How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 14. Not Afraid of the Deep Sets of Rules.

Yu Qinghuan was puzzled when he saw Ren Jian suddenly get up and go to close the room door.

However, it was already too late. The person outside had not found Ren Jian and ran straight into the room, almost colliding with him.

It was a woman with exquisite make-up, both elegant and beautiful looking, and somewhat unreadable in her true age. Her features were even three-points similar to Ren Jian’s.

“What brings you here all of a sudden?” Ren Jian blocked the woman’s view and pushed her towards the outside of the room.

The woman was a bit angry, “Why can’t I come? Next time, I’ll ask your father to rent out the place and see if you can come back to live here. “


Ren Jian was helpless: “This is the house I bought ……”

“What’s wrong with you buying it? I’ll rent it as it is. Well, don’t push me. I can see someone in your room. ” The woman sneered.

Ren Jian’s face crumbled, and he gave up struggling and stopping the woman.

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Ren Jian’s mother nodded: “Hello Qinghuan, I’m Ren Jian’s mother.”


“Ah, sorry aunty. I…… I was …… drunk last night, so …… ” Yu Qinghuan’s hands and feet were busy trying to climb out of bed.

“It’s alright.” Mama Ren said soothingly, “You rest well. Ren Jian, you and I will go out. “

Saying that, Mama Ren walked towards the outside of the room.

“As you wish, Mother1The kanji used is for Empress Dowager or Queen Mother. He says it ironically, like a title, much like he would call her mother,” After an internal struggle, Ren Jian completely gave up his shame and followed Mama Ren out of the room.

Mama Ren went to the study next door, and after making sure the soundproofing was okay, she asked Ren Jian, “Who is that child?”

Ren Jian said, “No one, just a friend.”

Mama Ren: “Who are you fooling? A friend wearing your pyjamas? Don’t you like those pyjamas? And you’re a child with a slight cleanliness problem. How could you possibly lend your pyjamas to an ordinary friend? “

Ren Jian himself was puzzled: Yes, don’t I have a cleanliness fetish? But when he changed Yu Qinghuan’s pyjamas last night, he didn’t seem to think much about it.

Mama Ren asked, “Tell me the truth. What is the relationship between that child and you? “

Ren Jian said: “It’s really just a friend. Changing pyjamas or something, he’s a boy and I’m a boy too, so where’s the ……?”

“But your sexual orientation is for boys.” Ren’s mother interrupted Ren Jian’s words.

Ren Jian held his forehead with one hand: “……”


Ren Jian came out when he was in high school. Well, it was not so much that he came out, but that he was brought out. During that time, Ren Jian went through a lot of things that directly led to Ren Jian’s parents not being able to quietly dwell on Ren Jian’s orientation. But in retrospect, it was just a chickens flying and dogs jumping2鸡飞狗跳: Idiom meaning chaos and confusion moment before everything calmed down.

It was like every difficult moment in life.

And now, because of Ren Jian’s illness, Mama Ren had gone straight from “how can you like boys” to “can you hurry up and find a partner?” I don’t care if it’s a man or a woman. Let alone a man or a woman, it could be a dog.

“I think that boy is quite nice.” Mama Ren suddenly said.

Ren Jian said helplessly, “Mum, you’ve only met him once, and you haven’t even said more than ten words to him.”

Mama Ren cupped her face: “Oh, but how well he talks, calling me sister.”

Ren Jian clenched his fist: “Your bottom line is a little too low, Mother.”

Mama Ren reached out her claws and pinched Ren’s arm: “Tell me! Did you find a companion? “

“Yes, yes, yes.” When he saw that his mother was not listening to his explanations, he simply replied in a rambling manner. He thought that he could just make up the lie later on by saying that he was not suitable and broke up.

When she heard Ren Jian’s affirmative answer, Mama Ren froze for a moment, and then her eyes actually turned red.

“Aigoo, what’s wrong with you all of a sudden, Mother?” Ren Jian hurriedly brought tissues and coaxed her in a low voice.

Knowing that she had lost her composure, Mama Ren hurriedly drew a few tissues to wipe her eyes and pouted, “Humph, you’ve finally found it. At first, after all these years, at first… it was all my fault for not caring enough about you…”


“No, no, it’s because I was too rebellious.” Ren Jian laughed, “Mother3He is still calling her Queen Mother or Empress Dowager, but I am just going to leave it as mother. I am treating it as an honorary title of sorts., stop crying quickly. In case your eyes are swollen with tears, my father will have to rush over with his nine-ringed, eight-tooth machete and chop me up when he sees it. “

Mama Ren dried her tears and suddenly remembered something. She asked, “Have you recovered from your illness?”

Ren Jian was stunned and said, “Not yet.”

“Then he…” Mama Ren wanted to say something.

“Hugs are fine, just like you guys.” Ren Jian continued to lie.

Ren Jian wouldn’t be averse to physical contact from his family; hugs and shoulder hugs were fine.

“Okay.” Ren’s mother nodded and headed out the door with gusto, “I’ll go talk to the boy for a bit.”

“Hey!” Ren Jian stopped her, “Mom! Don’t scare him! “

He was actually worried that his mother would say something. If Yu Qinghuan found out about his orientation, even though he hadn’t done anything, there was an erotic room and a change of clothes. What if Yu Qinghuan felt bad about it?

But she was very insistent, “How could I scare him? I’ll just have a casual chat!”

Ren Jian had no choice, so he decided to do as he was told, with a tragic expression of death.

When Yu Qinghuan knew that Mama Ren wanted to talk to her, he was even more nervous than Ren Jian. His entire body stiffened like an octahedral crystal-faced diamond

4A regular diamond in its rawest form. It is also the most common form of it. It looks like two pyramids back to back.

: “What, what, Auntie wants to talk to me? Talk, talk, talk about what?”

“I, I, I don’t know.” Ren Jian laughed and copied his stammer.

“Where are my clothes?” After being embarrassed by Ren Jian, Yu Qinghuan was not so nervous.

“I washed them last night. They’re not dry yet. Let me lend you a set.” Ren Jian found a white T-shirt and sweatpants and gave them to Yu Qinghuan. Yu Qinghuan thanked him and took off his pyjamas nimbly.

“Cough ……” Ren Jian choked and hastily averted his gaze.

“What’s wrong?” Yu Qinghuan asked with concern as he slipped on his T-shirt.

“Nothing.” Ren Jian replied, his eyes drifting about.

Ha! I’m not afraid of a deep set of rules, but I’m afraid of being too straight and not knowing it!

“It’s a bit bigger.” Yu Qinghuan muttered to himself as he straightened his somewhat loose clothes and followed Ren Jian out of the room. Mama Ren had been waiting in the living room for a long time. When she saw Yu Qinghuan come out, she smiled slightly and pointed to the seat beside her, “Come, sit beside Auntie.”

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