Little Princess

Chapter 2: Jiaojiao, This Is Just The Beginning (H)

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Li Zhenzhen looked at her Imperial Father.

Since she was a child, she had always been with her Imperial Father more than with her Consort Mother. Her Consort Mother often complained about her innocence, as well as the other harem concubines who were favored by her Imperial Father.

She knew that her Consort Mother was not favored. She also knew that her Imperial Father had many favorite concubines. Her Imperial Father would only call her Consort Mother, at most, once a month. She felt sorry for her Consort Mother who was not loved. Once, she asked her Imperial Father why he didn’t favor her consort mother, but he became furious.


He called her Consort Mother, reprimanding her in front of Li Zhenzhen, and told her not to say anything unnecessary to Li Zhenzhen. She was frightened as her Consort Mother was dragged away, crying. She quietly asked her Imperial Father what his ‘favor’ was.

He just hugged her and told her, “My little princess does not need to know these mundane things. Zhenzhen only needs to be a happy little princess.” Li Zhenzhen shrank into her Imperial Father’s arms ignorantly and nodded slowly.

Later, her Imperial Father had her live in Wende Hall, and she could not leave without his consent.

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Courage filled her whole body, and Li Zhenzhen, who was originally feeling cold, didn’t feel it anymore. She waited for a long time, but did not hear the words of her Imperial Father.


She was a little apprehensive and carefully looked up at the pearl hairpin her Imperial Father was holding.

This pearl hairpin was her favorite, which her Imperial Father designed himself.

Li Zhenzhen trembled and said, “Your Majesty, Zhenzhen wants to take this hairpin with her.”

She only needed this hairpin when she died, so when she is reborn, she will give it back to her Imperial Father.

Li Yue said lightly, “Go? Where? “

“… ” She stretched out her hand to wipe away her tears, but she was caught off-guard by her Imperial Father. She was shocked and turned around. She was surprised to see her imperial father hugging her.

It was the embrace of her warm Imperial Father, but it was a pity that this would be the last time. He’d have a new favorite princess and pamper her after she left, wouldn’t he?

Thinking of this, Li Zhenzhen felt like she had been stabbed with a knife.

Her heart was really hurt, but suddenly her chest warmed. She lowered her head, and saw her Imperial Father’s hand touching her heart for some reason.

She raised her eyes and looked at him in surprise.

In Li Yue’s eyes, she was raised by him, and he knew how pure she was.

Li Zhenzhen didn’t understand anything.


The desire to conquer gave Li Yue an unspeakable pleasure. He suddenly raised the corners of his mouth and smiled. Li Zhenzhen’s eyes widened, but her mouth opened slightly. She was puzzled. This… What is this?

She hurriedly lowered her head, and saw that her father’s wide and warm palm was rubbing her heart. Her Imperial Father’s palm was pressed against her left chest and rubbed it over and over again.

An unfamiliar touch rose in Li Zhenzhen’s heart. She wanted to close her lips, but then opened her mouth again: “Ah… uhhh… Imperial Father… Uh… Imperial Father… “

Li Yue’s palm was pressed against Li Zhenzhen’s bre*sts, rubbing her delicate mounds over and over again. Li Yue looked down at her and continued rubbing the sensitive buns.

He smiled again. Just yesterday morning, his little princess was lying on the bed and did not want to get up, so he needed to go down and kiss her on the forehead in order for her to wake up.

Speaking of which, he had always loved this princess too much.

As the little princess grew up, when she fell asleep, the quilt couldn’t quite cover her body, so she would run away embarrassed.

It turned out that this was what the quilt had been covering.

Li Yue stopped rubbing and directly used his fingertips to fiddle with her n*pples. Li Zhenzhen had never been treated this way before, and her body instantly softened in Li Yue’s arms.

Li Yue couldn’t help but lower his head to kiss her little n*pples.

This golden and precious little princess bathes every day. Her babies are fragrant, sweet, and soft. He kissed it, and saw her n*pples stand up tremblingly.

He stretched out his tongue and licked it, “Um… oh… no, oh… Imperial Father…” Li Zhenzhen stretched out her hand to push him, but her little hands were so soft, how could she push? Instead of letting go, Li Yue licked harder.


He had many concubines, some dignified, others charming, but they always served him.

This was the first time he had acted like this.

But he had to admit that his favorite was his Jiaojiao. He became addicted as soon as he tasted it, but Li Zhenzhen groaned and cried in his arms and pushed him, her little face struggling from time to time: “Imperial Father, don’t… Zhenzhen feels uncomfortable… Uuuu… Imperial Father…”

When Li Yue stretched out his hand to touch the other bun, Li Zhenzhen’s body was already hot, so when the cold jade bracelet on her father’s wrist touched her skin, she shuddered. She cried, “Don’t… Imperial Father, don’t…”

Li Yue bit one and rubbed the other while Li Zhenzhen moaned. She didn’t twist in his arms anymore. She had lost all her energy. Her chin was pressed against his head, panting, and she made a few “umh” sounds from time to time. Li Yue stopped sucking. He looked down at her, muttering, “Jiaojiao.”

“Imperial Father…” Li Zhenzhen said, aggrieved, “Zhenzhen is uncomfortable… ah…” Li Yue’s other hand didn’t stop rubbing.

Li Yue coaxed and asked her: “What is Imperial Father touching, Jiaojiao?”

Li Zhenzhen was about to cry again when she heard Li Yue call himself Imperial Father. She shook her head softly, “Zhenzhen doesn’t know.”

“This is Zhenzhen’s t*t…” He took Li Zhenzhen’s hand to touch her other bun, but it was so hot that Li Zhenzhen wanted to let go. Li Yue pressed it tightly and gently guided Li Zhenzhen. As Li Zhenzhen was forced to press her npples with her own fingers, as Li Yue explained, “These are Zhenzhen’s little n*pples.”

“Ah… um… um…” Her hand was forced to rub her n*pple where there was still liquid from his mouth. “Understood, eh?” Li Yue asked her.

Li Zhenzhen blushed.

“Tell Imperial Father, where is Zhenzhen rubbing?”


Although Li Zhenzhen didn’t understand what was happening, she instinctively felt ashamed, but didn’t want to let her Imperial Father down. She shyly buried her face in his shoulders and said: “Zhenzhen is rubbing Zhenzhen’s little n*pples, oh… woo… Imperial Father… Um, ah, ah… “

Li Yue leaned down and kissed Li Zhenzhen’s lips, making her almost lose her breath. Li Zhenzhen’s own hand was still rubbing the little bun obediently. He kissed her, took her hand from her bre*st, and Li Zhenzhen subconsciously rubbed Li Yue’s clothes.

Li Yue had a surprised look on his face.

Li Yue smiled, “Unexpectedly, Jiaojiao is so sassy.”

Li Zhenzhen felt that this was not a good word and cried.

Li Yue’s hand tore off her skirt, which was already loosely wrapped around her body, and reached out to touch her flower hole, which turned out to be wet.

As soon as Li Yue’s hand touched it, his hand became wet with spring water. He released Li Zhenzhen’s mouth and showed her. “Look, Zhenzhen is showing off.”

Li Zhenzhen hid her face and cried, “Zhenzhen is not showing off, wooo…”

Li Yue lowered his head and kissed the corner of her mouth: “Zhenzhen is showing off to Zhen1Zhen is an illesim used by the Emperor. The character is different from the zhen character in Li Zhenzhen’s name, and Zhen likes it.”

Li Zhenzhen looked back at him, not believing it.

Li Yue suddenly stretched out his hand to touch her flower hole, “Ah…” Li Zhenzhen frowned, and Li Yue said, “Zhenzhen likes this, huh?”

“No, no… Imperial Father… Woo, Imperial Father… Zhenzhen feels so uncomfortable… Imperial Father…” Li Yue’s fingers were grinding her flower hole, and the ignorant and pure little princess was about to be broken by him. The wonderful pleasure in Li Yue’s heart rose even more. He fiddled with Li Zhenzhen’s flower hole and watched Li Zhenzhen shut her eyes and talk nonsense. “Zhenzhen is uncomfortable… Imperial Father… Zhenzhen is going to die… uuuu.”

“Jiaojiao is too cool?”

Is that cool? Li Zhenzhen looked confused.

“Yes.” Li Yue took out his hands that were full of water, wiped it on Li Zhenzhen’s t*ts, and said, “Look, Zhenzhen is so cool that she has a lot of water…”


Li Yue’s cock lifted up, hitting Li Zhenzhen’s a*s.

“Jiaojiao, touch it for Imperial Father.”

“Huh?” Li Zhenzhen raised her eyes to look at him, and Li Yue smiled at her: “Imperial Father likes to watch.”

Li Zhenzhen blinked. As long as her Imperial Father liked it, she thought. Her hand stretched out ignorantly, but the flower hole was slippery, and she was so scared that she immediately retracted it again.

“Put it back,” Li Yue said as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her neck sideways. “Imperial Father likes to watch Jiaojiao…”

“… Hmm.” Li Zhenzhen finally touched it. She leaned against her father’s arms and rubbed her flower hole. The more she touched it, the more comfortable she was, and she moaned, “Uh-huh.”

“Tell Imperial Father, is Zhenzhen happy?”

“Imperial Father, Zhenzhen is so cool… uuuu…”

Li Yue’s meat stick was pressed against her b*tt with several layers of fabric. Li Yue said again, “Dear Jiaojiao, do it faster.”

Li Zhenzhen speeded up obediently. She was really dying and wanted to retract her hand, but Li Yue stretched out his hand to prevent her from stopping.

“Ah, ah, Imperial Father… ah, Zhenzhen, ah… Zhenzhen is going to die… well…” For the first time in her life, Li Zhenzhen had an orgasm. She was paralyzed in Li Yue’s arms and shaking from time to time.

Looking at the delicate flower blooming for the first time, Li Yue’s gloom disappeared.

However, it was not enough.

He pushed his meatstick against Li Zhenzhen’s b*tt again, bit her ear, and asked, “Know what this is?”

“Oh, no…” Li Zhenzhen was still in the aftermath of her climax and was speechless.

“This is Imperial Father’s longgen2dragon root. it means d*ck—” Li Yue grabbed the limp Li Zhenzhen with one hand, lifted his robe with the other, but did not remove his ku3inner pants.

From his Ku, he used the already hard c*ck to poke Li Zhenzhen’s flower hole.

“Imperial Father, Imperial Father.”

Li Yue continued to grind her flower hole. Li Zhenzhen cried, sobbed, and begged for mercy, “Imperial Father, Imperial Father, Zhenzhen is uncomfortable, Zhenzhen is uncomfortable, don’t play with Zhenzhen, Imperial Father, woo woo…”

Li Yue not only didn’t let go, but intensified, poking the top of the meat stick into her tender hole.

It was a place where Li Zhenzhen hadn’t been touched before, so she immediately felt sensitive.

“Ah-” Li Zhenzhen’s upper body suddenly tightened.

Because of the clothes, Li Yue didn’t go in at all. He held Li Zhenzhen in his arms and kissed her neck sideways, stamping countless marks on her neck, and the meat stick under his body hit Li Zhenzhen’s small hole and gently rubbed outside the tender hole.

Li Yue poked dozens of times, and Li Zhenzhen cried loudly, then climaxed again, completely paralyzed in her Imperial Father’s arms.

Li Zhenzhen was stunned and closed her eyes.

He kissed her earlobe affectionately and said, “Jiaojiao, this is just the beginning.”

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