How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 13. Picking You Up and Meeting Others.

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The next day, Yu Qinghuan was woken up by a headache. He held his head and howled: “Ah, my head! Hangovers hurt my body. Next time I drink like this, I’ll be a fool. Wait, where is this? “

He was covered with a soft snow-white quilt, and the surrounding scene was so unfamiliar that it made him uneasy. Yu Qinghuan lifted the quilt and found that he had even changed his clothes – he was wearing a loose set of dark blue satin pyjamas.

Yu Qinghuan was puzzled when the door to the room was opened and Ren Jian walked in with a cup of honey water. Seeing that Yu Qinghuan was awake, Ren Jian smiled, handed the honey water to Yu Qinghuan, and said, “You’re awake. It’s already year 3020.”


Yu Qinghuan was so frightened that he almost fell back.

Ren Jian pulled over the chair by the bed, sat down and pointed to the honey water that Yu Qinghuan was holding. “Drink it; it will make you feel better.”

After nodding and thanking him, Yu Qinghuan drank the honey water in one go and asked Ren Jian, “Here is ……”

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 “Hm? Are you in a hurry to go somewhere? You still have a headache, don’t you?” Ren Jian intercepted.


Yu Qinghuan raised the bag of documents in his hand: “I’m going to return them.”

Ren Jian said, “It’s Sunday. Is anyone working at your company?”

“Ah ……” Yu Qinghuan sat back on the bed, “I was so busy that I forgot it was Sunday.”

“That’s right.” Ren Jian hesitated for a moment and clasped his hands together slightly, trying to calm his tone. “Are you really not going to come back and play e-sports?”

Yu Qinghuan paused and fell silent, bowing his head without answering.

“What if ……” Ren Jian raised his eyes and looked at Yu Qinghuan seriously, “What if I told you that you were the one who took first place in that youth training tournament held by the TKOW club and not me?”

Yu Qinghuan’s eyes suddenly widened, and he raised his head to meet Ren Jian’s: “What did you say?”

Ren Jian got up and took a laptop from the study. He put it in front of Yu Qinghuan and clicked on a video on his desktop, saying, “I watched the replay after the match. Watch the last moment of the match. “

Yu Qinghuan was a bit hesitant. He had never dared to watch the match back then because every time he thought back, it was like reality was holding a sharp dagger, stabbing through his fragile dream and then stabbing him in the chest. It hurt so much that Yu Qinghuan could hardly breathe.

“Look.” Ren Jian’s voice sounded in Yu Qinghuan’s ears, gentle and firm, causing Yu Qinghuan to look at the screen subconsciously.

In the video, the two game characters were both left with only a trace of blood, and after each of them took their positions, they released their skills almost at the same time.

Ren Jian was quick in the eyes and quick in the hands. He pressed the pause and said: “I felt strange about the game because my game character’s skills had a short time to gather before attacking. After that time, the skills would be released. That is to say, if we release skills almost at the same time, I should be the first to die. So once the game was over, I asked the sponsor for a video screen. Look here. “


After speaking, he tapped the upper right corner of the computer screen. Yu Qinghuan followed his finger and saw that his ms display1In short, it simply shows how many milliseconds you are delayed from the server. For instance, if your ms (ping) rate is 30, then you are 30 milliseconds delayed. In this case, you would not feel any delays and you would be able to play the game comfortably. was red at that moment.

In other words, at that moment, Yu Qinghuan’s internet was stuck.

Ren Jian said, “At that time, the youth training tournament was held in the school. It was still three years ago. Even with professional switches and routers, the network would still be unstable. I found out about this by watching the recorded screen at that time, and I explained the situation to the organiser. Because there was no way to re-compete, the organiser privately adopted a point system. In the final calculation of the individual point ranking, you were still in first place. “

“In other words,” Ren Jian’s voice was slow and soft, but it fell clearly in Yu Qinghuan’s ears, “In this competition, you are the rightful first place.”


Yu Qinghuan’s right hand trembled slightly as he listened to Ren Jian’s words. He held his right hand tightly with his left one, trying to suppress his unsteady breathing, but did not speak.

Ren Jian continued, “Because the initial youth training tournament recruiting was to take the top ten, the organisers felt that the first and second place were not much difference. They did not bother to correct the ranking in time. After the tournament, they sent you an invitation to sign with the club, but… “

Ren Jian suddenly sighed: “But you didn’t come. You not only did not come, but you also disappeared. The TKOW club couldn’t contact you. Back then, where the hell did you go? “

“I ……” Yu Qinghuan smiled reluctantly, trying to lighten the atmosphere and mood. “I went to study.”

Ren Jian:”….study? Study what? “

“I’m just studying for my university course. I even won a third-class scholarship that semester. Impressive, right? ” Yu Qinghuan held his head high and looked smug.

“Don’t change the subject.” Ren Jian obviously didn’t want to give Yu Qinghuan a chance to gag2A joke or an amusing story that is usually a part of a comedian’s show, “Do you still want to play e-sports? The TKOW Battle Team II is recently recruiting, I can help you ……”


Ren Jian’s voice came to an abrupt end as he heard the sound of the door in the entrance hall being opened.

The door to his house used a combination lock, so it would make a dripping sound when opened. Yu Qinghuan obviously heard it too, casting a puzzled gaze out of the room.

“Ren Jian? Where are you? Didn’t you say you were home?”

A woman’s voice came from outside the room.

Ren Jian’s face turned pale for an instant.

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