”

He took out a puddle of lustful water from her poossy and smeared it on his d!ck. He slid the head of his pen!s into her p*ssy a few times and tried to penetrate it, but it was a bit swollen from all the penetration he had just done and he couldn’t get it in after trying several times.

Chen Xiang shrank back, crying and begging him, “No …… it really hurts ……”

“Damn it!” Liao Jun was so hard but he couldn’t get it in, and seeing the woman’s crying face, he frowned and said, “Fine, don’t get it in.”

He turned the woman over, let her lie on the wall, put her legs side by side, and inserted her from behind her hips. His voice hoarse with desire and dissatisfaction, “Clip it for me! If I can’t shoot it out, I have to fck you!”


Chen Xiang was so scared that she immediately clamped her legs.

His hot s³x organ plunged right up to the mouth of the poossy. The head of the d!ck crushed heavily over the two fleshy lips of the vag!naa, grazing over the tender nub. Chen Xiang’s body went limp and she let out a cry, “Haaah ……”

Hearing this sound, Liao Jun took her ear and bit her earlobe, “Baby, you scream so beautifully, scream again.”

Chen Xiang cried and shook her head. She covered her mouth with both hands and sobbed in her palm. 

When Liao Jun saw this, he grabbed one of her arms and pressed it on her hips. Exerting force on her abdomen, he straightened her waist and raised her hips and fuked her in the centre of her leg. Within a few strokes, the place was flooded with water and the nubs of flesh were rubbed red and hot.

The two lips of her vag!na breathed in and out as soon as the rod was inserted into the mouth of the poossy, making his loins and eyes tingle. The man breathed heavily and clasped her waist and f*cked her violently for dozens of strokes, making Chen Xiang tremble and shiver from the grinding.


A small puddle of lusty splash poured over the man’s column, and with one final thrust, Liao Jun crushed his pen!s halfway into her p*ssy before pulling out and ejaculating against her white hindquarters.

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