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Chapter 74 Is it for me?

Afraid that he wouldn’t believe it, Ning Meng repeated her words.

Little did she know that Wang Tianmin just wanted to spit out curse words in his heart at this moment.

What did he have to be afraid of? Wasn’t he just boasting about disciplining the students awhile ago? Now that the situation has reached this point, wasn’t this deliberately slapping his face?I

Ning Meng was also not too sure.

She had definitely seen a shadow behind the director just now, but she couldn’t tell whether it was a human or a ghost. It flashed past very quickly, and had already disappeared at this moment.

Wang Tianmin looked at her, feeling that he could not be frightened by a little girl. He coughed twice, and turned around calmly, “Where is that person?”

As soon as his voice fell, a gust of cold wind blew.

He immediately backed up a few steps and entered the changing room, feeling a lot more safe on the inside.

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Shi Qi spoke all of a sudden, ”Behind you.”

Wang Tianmin felt a cold wind brush past his neck, and his whole person started to quiver, asking in a panic, “Where is it?”

Why couldn’t he see it?

Shi Qi lowered his head and said, “Oh, it’s gone.”

Wang Tianmin still believed his words very much, and only felt fortunate.

Ning Meng stood at the side, and hung her head slightly, not speaking.

She also had yin yang eyes, so she naturally knew that there was nothing behind him just now…

She tilted her head, coincidentally meeting Shi Qi’s gaze. The dark green light in his eyes shone brightly in the night, appearing particularly clear and deep as well as good-looking like a glass marble.

Shi Qi opened his mouth and mouthed a few words.

He didn’t voice it out, but Ning Meng could read the words he mouthed, feeling her heart warm.

She smiled slightly, her lips parting slightly, revealing the teeth that had been hidden within them, and her rosy lips looked particularly beautiful.

Wang Tianmin suddenly leaned over, “Student Shi, where are we going next?”

Shi Qi turned his sight away and placed it on him. After pausing for a while, he said lightly, “The pool.”

Even though he had merely uttered two words, Wang Tianmin still scrunched his brows tightly.

It could be said that the swimming pool was the last place he wanted to go.

As the school director, he naturally knew some of the inside stories best, including the scenes of the swimming pool incident at that time. It was too bloody and unacceptable.

If they had already seen the mess in here, what more once they reached that place?

He couldn’t help but imagine the scene of the pool brimming with a blood red color, ghosts surrounding everywhere and he started quivering out of fright.

But after thinking about it, whatever Shi Qi commanded, as the director who had received the principal’s order, he naturally had to carry it out.

Wang Tianmin looked at his watch. It was eleven o’clock.

Fortunately, it still hadn’t reached twelve o’clock.

Thinking this, he felt a lot more relieved, and simply relied on his luck, “Then let’s go, I’ve brought the key with me.”

Since the swimming pool incident, the place has been sealed off. So naturally, the doors to the pool had also been locked and the keys were left to someone else’s care.

Speaking of this, Wang Tianmin became puzzled again.

Why was the door of this changing room open?

Ning Meng walked beside Shi Qi, remaining extremely quiet.

However, in reality, she was actually talking to the system, “Is there a ghost here?”

The system replied, “Yes.”

Upon obtaining this answer, Ning Meng’s face did not look too good. As expected, there really was a ghost. At the thought of this, perhaps the thing she had caught a glimpse of just now was the figure of the ghost.

Shi Qi softened his voice, “Are you cold?”

Ning Meng came back to her senses, and found that she was already stuck close to him, nearly hugging him and not letting go.

She chuckled sheepishly, and shook her head in embarrassment, stepping back a bit.

This was really embarrassing.

Ning Meng asked curiously, “Why is there no surveillance?”

Despite no cameras being installed in the dressing room, there were a lot of cameras in other places. The school was not short of money, and was not stingy in this regard.

Wang Tianmin had already calmed down. He sighed, and didn’t know whether to say this or not.

After thinking about it, the principal naturally let this student take charge of this matter, so he should be allowed to know.

His expression did not look too good, shining the flashlight outside, he then closed the door. “Actually…we have footage.”

How could such a large swimming pool not be monitored? There were many things to take note of apart from wreckage so the school usually paid plenty of attention to these matters and would immediately report them for repair, taking everything into view.

The problem appeared in the footage taken.

Even though he used socialism to dispel fear just now, when he mentioned this, he still felt a little panicked.

Ning Meng frowned. The news she saw outside read that the surveillance had been wiped out, so the police could not find the murderer.

Now it seemed that the footage taken contained something that shouldn’t be seen, and was simply prohibited from being released, otherwise, it would provoke panic and other types of commotion.

Wang Tianmin finally spoke up, “One copy of the surveillance video has been sealed here, one is at the principal’s side, and the other is at the police station. Except for a few school directors and police officers, no one else knows what happened.”

Shi Qi glanced over at him, “Let’s go and watch the surveillance video.”

Wang Tianmin didn’t stop him either, taking the lead to shine the flashlight back to the place where they started. The surveillance room was just after the changing room with a wall dividing them and they passed through a small door to get in.

The room was very small, and had piled up clutter with no one to clean them.

Ning Meng walked in while looking around, her gaze eventually settling on the computer.

There was no window in this room. Wang Tianmin simply turned on the light, and because of the brightness, the feeling of coldness dissipated a lot.

He quickly turned on the computer and found the location of the folder where the video was saved, clicking on it to play, and shrank tremblingly at the side.

It would be scary to watch it a second time, so he decided not to watch it.

Surveillance showed the image of the place. After the boring scenes passed by, the main focus soon arrived.

After Gu Miaomiao changed into her swimsuit, she went out of the doors. Her slender figure plunged into the water, and then scuttled out after nearly a minute. Her expression did not very good, evidently showing she was in a bad mood.

After that, Gu Miaomiao kept swimming inside, no longer appearing how she was at the beginning.

At this time, only she was present in this place.

Wang Tianmin suddenly said, “It’s almost there.”

After he finished saying this, Gu Miaomiao finally decided to take a rest, leaning over at the side with her long hair dangling, floating on the water. She closed her eyes and felt very satisfied.

But at this moment, a change occurred in the swimming pool.

Ning Meng’s eyes grew wide, and she saw ripples appearing in the calm water, as if there was an invisible school of fishes swimming in it.

The closer it got to Gu Miaomiao, the smaller the movements became.

Gu Miaomiao still had her eyes closed in recuperation, not noticing any problems at all.

After half a minute, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked around, presumably noticing something was wrong.

But she didn’t find anything.

The moment she relaxed, a part of the water suddenly jumped up, and water drops splashed in all directions. Gu Miaomiao looked over in shock, and caught off guard, she bumped into the pool wall unexpectedly.

Then, Ning Meng saw Gu Miaomiao suddenly touch the back of her head, and then collapse, sinking back into the water, struggling unwillingly, but in the end, she couldn’t breathe and closed her eyes.

The water surface recovered its calm once again.

It didn’t take long for blood to seep out from under her body, slowly fusing with the water in the swimming pool, dyeing the area around her red.

Everything was quiet as if nothing had appeared.

Wang Tianmin reached out a hand and paused.

His voice sounded a little weak, “The surveillance ends like this… We haven’t found what it is yet…”

They had also made conjectures, just like foreign science fiction movies, but no one was able to convince themselves, the last part of the footage forbidden from being talked about.

Shi Qi remained silent, reaching out and pressing the video to rewind back to a certain place.

It was when a change occurred in the water surface for the first time.

Ning Meng also leaned over to see what was there, but it was a pity that she couldn’t see anything. She somewhat suspected that her Yin Yang eyes were a fake counterfeit good.

Not knowing whether her thoughts were heard by the system, the system came out and retorted, “It’s genuine.”

Ning Meng ignored it, and tilted her head, asking “What in the world is that?”

From when it appeared in the beginning to when it left at the end, the thing hadn’t revealed itself but from the contents of the footage, Gu Miaomiao was clearly killed by this object.

A hole was found in the back of Gu Miaomiao’s head, which was probably the reason why she was reaching for the back of her head in the footage.

She had been wondering since before, just how so much blood was able to flow out of one hole, but now after seeing the footage, there were too many suspicious points that it finally made sense to her.

After a long period of inactivity, the computer screen dimmed.

The corner of Wang Tianmin’s lips twitched and his face turned pale. He hesitated and asked, “Student Shi, did you find anything from this? Was it a human or…”

Even if he believed firmly in scientific reason, the video did not make scientific sense.

Ning Meng was at the side, really wanting to recite the core socialist values ​​he had chanted before back to him.

Half an hour ago, he pledged that there were no such things as ghosts in the world, but now he had gone back on his word.

Shi Qi glanced at the computer screen and said, “Let’s go to the swimming pool.”

Listening to his calm and unruffled tone, Wang Tianmin really admired him to death for being able to stay indifferent even after seeing this video, the girl next to him was also surprisingly not afraid.

Ning Meng stayed away from him silently, and before she could even raise her head, she felt something being placed on her neck, the feeling very comfortable.

She raised her head and looked over in curiosity, discovering that Shi Qi was holding a string of beads and winding it around her neck.

Ning Meng asked, “What are you doing?”

Afraid of being heard by the director in front, she suppressed her voice much softer.

Shi Qi looked down at her, his slender fingers tying a knot lightly, and he responded briefly, “Don’t take it off.”

He then took away his hands, and Ning Meng touched the beads.

The beads were very small, strung into a necklace. It stuck close to the delicate skin of her neck, bringing a faint warmth, gentleness and comfort.

She raised her chin and asked, “Is it for me?”

Shi Qi responded, “Yes.”

Ning Meng then asked again, feeling happy, “Then what about you? What will you do if you give this to me?”

She gestured to take it off but was stopped by Shi Qi.

The maroon beads were tied by a thin string, and her fair skin made it look darker, the surface glowing with a warm luster, feeling very light.

Wang Tianmin had been watching the movements of the two, and was very curious about the beaded bracelets they were talking about.

Looking at this position, it must be very useful.

He licked his lips, stepped forward, and asked softly, “Student Shi, this bead…do you have any extras?”

Shi Qi raised his eyes slightly, “No.”

Wang Tianmin: “…”

This child was too honest but it was this type of honesty that he didn’t like hearing.

He dryly laughed a few times, shifting his eyes on the bewildered Ning Meng, and immediately said, “I understand I understand…”


I can’t be sure.

——”Shi Qi’s secretly hidden little diary”

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