How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?

Chapter 15. Don’t Be Flustered When the Wheel Rolls Over Your Face.

Mother Ren had been waiting in the living room for a long time. When she saw Yu Qinghuan come out, she smiled slightly and pointed to the seat beside her, “Come, sit beside auntie.”

“Okay auntie.” Yu Qinghuan nodded and obediently sat on the sofa next to Mama Ren, sitting straight, with his head up and his legs together. His mood was serious and he looked very formal.

The contrast with Ren Jian, who was afflicted with “Ge You” paralysis1Popular actor who became a meme for slouching. as soon as he sat down, was obvious.

After taking a look at Ren Jian and then at Yu Qinghuan, Mama Ren turned around and raised her hand, slapping Ren Jian’s shoulder fiercely: “Sit up straight for me. Look at Qinghuan. “

“Mum2 Here, he actually just called her mom.” Ren Jian wailed as he sat up straight.


Can you give me some face?

Mama Ren didn’t bother to pay attention to Ren Jian. Instead, she turned around and raised her smile, asking Yu Qinghuan in a soft voice, “How old is Qinghuan?”

Yu Qinghuan talked a lot when he was nervous, so he directly revealed his details: “Auntie, I am twenty-one this year. I just graduated from university a few months ago, and I work in an Internet company. I am not a strange person. “

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Mbl sdzu oyu vs qkde swv kp vs zssj yv Sld Kkyd qsa blzr.

Ren Jian hastily said the word “gaming” with his mouth.


It dawned on Yu Qinghuan!

Yu Qinghuan said, “Auntie, although the family knows, they don’t really understand.”

Mama Ren nodded, her face showing concern, “I understand, I understand, you must have suffered.” Saying this, Mama Ren gently patted Yu Qinghuan’s hand, “Don’t worry, in the future, auntie will communicate more with your parents for you. They will surely understand you slowly. After all, parents love their children. They all want their children to be happy.”

“Okay, okay.” Yu Qinghuan kept feeling like something was wrong. However, for a while, he couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong, so he only responded in a panic.

Shit, the two of them are obviously not talking to each other3Meaning that they’re speaking at each other rather than to each other, since neither of them is on the same topic, but they are still chatting so happily.

On the other side, Ren Jian was so nervous that he was about to scratch a hole in the sofa. He felt like he was tossing his entire body in a frying pan of fumes.

Ah, flip one side, sprinkle some salt, flip one side, pour some oil.

Mom, I’m begging you to go home now, okay? Your son will be scared to death by you sooner or later.

“By the way, you just said that you work for an internet company?” Mum Ren caught another topic, “How is the work?”

Mama Ren meant to ask if it was hard for Yu Qinghuan to work, and Yu Qinghuan thought she was asking how much he could earn in a month: “Auntie, I just graduated, so I don’t get paid much.”

“That’s fine!” Mama Ren suddenly laughed loudly, “Our family4 She is referring to Ren Jian. makes a lot of money!”

Yu Qinghuan:”… this, so ah.”


Auntie, are you disliking me?

“Isn’t that right, Ren Jian?” Mama Ren suddenly threw the topic to Ren Jian.

 “It’s okay.” Ren Jian was caught off guard when he was mentioned, and he said it quickly after a shock.

“What’s okay?” Not satisfied with Ren’s answer, Mama Ren gave him a sidelong glance and turned back to Yu Qinghuan with a smile, “Qinghuan, did our Jian tell you how much he earns in a year?”

He really did.

“Yes.” Yu Qinghuan gradually became numb and began to answer mechanically.

Auntie, don’t show off; the golden wheels have already run over my penniless face.

“Isn’t that quite a lot?”


“You think it’s quite a lot too, don’t you?”


“Don’t worry, you can keep all his pay cards from now on, and if he won’t, you come and talk to Auntie!”


“Yeah, huh????!!!”

[1] A picture of Ge You slouching

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