First (Campus H)

Chapters. 33 – 34.

Chapter 33. Summer Vacation Life

Xu Qing and Fu Xin basically spent their summer holidays together, either at Xu Qing’s house or at Fu Xin’s house.

Xu Qing’s parents were also quite avant-garde in their thinking and were very open to the idea of Xu Qing having a boyfriend. The only thing they told her implicitly was that while it was okay for her to have a good relationship with Fu Xin, they were not ready to be grandparents yet.

So an embarrassing scene appeared. When Xu Qing took out her exercise set at Fu Xin’s house, she dropped a packet of condoms and Fu Xin picked them up.

Xu Qing immediately blushed, but she also knew in her heart that this was her parents’ way of showing her that they loved her and wanted to protect her, so she hurriedly reached out to grab it.


However, Fu Xin smiled and opened the condoms. He held them up in front of her eyes and asked flirtatiously, “What flavour do you want, strawberry or peach?”

Xu Qing’s face was now so red that she was about to turn purple. Why should these condoms have flavours? This was too evil ……

The result was that just when she thought Fu Xin would force her to try it, Fu Xin put those things aside. He opened his lecture notes and began his preaching and teaching process in a serious manner.

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“Then I’ll sleep with you for a while ……” Fu Xin lowered his head and kissed Xu Qing on her pink mouth.


Fu Xin kissed her for a long time, until Xu Qing felt the hardness of his bottom poking straight at her, but he didn’t do anything to follow up. Instead, he held her and slowly calmed down.

Xu Qing felt that this look was very sweet and warm. During her danger period, Fu Xin had been more restrained. When the two made heaven and earth [1], it was a kind of passionate and intense communication, but when snuggled together quietly like this, the hearts were closer.

The days of their relationship passed in such a passionate and calm manner, until an unexpected visitor arrived.

[1] When they had sex. 

Chapter 34. Ex-boyfriend

On this day, Xu Qing and Fu Xin were playing chess at home. Xu Qing had just learned the game and was interested in it, so Fu Xin would accompany her to practise. Most of the afternoon passed in a flash.

At that moment, Xu Qing’s phone rang, and she glanced at it. The screen flashed with two big words – “Guang Hui”.

Xu Qing was a little embarrassed all of a sudden. Guang Hui was her last boyfriend in junior high school. He did not take the high school entrance exams but was directly sent abroad by his family to study.

The two hardly had much contact after they separated, as Guang Hui had a new girlfriend soon after he arrived there as well.

How could he call her out of the blue?

With her current boyfriend right in front of her, looking at her with a calm and collected look, was she not going to answer this? Going to answer this, or not going to answer this.


“What’s wrong?” Fu Xin also stared at her phone screen.

 “It’s my ex-boyfriend.” Xu Qing muttered in a small voice, her big eyes flashing at Fu Xin with a feeling of waiting for the emperor to send her down.

In fact, she was mainly afraid of Fu Xin’s pin-sized heart. The last time Tang Chuan just touched her face, he was jealous like that. If she and Guang Hui said a few more words, maybe she would fry herself.

And this expression on her face really pleased Fu Xin.

He tilted his chin at Xu Qing’s persistently dinging phone and said gently, “Answer it, maybe he wants to see you!”

Xu Qing thought about it. If she didn’t answer it, wouldn’t that be a little bit of a no-brainer? It would seem as if she was guilty of being a thief, but what was she to feel guilt about? She and Guang Hui had nothing to do with each other.

So Xu Qing picked up the phone, scratched it, and shouted in a serious, serious voice: “Hello~~”

On the other end of the phone came Guang Hui’s gentle and warm voice: “Xu Qing, you finally answered the phone. Are you busy?”

“It’s okay!” Xu Qing glanced at Fu Xin’s faint eyes and lowered her voice a little more to Guanghui.

“Oh, I’ll make it short then. I’m back in China. I haven’t seen you for so long, and I miss you quite a bit. Let’s go out for dinner this Saturday. I still have a few other students from our class to call.”

Xu Qing thought that even if Guang Hui and she were not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore, they were at least old classmates, so it was normal to have a meal. And it was a gathering with other classmates, so there was even less wrong with it.

So she took a look at Fu Xin and looked at him with the same small eyes as if she was asking for instructions.


Fu Xin put the chess piece in his hand down on the chessboard without too much expression, but at the same time nodded to Xu Qing.

“Hmm, okay, just send me the time and place on my phone later.” Xu Qing felt that a lot of things were better to be closed as soon as possible, to save words from being lost. She hurriedly closed the line with Guang Hui.

Xu Qing looked at Fu Xin, who was still looking at the chessboard calmly. She felt that something was wrong, but she couldn’t tell. She simply took the initiative to sit next to Fu Xin and hugged him flirtatiously, “Let’s go together that day. I think it’s better that way.”

Xu Qing wanted to formally introduce Fu Xin to her friends, so maybe this was a good opportunity.

Only then did the Great Demon King, Fu Xin, reveal a light smile that charmed people to death and nodded to Xu Qing, a look of appreciation in his spring-like eyes that could be shown to children who were well-taught.

Xu Qing’s little butt next to him hadn’t even warmed up before she was picked up and thrown down on the sofa. Then he continued to give her a lively and interesting “tutoring” lesson.

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