First (Campus H)

Chapter 21. Little rabbit good boy, open the door (h)

Xu Qing was touched by him like that, and the soft slit in the middle immediately began to seep out gurgling spring water. Where did she still have time to think? She immediately shouted at Fu Xin: “There, there…”

Fu Xin showed a slightly teachable expression. He poked his finger lightly and inserted it into the pink, wet hole, twitching slowly against the delicate inner wall. He looked at Xu Qing’s face, dyed with a charming red blush, and asked quietly. “Who is it?”


She stared with big sparkling eyes, looking at the clear and beautiful face in front of her. If she couldn’t hear the meaning in his voice, all her years of study would have been in vain…

Xu Qing bit her red lips and hummed like a mosquito, “You…”


Fu Xin’s finger pushed deeper and deeper, and said in a deep voice: “Who am I?”

Xu Qing burst into a tremor and cried out delicately, “Ah, you are Fu Xin…… Fu Xin…….” followed by the words “Great Demon King.” She stiffly held back and did not scream out.

“Hehe ……” Fu Xin finally spread a smile and withdrew his finger that was unbridled in Xu Qing’s hole.

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It was a feeling of being loved.


Her will was so weak at this point that she gave in. More and more pleasure built up as she shook her head impatiently, at the mercy of the man on top of her.

It wasn’t until after she shuddered and screamed, her p*ssy convulsing violently and spurting out a huge stream of flower fluid, that she collapsed onto the bed as if drained of all her strength. She panted, looking in disbelief at Fu Xin, who was slowly rising.

He licked his watery lips and came up to her ear and whispered, “You’ve had your fun, now let me have mine.”

After saying that, he quickly took off his shirt, revealing his lean and strong body.

Xu Qing’s face inexorably reddened even more. Fu Xin was already slender and fair-skinned, and he usually did not show much, but now, after taking off his outer clothes, he was unexpectedly firm and good-looking.

This was the legendary looking thin while dressing and showing meat when undressing.

And it was such a young, sexy body pressing against her soft, tender body. His bare chest was perspiring and constantly rubbing against her full bre*sts, causing a burst of electricity to surge through her body. She began to whine and squirm around.

Fu Xin straightened up and lifted Xu Qing’s legs onto his shoulders. He held his meat stem in one hand and aimed at her wet hole. With a little force, he pushed the pink p*ssy lips apart and plunged straight in.

“Mmmm..” both of them let out a muffled grunt. Xu Qing was swollen. Fu Xin was pleased.

Fu Xin’s feeling was that it seemed tighter, while Xu Qing’s was that it seemed bigger…

However, once this great harmony of life was played, it simply could not be stopped.

Xu Qing’s body began to sway with Fu Xin’s thrusts. The delicate canal was rubbed and tingled. The tender bre*sts on her chest followed, and the two points of red at the top also swayed with great joy.


Fu Xin’s eyes were hot. He lowered his head and kissed the pink tip, causing Xu Qing to arch her body and cry out in a high and low voice.

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