Little Princess

Chapter 1: Wild Person

“I heard that Princess Zhaoyang is still kneeling in Wende Hall?”

“At noon, I passed by Wende Hall, and she was indeed still kneeling. Oh, the sun is so bright……”

“How can his majesty still look at her the same as before?”

“The Noble Consort did such a shameless thing, it is a great crime to deceive the Emperor! How can his majesty forgive her and her daughter?”

“I’m afraid that in a few days, there will be two fewer people in the palace!”


Three palace ladies were whispering about the most shocking things happening in the palace recently.

Noble Consort Wan’s affair with her guard many years ago was finally exposed. The Noble Consort even admitted that Princess Zhaoyang is not the Emperor’s daughter!

On the day Princess Zhaoyang was born, auspicious clouds came, and the Emperor succeeded the throne. Therefore, although the Emperor had so many daughters, he loved the Eleventh Princess the most.

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Li Zhenzhen knelt on the road in front of Wende Hall.


She grew up spoiled, and if she walked just a few steps, her father would feel distressed, but now she has been kneeling here for a whole day.

She was almost unable to hold on, but thinking of her mufei2母妃 (Mǔ fēi)- Mother Consort in the cold palace, and thinking of her father’s anger, her back straightened instead.

The eunuch Gao Sheng was standing on the corridor. He couldn’t bear to see Li Zhenzhen like this so he walked to Li Zhenzhen and said: “Princess, his majesty will not see you, you can go back…”

Li Zhenzhen raised her elegant neck, her face was pale, but she showed a beautiful smile, and whispered softly: “Thank you, Gao Gonggong3公公 (Gōnggōng)- How to address a eunuch, This subject will wait for the emperor…” Her lips finally trembled.

The Eleventh Princess is delicate and small. She often needed to be held in someone’s arms to sleep. Everyone regarded her as an extremely weak person.

He returned to the corridor, but Li Zhenzhen asked tembingly: “Gonggong…..Will this princess be put to death?”

Gao Sheng shook his head. It was hard to say.

Li Yue sat by the window, the sun was gradually moving westward, and the light and shadow in the room alternated. Half of his body was in the light, and the other half was hidden in the shadows.

His eyes were dull, and when he stretched out his hand to open the heavy curtain, he immediately saw the girl kneeling outside.

Li Yue’s hand tightened.

How not to hate?

Jiaojiao44) 娇娇 (Jiāo jiāo)- An endearing nickname. Means ‘pampered’ or ‘delicate’, his most beloved princess, is not his daughter?!


He was very hurt. As for Noble Consort Wan, he hadn’t touched her in ten years. If it weren’t for Jiaojiao, he wouldn’t even remember her.

The baby he loves so much is not his!

Li Yue put down the curtain, the night outside had not yet arrived.

Li Yue picked up the tea cup in his hand, and suddenly there was a loud noise in his ear, and loud thunder rang out one after another. Wind and rain during summer always came so coincidentally and fast, heavy rain poured down, the sound of rain cracked in his ears, and the sky was instantly dark.

Gao Sheng and another eunuch came in to support Li Yue, but no one dared to mention Princess Zhaoyang who was kneeling outside.

The lanterns in the hall were lit one by one, and the people knew that the Emperor was in a bad mood. After lighting the lanterns, they immediately stepped down, for fear that they might offend the Emperor.

After they retreated, there was another thunder in the sky. Li Yue’s hand paused, and he remembered that whenever it rained like this, Zhenzhen would cry for him and ask him to hug her.

He couldn’t help but open the curtain again. In the white light, the girl was soaked all over, but she still straightened her back.

Li Yue’s breathing was stagnant.

He wanted to drink tea, but he couldn’t even lift his hand.

“Gao Sheng.” He called.


Gao Sheng walked down and helped Li Zhenzhen to get up. Li Zhenzhen’s leg was so painful that it was about to break, but she still raised her eyes excitedly: “Fu Huang5父皇 (Fù huáng)- Father Emperor wants to see me?”

Gao Sheng hurriedly wrapped her up in a cloak distressingly, and nodded: “His Majesty wants to see the Princess.”

Li Zhenzhen cried.

But she couldn’t move a step so Gao Sheng and a few eunuchs had to carry her to Wende Hall.

Li Yue wanted to be indifferent, but he heard the eunuchs exclaim: “Princess, be careful!”

Li Yue immediately looked up. Li Zhenzhen was being carried by the eunuchs, and her legs fell weakly. He couldn’t help but feel an ache in his heart.

Li Zhenzhen also looked at him, tears came rushing down, and she murmured: “Fu Huang, Fu Huang, woo…”

Li Yue’s heart was about to be shattered by Li Zhenzhen, but he had to hold on to his dignity.

He said coldly: “Gao Sheng, whose eunuch are you!”

Gao Sheng’s legs softened and he knelt directly to the ground. The other eunuchs also knelt down in fright.

Li Zhenzhen who couldn’t be supported fell to the ground. She said “Ah” a few times. Li Yue felt even more heartbroken, but also even more annoyed. How could he pity someone who was not his?

Li Yue sneered again: “A wild person is worthy of my clothes?”


Li Zhenzhen lay on the ground and looked up at him incredulously. Fu Huang…. Fu Huang said she was a wild person?

Tears flowed all over her face.

Gao Sheng immediately took off Li Zhenzhen’s cloak.

Li Zhenzhen is well raised, and her clothes are made from the softest materials, and the best embroidery maids are the ones who make clothes for her.

She doesn’t like extravagance, but prefers green, yellow, and light purple colors. She was wearing a green skirt, but the drape on her arm was nowhere to be found. The skirt was embroidered with numerous hibiscus flowers, but her face was more beautiful than hibiscus. The material was too soft. After getting wet, it clung to her body tightly.

“Go away.” Li Yue coldly said.

Li Zhenzhen lay on the ground crying, her mind was full of the words ‘wild person’ her Fu Huang had said that she didn’t even notice the aching pain on her body.

Li Yue was upset by her crying, and his voice became colder and colder: “A wild person dares to cry in front of me?”

Li Zhenzhen raised her eyes, and looked at Li Yue. Her most beloved Fu Huang who calls her a wild person. Li Zhenzhen was beyond heartbroken.

She unconsciously asked: “Fu Huang, are you going to kill Zhenzhen?”

“You deserve to call zhen6朕 (Zhèn)- Royal ‘We’. An illeism used by the Emperor. that?”

Li Zhenzhen’s tears flowed wildly, like a lotus in the rain, and then she asked: “Your Majesty, are you going to kill Zhenzhen?”

Li Yue sneered: “I will not only kill you, but also your licentious mother, and even your maternal family.”

Li Zhenzhen’s face turned pale when she heard this, she cried: “Fu Huang, no, your majesty, please spare my mufei! Zhenzhen is willing to die, as long as your majesty is willing to spare mufei and my maternal family. Zhenzhen is willing to die…”

Li Yue’s face became more ugly after hearing this.

Li Zhenzhen was scared and crawled forward. She was sore all over, and she didn’t have any energy, so she could only crawl.

Li Yue watched her crawling towards him without concern. While she was doing this, the clothes on her shoulders had slipped off, revealing her round and delicate shoulders.

Li Zhenzhen didn’t realize it. She gritted her teeth and crawled to his bed, then raised her head, tears falling one by one, more lustrous than the pearls on the hairpin in her hair.

She cried and begged: “Your Majesty, Zhenzhen is a wild person, please kill Zhenzhen, please spare my mufei and my grandparents, Zhenzhen begs you, Your Majesty.”

Li Zhenzhen kowtowed to Li Yue again and again, her forehead was red, but Li Yue remained indifferent.

Li Zhenzhen was more mournful than she was heartbroken, and she cried out desperately, but could only continue to kowtow.

Her hair was messy, and there was only one hairpin left standing, which was also crumbling.

Li Yue’s gaze swept across her face. Looking down, the girl’s shoulders were completely visible.

He looked down again, and he noticed that the knot on her skirt had loosened, the shirt on her chest had already fallen off, and the white dudou 7肚兜 (Dùdōu)- is a traditional Chinese form of the bodice, originally worn as an undershirt. embroidered with hibiscus flowers was already visible.

The dudou was tight, but they couldn’t cover the girl’s plump bre*sts.

The two bre*sts were squeezed into the dudou. She knelt down again and again, which made the two bre*sts move again and again.

When she knelt down, the outline of her back to her buttocks was fully visible.

On a rainy day like this when Li Zhenzhen was fourteen years old, she was terrified and hid in the bed crying. Before he knew it, Li Yue smiled and hugged her, kissed her face, and coaxed: “Don’t be afraid, my little princess is already a grown up.”

Li Zhenzhen looked at him ignorantly: “Grown up?”

“My princess can get married.” Li Yue said sourly.

However, Li Zhenzhen was so scared that she buried herself in his arms again, crying: “Zhenzhen will not marry, Zhenzhen will stay with her fu huang for the rest of her life.”

After that, Li Yue no longer hugged her, after all, his daughter had grown up.

Li Zhenzhen’s cries interrupted his thinking: “Your Majesty, please spare mufei’s life, Your Majesty, Zhenzhen, please…Woo…” Li Zhenzhen cried so much that her throat became hoarse.

Li Yue lowered his head, and the beautiful bre*sts of the girl were within reach.

Li Yue said indifferently: “It’s not unreasonable to want to spare her life.”

“Your Majesty!” Li Zhenzhen looked up at him with surprise on her face.

When he gave her something she wanted, she always wore this expression

Li Yue bent over and stretched out his fingers across the girl’s face. He raised his hand to her head, and drew out the pearl hairpin, making her black hair flow to her back. Li Zhenzhen raised her head in confusion, and asked: “Fu Huang?”

Li Yue’s throat began to dry.

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