Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

CHAPTER 7: The Sweet Little Thing’s Birth and the Consequences (touched by others, so the furious men turn QingQing into a s*x sl*ve)

Ye Zhixuan finally pulled out his murder weapon from the unconscious s*x sl*ve after he finished venting and carried him to the hall.

Ye Qun saw his little brother who had passed out, and quickly asked what happened.

Ye Zhixuan impatiently explained a few words: “I spoiled him too much, like he forgot everything about his lessons. He shot three times after spending a while with me in the study, not caring about his body at all.”

“This little thing was not very obedient recently, sometimes even dared to make trouble in bed.” Ye Ling nodded in agreement, and said as he concluded, “I think we need to train him again.”

Ye Qun retorted. “That’s not good. If he makes a mistake, just teach him a lesson. You don’t have to be so cruel and re-train him again!”


Ye Zhixuan lovingly let his unconscious little son lie on his lap, but what he said was quite different from his gentle actions. “Woman’s soft nature! Have you forgotten why we taught him to be a s*x sl*ve? His constitution can’t be controlled at all. If you’re not cruel to him, you should be prepared to lose him!”

After hearing his father’s words, Ye Qun was silent, and his thoughts could not help but return to the time when they decided to bed Ye Qing several years ago…

Ye Zhixuan was an ambitious man who was dedicated to pursuing rights and wealth. For him, the so-called love was nothing more than making love to vent, and he has taken strict precautions for every woman he bedded to prevent human life.

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When Ye Qing was 12 or 13 years old, his two elder brothers were finally allowed to go home. Since then, he has been spoiled by these three men who are afraid of melting him in their mouths and breaking him in their hands.2too afraid to do anything that can affect him. This kind of life lasted until his first wet dream.


Ye Qing woke up from his father’s arms. Feeling that his lower body was wet, he was so ashamed that he cried. “Wu…Daddy~ baby didn’t deliberately wet the bed~.”

Ye Zhixuan smiled softly, “The baby just grew up, so baby can’t sleep with Daddy anymore.”

“Oh, Daddy~ the baby is itchy~” The little baby3don’t worry guys, he wasn’t really just a baby here like 3 or so years old😂on the bed wriggled impatiently, and stretched his hand down unconsciously.

Ye Zhixuan was so stimulated by this coquettishness that he almost stopped breathing. Ever since he started accompanying Ye Qing to sleep, he has been abstinent for several years. Although he was domineering and cruel, he was actually a very abstinent man. Suddenly seeing his delicate and pure baby son showing such coquettishness…

He closed his eyes, and patiently coaxed, “Okay, baby, you’ll go to school.”


Inters*x people are inherently sensitive. But Ye Qing was even more sensitive. His body itched more and more day by day, his lēwdness was just like the most powerful aphrodisiac. The three men around him can’t stand it at all, but they were always unwilling to break through the boundary and attack their beloved youngest son and younger brother.

They don’t want to, but they don’t also want other people to touch him. The bodyguard who was protecting Ye Qing touched him from time to time. And Ye Qing, who knew nothing about this kind of thing, doesn’t understand what it meant. He only foolishly thought that the bodyguard was checking his body. Until one day, he was taken to bed by the bodyguard.

When Ye Ling came to look for him, the bodyguard’s hand had already reached and was rubbing Ye Qing’s flower hole in front, and the itchy little adulterous baby unexpectedly cooperated and did not resist!

Ye Ling was so mad. The bodyguard was dealt with on the spot, and Ye Qing was taken to the other two men who were equally angry. At that time, the men of the Ye family realized that this little thing was so tormented by lust that he couldn’t even recognize who was playing with him. And the little adulterous baby who didn’t know what to do was still crying and itching to death.

On Ye Qing’s first day of deflowering, it was a gang r*pe, and the little thing was so fvcked that he could not get out of bed for three days.

After good teaching, they decided to feed (fvck) him properly in the future. The three men thought that they already had their blissful days.


But they didn’t think Ye Qing’s constitution could be this uncontrollable. Their feeding was not enough for him, and he will soon itch again. Itching like being drugged, just thinking of being fvcked, not even caring about who it was.

It seems that such a little thing was only suitable for being enjoyed in bed all the time. Only when he was played beyond his limit could he feel sated. They thought so, but in the face of the child who has been in pain since childhood, none of them was willing to do so.

Not until one day, when Ye Qun, who came to pick up Ye Qing from school, held the little thing in his arms and kissed him, did he realize something was wrong. Ye Qing’s n*pples were obviously swollen, but this little thing was afraid of punishment. If he really played by himself, there’s no way he’ll be this stimulated!

Pinching his chin, Ye Qun asked him forcefully, “What’s going on!?”

“Ah~ I want kiss~ ah!! It was the teacher who played with the n*pples~ Gege don’t pinch~ um… Because I was itchy in the teacher’s office, and when I woke up, I was already swollen from playing~ Wu wu…”

Ye Qun did not dare to conceal this matter and reported it to Ye Zhixuan.

Ye Zhixuan almost laughed angrily, and asked coldly, “Baby likes to be played by others? Call a few bodyguards to come and gang r*pe you, would you be satisfied?”

For the first time, Ye Qing, who saw his father’s cruel nature, burst into tears on the spot. “Daddy~ QingQing didn’t mean it, don’t want to be gang r*ped… Wuwu… QingQing only wanted to be fvcked by Daddy and brothers.~ But, but , QingQing was too itchy, Wuwu… don’t even know who touched QingQing.”

In fact, only few people knew Ye Qing’s physique. Obviously knowing that he can’t control himself at all, yet they haven’t restrained him, they really hated their incompetence! Now he was just touched by someone. What if he’s really taken to bed or even abducted without them knowing anything!? That is simply a disaster!

Ye Zhixuan pulled him to his feet and asked him forcefully, “Are you still going to itch in front of others if Daddy and your Elder Brothers satisfy you and play you badly?”

Ye Qing, who also hates his own physique, cried and promised, ” Wu, the baby doesn’t want to be touched by others at all~ I beg Daddy and brothers to play with baby, then baby will be obedient…” Ye Qing cried even more fiercely when he thought of being touched several times.

“…” Ye Zhixuan sighed and said, “Then you will be a s*x sl*ve at home, alright? You have to obediently satisfy all the desires of your father and brothers.”


Ye Qing nodded obediently, showing no sign of resistance. After all, he would rather be fvcked under his father and brothers than being touched by others.

“Wuwu~ I beg Masters to play and fvck QingQing to his heart’s content~ It doesn’t matter if QingQing can’t take it… Wu Wu. QingQing must be a s*x sl*ve obediently…”

And then, next was the setting of rules and beginning of training…

“A’Qun, what do you want?”

Ye Qun’s reminiscing was interrupted by Ye Ling’s question, but he just shook his head. No longer pleading for Ye Qing.

Seeing that Ye Qun didn’t speak, Ye Ling continued.

“This time the training must be tougher. We can’t be soft handed any more. If we can’t do that, his body may not appreciate it, and maybe someone else will…”

“Shut up!” “Ye Zhixuan interrupted him, dissatisfied.

But the three men finally reached an agreement that they absolutely cannot be soft-hearted. Even if they train him ruthlessly, they can just take it slowly. If they are cheated away, it will be too late to regret.

Chapter Seven’s Extra

Ye Qing knelt on the ground obediently and listened to his Second Brother reciting the rules.

1. Give oral s*x to the Masters in the morning from Monday to Friday. Always be on time to not delay activities.

2. Monday and Friday nights are rest. From Tuesday to Thursday respectively serve the three Masters. Weekend enjoy all together.


3. Two small holes must be filled when going out and it must never flow out. You are not allowed to complain.

4. Clothes are not allowed at home especially to the lower part of the body.

5. Do not ej*culate without permission. You can only ej*culate up to three times a day in bed.

6. Absolutely obey the Master’s orders.

7. You are not allowed to get too close with your classmates, otherwise you will be responsible for the consequences.

8. Every day, you must kneel at the door to welcome the Master’s return.

9. Accept all kinds of training regularly, and absolutely do not resist.


Erza’s Note (Translator): The author wrote that the three gongs gang r*ped Ye Qing instead of gang b*nged him. Keep in mind that gang b*ng is consensual, and gang r*pe is, of course, non consensual. It can really be considered that they gang r*ped him. Although Ye Qing did not resist, that’s because he never knew that what they did, and what they were still doing was wrong. 

Honestly, for me it’s more like their situation is dubcon. 

Also, I’m really sorry guys, but my schedule changed. Updates would only be every fridays🤧.

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