Soft Fragrance

Chapter 29: “Take my c*ck inside your mouth.”

Liao Jun had just put down Chen Xiang when the phone rang.

The club was bustling with people and various matters. Liao Jun had suddenly left yesterday and hadn’t been seen all day today. The assistant manager called him to ask when he would be back and if he would attend the training session tomorrow.


Liao Jun had a rule of going on outdoor training once a month. Although they called it “outdoor,” it mainly involved hiking and then running back. Yes, they took a bus there and ran back. Whoever arrived first would enjoy a luxurious dinner at a five-star hotel. 

Liao Jun never neglected the trainees when it came to food. The meals were prepared by hotel chefs, but he had high standards for his own dining preferences, and even five-star hotels found it difficult to satisfy his culinary desires. As a result, he often went out alone to find food and would sometimes stay in another province for several days just for a bite before returning.

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Chen Xiang asked softly, “…Where are you going?”

With that statement, Liao Jun was enticed back from the door. He pressed her against the bed and kissed her passionately, saying, “We’ll finish and then I’ll leave.”

Chen Xiang was intoxicated and her body was weak like water. After he kissed her a few times, she whimpered softly. Her hands weakly pushed against his chest, “It hurts… Ah…”

His rough stubble made her lips sore.

Liao Jun unbuttoned her shirt and, panting heavily, kissed her neck, moving downwards. He removed her bra, taking one of her soft mounds into his mouth. He sucked on the tender flesh, as white as tofu, before releasing it. The nipples trembled and stood erect from the stimulation. He used his teeth to nibble and bite, causing Chen Xiang to moan and whimper.

“Does it feel good?” With one hand kneading her ample breast, he used the other hand to explore her body, his mouth constantly sucking on her nipple, creating a satisfying sound.


Chen Xiang rubbed her legs against the bed sheet, her hands gripping his hair. She mumbled incoherently, “Ah… Gently… It hurts…”

His c*ck grew harder as she called out, and he took off his pants. Grabbing Chen Xiang’s hand, he placed it on his erect member and said, “Stroke it.”

Chen Xiang hesitated, not wanting to touch it again after it had burned her before.

Liao Jun bit and pulled on her nipple, while his index finger circled and toyed with the other breast. Chen Xiang whimpered and unconsciously grasped his c*ck, which gave Liao Jun an extreme pleasure. After licking and sucking on her nipple, he kissed down her belly and reached her intimate area. He forcefully removed her panties, spread her legs wide apart, and then dove down, taking her moist flesh into his mouth and sucking on it greedily.

“Ah…” Chen Xiang’s body tensed up. Her neck arched, and her hands gripped the bedsheet beneath her. With a cry that sounded like a sob, she moaned, “Ah… Ha… Ah…”

Liao Jun took a firm suck on the swollen nub of flesh, causing Chen Xiang’s eyes to roll back. His tongue darted into her entrance, repeatedly thrusting and scraping against her tender flesh. His rough stubble rubbed against her, while his tongue skillfully teased her engorged nub. Chen Xiang’s waist trembled, and a small wave of arousal gushed from her opening.


Liao Jun climbed onto the bed, flipped Chen Xiang over, and embraced her in his arms. He pushed her head downward, guiding it all the way to his own sex organ. With a husky voice, he said, “Take my c*ck inside your mouth.”

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