First (Campus H)

Chapter 3. Come and Keep Me Company.

The next morning, Xu Wan woke up refreshed. Thanks to the genetic heritage of the old Xu family, everyone had boundless energy and only needed a few hours of sleep every day to be alive and well.

When she saw that it was still early for class, she changed her clothes and went for a run in the school playground.

Xu Wan was wearing tight-fitting sportswear that made her chest look even more magnificent. Her bulging bre*sts twitched slightly with her running movements. Xu Wan felt that her mother had fed her too well throughout the summer vacation, and now, all the weight seemed to have gone to her chest.

After running a few laps, Xu Wan was already drenched in sweat, so she ran to the kiosk to buy a bottle of mineral water. Just after she took a sip, she turned around and bumped into a man.

The impact was so strong that the two soft flesh on Xu Wan’s chest was still trembling and hurting when she was bounced away.


She looked up and saw that it was Qiao Ning again.

He seemed to have just finished his run. A crystal of sweat fell from his delicate face. He looked at Xu Xin unperturbed, but the colder he was, the more he had a desire to look at Xu Wan a few more times.

Xu Wan swallowed nervously, not knowing what to say.

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The three of them looked at her in surprise. You have to eat dirt just after the start of the school year? Are you deep in the campus online loans?


Xu Wan was so helpless that she briefly told them about her conflict with her family and the fact that she would be in a very difficult financial situation throughout the semester. Fortunately, the other three girls were all righteous and chivalrous and said that they would help her look out for them. After all, they could only rely on their parents at home and their friends when they go out.

In the afternoon, after class, Xu Wan returned to her dorm room, and before her butt was even warmed up, she received a WeChat from Qiao Ning with a location and two short words: “Come here.”

Xu Wan remembered what Qiao Ning had said this morning, so she hurriedly changed her clothes and went out the door.

Qiao Ning was located in a large shopping mall not far from the school. Xu Wan couldn’t afford to take a taxi, so she rode a shared bicycle and went over.

By the time she got there, Qiao Ning had already been waiting for her for a while. He seemed to be listening to some song with his headphones on. His gaze was empty and his mind seemed to be wandering into the void.

Xu Wan panted and ran up to him, “Senior, sorry I’m late ……”

Qiao Ning’s eyes went to Xu Wan’s body, which had been riding over in the hot sun. Xu Wan’s clothes were already soaked through. After all, the sun was very hot. Her skin was still as white as porcelain, but her cheeks were flushed because of the strenuous exercise. She was tired. Her hands were propped up on her knees, and she couldn’t stop panting lightly at Qiao Ning.

Qiao Ning couldn’t help but reach out and lift the sticky, sweat-damp hair around her cheeks behind her ear. He smoothly rubbed her slightly red earlobe again and gently said to her, “Why are you wet like this ……”

Qiao Ning was elegant and delicate, with a clean temperament. At this time, he was pinching Xu Wan’s earlobe, and he was still so gentle and elegant. Xu Wan raised her head, looking at him sitting steadily in the chair, like the silent mountains under the blue sky and white sun. It was only his dark, bright eyes that seemed as if they were dyed with a strange light.

In an instant, the clean and cold temperament was gone. Instead, it carried a perverse and evil feeling.

Xu Wan’s legs trembled, and she almost offered him her knees ……

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