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  • Family S*x Sl*ve (H)

    CHAPTER 19.2: Forced to agree to contain beaded strings in order to lick a meat stick, couldn’t stand itching at school, and got roughly loved in the toilet(?)

    “Do you like it? Baby, is daddy f*cking you good?” Ye Zhixuan’s low, husky voice stimulated him more, leading Ye Qing to continue playing with himself. “Now daddy’s going to pull the beads out of your front, fast!”

    “Oooh ah ~So good~Ah~ooh…” Ye Qing’s wolfish1Wolfish – resembling a wolf, rapacious, voracious, or lascivious. In this part, it means Ye Qing was screaming lasciviously. screams kept coming out as the greedy little s!ut inserted his fingers into his front flower hole and rapidly pulled out the beads. The continuous extraction of the beads one after another stimulated his hole. A bead just went out and the hole closed, but the next one would cruelly stretch it again, which all made Ye Qing scream more sluttily.

    “Ah ah~ Daddy f*ck so good, oooh… my hole is going to be broken, don’t ah~”

    The man, however, rejected him cruelly, “No, stuff it again.”

    “Don’t want!” Ye Qing’s crying voice refused to obey.


    “Not listening? Do you want to be punished?”

    “Wu wu…” Hearing that he was going to be punished, Ye Qing hurriedly shoved the beads inside again.

    But the vibrating egg in his back tender hole was playing at the highest degree, the pleasure making his hands tremble, and he simply couldn’t afford to insert it again. “Can’t put it in, wu wu…”

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    “Xssb… yb~ dsv ldswtb~ ps nsxqsavyczl yde kvnbu~ ssb~” Gp pssd yp bl pvwqqle kv kd, Zl Ckdt, obs oyp pvkzz dsv pyvkpqkle, nakle ytykd.

    “Qsse csu, dso Pyeeu oydvp vs rzyu okvb uswa nz!vsakp, vyjl swv vbl h!cayvsa yde rwv kv vblal.” Gp kq vawzu pllkdt bkp uswdtlpv nbkze’p zwpvqwz yrrlyaydnl, Zl Hbkmwyd’p kdpvawnvksdp nyxl sdl yqvla ydsvbla.

    “Ls, Pyeeu~ Fs qypv, kv okzz cl rzyule casjld…” Ohld vbl yzalyeu easodle-kd-rzlypwal Zl Ckdt eked’v eyal vs awc vbl hkcayvkdt zshl ltt vbyv xshlp ps qypv sd bkp nz!vsakp. Rq bl qykdvle obkzl kd vbl vskzlv clnywpl sq vbl h!cayvsa, bl oswze ds zsdtla byhl vbl qynl vs cl y zkhl yduxsal, sjyu!?

    “Nkvvzl p*m p!yhl eslpd’v oydv vs cl qhnjle cu Pyeeu?”

    Zl Ckdt, obs oyp alxkdele sq bkp rzynl, qkdyzzu alyzkgle vbyv lhld kq bl oyp dsv kd cle, yp zsdt yp bkp xypvla oydvle vs q*nj bkx, bl pvkzz nswzed’v alpkpv.

    Tl vbld ldvlale bkp qkdtlap kd bkp cwvvbszl, vaukdt vs alxshl vbl h!cayvkdt ltt vbyv oyp xshkdt byrrkzu kdpkel, cwv bso nswze vbyv zkvvzl bszl nssrlayvl vs zlv bkx vyjl swv vbl vbkdt vbyv tyhl bkx rzlypwal?

    The tightly clenched hole made it difficult for Ye Qing to move even his own fingers inside, not to mention trying to take the love egg out. But he also knew that it was useless to tell the domineering man, who would only tell himself to thrust harder a few times to loosen his small hole and take it out.


    It’s all the same anyway, so he might as well move himself. Ye Qing thought aggrievedly, pumping his fingers vigorously in his naughty hole, and moaning lustfully once again.

    As if he knew what his youngest son was doing, Ye Zhixuan continued to seduce him. “Like it when Daddy fucks you, en?2En – literal translation is okay, huh, yeah. But I kept it as pinyin to preserve its Chineseness even just a little even though it’s already in English. Dad will move faster now, does it feel good, little s!ut? Go deeper!”

    “Ah ahh~” In accordance with the man’s instructions , Ye Qing’s fingers’ thrusting became unbearably fierce, as if he was really going to be juiced by the man’s big meat stick just like in bed. “”I’m going to die ~ mmm ah ~ ah ah ah ~”

    With Ye Qing’s unceasing moaning, only the sound of his ragged panting and the buzzing sound of the v!brator could be transmitted to the call. The obscene water that could not be blocked by the love egg kept flowing out, which soon soaked his whole bottom incisively and vividly, yet the obscene water still had no intention of stopping.

    “Did baby had an org*sm? Did you cum from the front?” came Ye Zhixuan’s voice, which just regained its composure.

    “Wu wu… Didn’t shoot, baby is obedient.”

    “Then what happened to you?”

    Ye Qing blushed so much that he couldn’t speak, but the man on the other end of the phone also did not speak, obviously waiting for his answer. “Wu Wu… baby squirted behind and sprayed a lot of water…”

    “That must be loose, take the v!brator out and put it in front. Daddy wants to play with your cl*t.”

    “Baby is going to die~ Don’t, please? It doesn’t itch anymore… wu wu wu” Ye Qing cried while digging out the vibrating egg towards his front. The violent vibrations of the thing made his hands numb, putting this kind of thing on the clitor!s, he really didn’t dare ah!

    Ye Zhixuan refused, “So one squirting is enough, huh? Is that really how Daddy usually fvck you?”

    “Boohoo…” Thinking of his daddy and brothers’ usual tossing of him to exhaustion and were still unwilling to stop, Ye Qing cried even more fiercely. Up. Even if the man was not around at this time, Ye Qing could only obediently press the v!brator on his bundle of nerves.


    “Ahh!!! Can’t take it anymore~” The innocent little nub instantly tingled from the intense vibrations, but what’s even more frightening was the wave of pleasure that came like a tidal flood. After reaching the height of pleasure to the point of squirting earlier, Ye Qing’s body was incredibly sensitive right now, but of course, the v!brator simply ignored his feelings, and Ye Qing felt like he was going to die in this overwhelming pleasure.

    “Not enough, press harder.” The man’s voice was also a little taut. After all, this little thing’s coquettish moans were so loud that he could imagine his flushed face and the sensual appearance of spring3Spring – Chinese slang that means, lust, or something like in heat/h0rny. fogging his eyes.

    “Ah…ah ah~so good, ah ah, Daddy is fvcking Qingqing to death, ooohh, spare Qingqing… ah ah ah!” The sensitive bundle of nerves continued to receive pleasure in succession, and Ye Qing vaguely imagined that it was this cruel man who was actually fvcking himself and pressing the v!brator on his cl!toris firmly with his fingers as his pitiful tears couldn’t stop flowing.

    “Ahhhhh~ no more~ really enough ah~” Ye Qing screamed vigorously again, and his little meat stick in front was also twitching nonstop, it’s obviously the rhythm of an incoming ejaculat*on.

    “No shooting!” Ye Zhixuan, who was familiar of his Yaoer’s4Yaoer – literal translation is youngest son (which I have always been using in the past chapters), but this term keeps being in pinyin whenever I MTL it, and I also think it’s better to use so I’ll be using this starting from now. reaction during org*sm, ordered.

    “Ah ngh… ah~ no more oooh ah~” Ye Qing had no choice but to mercilessly press his finger on the tip of his little shaft and forcibly block the sem*n that wanted to come out. The pain of cum flowing backwards made him cry so hard he couldn’t breathe, and a flood of liquid from his front flower hole was literally being spurted, even bringing out a few beads along the squirting flow. Ye Qing, who had played himself to climax, kept sobbing, immersed in the peak of pleasure, and unable to return to his senses.

    “Baby,” Ye Zhixuan called out to him, “Are you okay?”

    “Huhu… ahh ngh, daddy… I didn’t shoot, but my p*ssy… wu wu…” Ye Qing honestly reported to his father, but was too ashamed to say it.

    Ye Zhixuan smiled, “You sprayed from the front, right? Do you want daddy to fvck you until both holes are incontinent?” Ye Zhixuan was just casually talking, but at the thought of his little baby being fvcked until both lovely holes were incontinent, his inner self couldn’t help but stir.

    “No~! It will stain your pants~ wu…” Ye Qing refused discontentedly.

    “He, okay.” It was really inconvenient at school, and the man graciously let go of this lascivious little thing.

    Ye Qing couldn’t help panting while holding his phone. When he finally recovered from his intense release, and his front finally softened, he blushed before hanging up the phone and returning back to class.


    Although the string of beads was still inside him, he has been satisfied twice and felt that although he would itch later, he will definitely make it throughout the day and go home without another hitch.

    Ye Ling is such a big jerk! Ye Qing angrily thought with a huff.

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    1. Fluff fluff

      Omg so intense so hawt. The dad is really merciless huh. It feels bad for me that little baby is a slave and it seemed that there is no love even though there was. But that’s how it goes in that family. Thanks for the chapter!!! (‘∀’●)♡(‘∀’●)♡

      1. Erza
        Erza [Translator]

        Yes, although he is ‘spoiled’ in the story, it’s the kind of slave spoiling than family’s baby spoiling. Welp, at least the title is accurate and it really states the actual fact within this fam.

    2. Mimi_dayo

      Hooootttt, needed a 100 horse powered fan to cool me down after this. Wanting a chapter where Daddy Ye comes to school to visit Yaoer +1