First (Campus H)

Chapter 27. Stay Away from Me and My Girl.

 When the final exam results came in, Xu Qing had miraculously improved by 20 points. She was on the verge of tears of joy as she held her paper, from failing to passing.

What made her feel even more dignified was that the teacher praised her in front of the whole class, saying that she was the most improved student this semester.

She naturally knew that this had a lot to do with Fu Xin’s tutoring, so while she was neatly organising her papers, she said enthusiastically to Fu Xin, “Half of the military medal is yours and half of it is mine, so to show my gratitude to you, I’ll treat you to a big dinner tonight.”

 Fu Xin calmly glanced around Xu Qing’s body. Full bre*sts, slender waist, long legs; which one to eat first?

Xu Qing was stunned by him and subconsciously clenched her legs. She said with a red little face, “I’ll go first and buy you an ice cream first to cool down the fire ……”


The cool breeze of the evening blew against the campus’ emerald willows. Fu Xin leisurely leaned under a tree, watching Xu Qing holding an ice cream. Like a cute little rabbit, she lightly jumped over and held the ice cream high in front of him. She softly said to him, “Eat it quickly, or it will melt.”

Fu Xin smiled and held her little hand up high. He licked the finger that she dipped in the ice cream. Xu Qing felt a tingling sensation from her fingers all the way to her heart, and she subconsciously let out a delicate cry, “Ya!”  

Looking at Xu Qing’s slowly reddening little face, if he hadn’t remembered that this was still the school playground, Fu Xin would have wanted to put her on the spot.

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Xu Qing nervously pulled at the corner of his shirt, but Fu Xin held her small hand in his backhand and said in a soft voice: “You stand here obediently and watch your man play well.”


Xu Qing instantly forgot what she had just wanted to say. Her mind was full of Fu Xin’s phrase “your man”… Her cheeks immediately reddened and burned.

The corners of Fu Xin’s mouth turned up slightly. He gently patted her little head, and turned around to walk towards the basketball court.

The students around the court picked up their mobile phones, took pictures, and sent mass group messages. In short, they heard that the two big school boys were going to solo, and all of a sudden a lot of people gathered outside the basketball court.

Everyone looked at Fu Xin, who walked into the court leisurely. Compared to Tang Chuan’s fully equipped jerseys and shoes, he was just a casual dress. He wore a white polo shirt, light blue jeans, and light-soled canvas shoes. When he was compared to the heroic sportsman Tang Chuan, he was simply a fair, clean, and weak scholar.

However, as soon as the whistle blew, the basketball was thrown upwards by the referee. The two men who leapt up high at the same time were already competing against each other..

In the midst of the shouts of the girls around him, Fu Xin jumped up a little more than half a head higher than Tang Chuan, and with a snap, took the lead and grabbed the basketball first. Then, he ran under the opposing team’s basket and leapt up to dunk it.

You could imagine how loud the girls’ screams were next.

The next few balls became Fu Xin’s personal dazzling time. The ball seemed to grow in his hand. No matter how hard Tang Chuan tried to grab the ball, he couldn’t touch it. He dodged Tang Chuan’s attack with a flick of his hand, and with a magnificent turn and leap, he lifted the basketball over his head and threw it.

The crowd watched as the basketball made a perfect arc in the air and then fell into the basket.

Tang Chuan, who was unable to steal the ball, gradually began to lose his initial poise. He began to use brute force to rush Fu Xin, who smiled gently and stepped forward. Their bodies made an absolute clash, but he jumped up high and tossed the basketball with a slight movement of his wrist, as if he was at ease. With a clang, the basketball again fell into the basket without any doubt.

And then came the sound of Tang Chuan falling to the ground with a poof.

The student who acted as a referee blew his whistle to signal the end of the game.


One of Tang Chuan’s classmates ran out onto the playground to help him up and ask if he was alright, and one grumpy boy glared directly at Fu Xin in a very unfriendly manner.

Fu Xin’s chest was heaving violently at the moment because of the strenuous exercise. His forehead hair was already soaked with sweat, and his eyes were dark. He looked at Tang Chuan and his group without saying a word. He was obviously a gentle man, but he exuded an indelible wildness and aggressiveness.

The boy who was glaring at Fu Xin only felt a chill run down his back, so he had to turn his head to look at Tang Chuan.

Tang Chuan rubbed his injured knee. He tried to squeeze out a smile at Fu Xin and said, in a low voice, “You win.”

Fu Xin didn’t say anything, but just lifted his shirt and casually wiped his face, instantly revealing the sharp and firm six-pack abs on his abdomen.

This hormonally explosive action once again caused the girls around him to exclaim and whisper.

After wiping his face, Fu Xin stuck his hands in his pockets and said to Tang Chuan, “From now on, stay away from me and my girl.”

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