Soft Fragrance

Chapter 12. No more… woo woo…

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Chen Xiang screamed out longingly as she was penetrated, “Haaah ……”

The hot, hard rod was pushed right up to the opening of the womb. He pulled out and chiselled in with more force than the last time, cutting out a pool of water from the tender flesh and chiselling in again. He went in back and forth, causing her to shake her head like a madwoman, crying and whining.


The man grabbed her around the waist and lifted her one leg over his shoulder, slamming his waist and crotch into the centre of her leg.

The bed creaked as he fcked her, and Chen Xiang couldn’t take it as fast as he did. As the pleasure of annihilation washed over her scalp, she whimpered and begged for mercy. Her voice was as weak as a cat’s cry, broken by the man’s thrusts and reduced to a seductive moan.

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Chen Xiang moaned and groaned from the penetration, but just wouldn’t say she was comfortable.

He was so ruthless that he spread her legs and pressed them into an M-shape. His whole body pressed against her, fcking her hard and fast. The water from the penetration splashed everywhere and the thick hard pubic hair hit the red flesh near her hole. He bit her nose, his voice was rough and husky, “Asking you, are you comfortable?”

Chen Xiang felt like she was going to be fuked to death and cried and nodded, “…… comfortable.”

Liao Jun was satisfied, but his speed didn’t slow down. He sat the woman up, clasped her in his arms and pressed her buttocks into his lower abdomen with one hand.

The position was so deep that Chen Xiang was about to be pushed through, and had only just cried out in anguish when the she screamed in a frenzy as he thrust in and out with a series of powerful thrusts.

Her nails were pinching the man’s shoulders, scratching all the hard muscles but his hands were so hard and muscular that he felt no pain, no matter whether she scratched or clawed.


“Coach ……” she begged him pathetically, “No more …… woo-hoo… …”

The sharp pleasure of incontinence forced her to clutch his neck and whimper for mercy, “I feel uncomfortable …… no more ……”

“That’s good, scream some more.” The man kissed her on the lips and nibbled on her earlobe, his hot breath spraying on her ear. Chen Xiang’s body shuddered with excitement, her belly trembled a few times and she cried out on the man’s shoulder as she came.

“Was that good?” Liao Jun touched the tip of her buttocks from where a handful of kinky water gurgled out.

He lay back on the bed, holding Chen Xiang’s thin waist, pinching her and rocking her back and forth. Chen Xiang had just had an orgasm and her canal was still very sensitive, so the thick and long sex organ poked straight into her, causing her sore belly to swell.

She was forced to sit on top of the man and sway a dozen times, her whole belly shuddered and she went limp, slumping onto his chest, her mouth whimpering and crying, “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ……”


Liao Jun was almost disarmed by her shrinking pussy. With a low curse, he lifted her upwards with both hands around her waist and thrust his crotch upwards several dozen times, causing Chen Xiang to shake her head and scream wildly before pulling out with a ragged breath and cumming on her belly.

He was so pleased that he took a tissue and wiped her briefly, then took her into his arms and cuddled her, kissing her intimately on the mouth.

“No, no more ……” Her eyes were red and she tried to hide, but couldn’t. She could only look at him with resignation and fear.

The moment Liao Jun saw her expression, he wanted to fuck her, but he said, “Okay, no more.”

I’ll fuk her later.

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