First (Campus H)

Chapter 20. Picking the Little Girl’s Mushroom.

Xu Nuo picked up the mineral water that had rolled out of his bag. She turned around, turning her back to Pei Yan and unscrewing the cap. Then, she began to wash her private parts.

Pei Yan also followed and asked with concern, “Is it serious? Do you still need to take medicine?”  

Xu Nuo avoided him. She moved her body around and gave a vague “mmm”.

As a result, Pei Yan pulled her back to himself and said, with a frown, “Don’t take it. It hurts your body. Let me take care of it!”

After saying that, he stared at the place between Xu Nuo’s legs, which was full of clear water and shiny crystal grass. He gulped, “Do you think I should use my hands or my mouth?”


Xu Nuo coldly snorted. She lifted a foot and kicked him to the side. Then, she folded her legs together like a mermaid, straightening the clothes on her upper body while saying faintly. “It’s been a safe period recently.”

Pei Yan, who had faked a fall on the floor, immediately sat up like a carp and looked at Xu Nuo with excitement: “That condom can be saved.”

The corner of Xu Nuo’s forehead was throbbing with pain, so she went up and gave him another kick: “Cut the crap and delete the photos quickly.”

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The picture of the “little girl picking mushrooms” had indeed disappeared, but it was replaced by a close-up of a slender hand holding a mushroom.


In other words, her hand is in the picture instead of her.

And what made her feel so bad was the caption Pei Yan gave to the picture – “Picking the girl’s mushroom.”

The connotation of this picture was even more profound.

This time, there were even more people scrambling to reply than the last one.

“I didn’t see that coming, so you’re a mushroom like this ……”

“Girl, how are you? Are you alright?”

“Mushroom, how’s it going?”

“It seems that not only is he off the bachelor list, but he’s also off the virginity list.”

“That’s so exciting ……”

“I’m just looking and not talking ……”

“I’m waiting for the wedding candy ……”

“I’m waiting to hold a baby ……”


“This is blatant dog abuse. This is a distortion of human nature or moral degradation ……”

Xu Nuo suddenly felt a little dizzy, so she silently turned off her phone and collapsed in the car to squint for a while.

When she woke up, the car was already at her doorstep. Xu Nuo thanked the driver and returned home with a tired body.

Her mother was abroad on a business trip, and the house was empty. Xu Nuo was so tired that she couldn’t open her eyes, so she fell asleep.

She didn’t know how long she slept, but the doorbell and the mobile phone started ringing non-stop. Xu Nuo struggled to get up, saw the caller ID on the phone, and picked it up: “Hello ……”

“Xu Nuo, are you okay? Open the door quickly, I’m at the door!” Pei Yan’s anxious voice came over the phone.

“Oh ……” Xu Nuo’s mind was dizzy. She struggled to get up from the bed, wobbled to the door and opened it with a click.

She saw Pei Yan standing in the doorway with a gloomy expression. He rushed in with one healthy step and took her in her arms: “You’re burning so badly now. Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Xu Nuo looked at Pei Yan with a bewildered expression. How did he know she was sick?

Seeing Xu Nuo like this, Pei Yan was heartbroken. He picked her up by the waist without any further ado, “Go, let’s go to the hospital. I’ll explain to you on the way.”

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